22 May 2010


... does sometimes not suffice.

Clydesdale Bank 40
Glamorgan v Surrey [scorecard]

Glamorgan decided to bat, Cos had whipped himself to 55 when he got dropped by Rory, and that was the moment in which the air went out of the Glamorgan innings. A remarkable number of wickets fell to experimental shots. Allenby chopped a fair bit of wood but got caught on 29, Dalrymple got stumped on 4, obviously a good piece of bowling by Surrey's Schofield. The next casualty had the name Cosgrove printed on his forehead. Coincidentally I had left the room for a few minutes but his wicket must have been awkward as I heard the radio commentator yelling through two doors. Had it still looked like a massive total of 260+ during the breezy opening partnership, Glamorgan eventually managed a meagre 223 in their 40 overs thanks to Maynard's fearless 64 from 59 balls. I would like to add that Cos treated the Dernbeast excellently (econ 9.25), Surrey are a brave little team, not unlike NZ, but I still hold a grudge against Dernbach because of his recent 5-fer. Generally Surrey bowled very well again.

Rory galumphed onto the field convinced his team would chase 223 with ease and he could repeat the Cosgrove/Allenby innings with Walters. The problem is always that most batsmen, as soon as they get a couple of big shots, think they are in the zone, while they actually only got a couple of big shots. And then they start going after every ball as if they had the rabies. And then they get out. Doesn't matter a lot as Surrey are in possession of the R-Man. But it wasn't the milestone night for the Ramps. He added an important 40, out by Owen, who had already killed Ramps' partner Afzaal. Surrey had been keeping up with the Glamorgan figures nicely but now they slumped down massively, the asking rate kept climbing. Spriegel (stumped off a wide on 14) and Wilson did not even take part in the chase. Surrey enjoyed the role of the drama queen enormously: Batty suddenly cramped really badly and needed a runner, with the positive side effect that he felt safer going for the big shots, which bascially lifted their run rate back into regions of hope. His mate Schofield hit his teeth into the Glamorgan bowlers, and despite a couple of last minute antics by his partners he saw Surrey home with a killer innings of 64 off 55 balls.

Why Glamorgan deserved to win this match:
Cossy, Maynard and good bowling... minus Brown

Why Surrey deserved to win: Schofield. Batted and bowled like a champion. Batty bowled great too and thanks to him staying at the crease Surrey (probably) had only just enough wickets left to win the match.

That was draining,


GreenJJ said...

Full credit to Cosgrove, he's only a bit fatter than me and he's a considerably better cricketer, he's good to watch. Maynard was superb I thought, he's in very good form. I think both sides deserved something from the game, but Glamorgan buckled a little at the crucial points, and Surrey didn't, that was the difference in the end!

Wes said...

Surrey did as well but they had Muss-, pardon, Schofield :P