8 May 2010

From Muddlesex to Middlesexy

This team is so full of champs!!! You always have the feeling they are good, so good, they should have won all four matches in a row, and victory would be inevitable at some point, but something was always in the way, a wagging tail or a sudden implosion, or simply the mere presence of Strauss. Just last night I thought: ok they are five down, will fred up again... but this time the champness prevailed!

David Malan, the 22-year old champ with the bat, got back on strike for the last run needed, and completed his third first class century with the winning run!!! Holy ****!!! I was on the edge of my seat for the entire day. What a finish! Tim (yes ^^) Murtagh is the champ with the ball undisputedly, he and Malan must have nerves like ropes. A wicket taker of the very fine kind, and how he negotiated the balls he got served by Sussex' Rana Naved was sensational. Gareth Berg, the fine allrounder, is the überchamp this time, invaluable contributions in both innings, but look at the first innings in general:


Heartwarming! Given that Finn and Udal both missed out with niggles (and Strauss did not deserve to captain the winning side really... there was an email from a listener asking whether the captain of the national team could be dropped from the county side), Middlesex did a fantastic job. We shall not furtherly ponder how it could happen that Monty (46*) batted himself to a new first class highscore; in the end it were also his good old Monty fielding and bowling skills that allowed Middlesex to gather the required runs.


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And the fruit cake got another man of the match he he