31 May 2010

Grinchie Benaud gripes at Finn

Richie Benaud warned Steven Finn not to get carried away after the latter had taken 4-27 at Lord's against Bangladesh [scorecard]. With regard to Finn's not unlikely nomination for the Ashes squad he said: "Whether he will enjoy the days when the temperature is 90 degrees, the pitch has flattened out and the Australian batsmen are after him is entirely another matter." [source]

Mind you, in the meanwhile Finn has not only expectedly added another five wickets to his total, but he also debuted in Bangladesh, on the flattest, deadest and dustiest wickets on which you can start your Test career, and he did pretty damn well there. One will come to the conclusion that it's the entire package -county performance, Desh, Lord's, personality, consistency- which makes the selectors eye him for Oz. Let's be honest, it could go either way, but leaving him at home would rob us all of a potential cracker, and the Oz supporters will be observing him with narrow eye slots anyway.

I am not saying that Richie sounds worried, he has surely seen a lot of  bowlers who failed to adjust to the Australian conditions, but he can't have been following Finn's recent career too closely either. If Finn receives the ticket for that flight you can be sure that he won't take off mentally:

Watch what he said to Sky Sports on day 4 of the first Test at Chittagong here.
Watch what he said later on to ECBtv after the start of the CC season here.
Watch his latest musings before the Lord's Test at Cricinfo here.

Quite obviously, I'm a fann. Which puts me in two minds....

Leicestershire v Middlesex Day 3

...if there's someone who deserves to get on that plane it's him. And if there's someone whose loss hurts Middlesex more than anything it's him as well. They coped ok when he was injured, he wasn't out of the world. But now he is almost certainly gone for good, with the consequence that Andrew bloody McDonald of all people made 176 not out against MS and Leicestershire declared on 464, as Middlesex could only take three wickets in two days after putting Leics in to bat. Nevermind, after a bit of opening wobble Shah and Dexter steered the boat into safe waters. However:

Finny come back! Your county needs you :(

Unstoppable: Steven Finn  (c) Getty Images



Good Cricket Wicket said...

Possibly Richie Benaud remembers the hero-to-zero-after-five-minutes-down-under catastrophy that was Martin McCague in 1994/5.

Wes said...

Hmm. I read 1945/9 and thought, yes that might be. ^^

greyblazer said...

Martin McCague lol? Finn has all the attributes to become a very good bowler as unlike Morne Morkel and Broad he doesn't believe in banging it half way down.

Ingo Flamingo said...

If he manages to stay on his feet!

Fantstic prospect. I watched him run in all morning yesterday, and it was fantastic entertainment.

Wes said...

Gb yes, he has a good mentor, they are dissecting Finn's style at the latest Switch Hit show on Cricinfo.

Frau it's so nice to see your here. Couldn't watch unfortunately but will try to get my hands on the highlights.

Mahek said...

If being the worst English bowler against the worst test side in the world counts as a good performance then sure, Finn had a good series in Bangladesh.

Wes said...

Hello Mahek, nice to see you popping in. As you were reading through this blog you surely found out that I'm rather a fan than a reporter, and therefore support certain players more than others. This is how I enjoy the cricket. Thank you for understanding,


greyblazer said...


I did say after the t/20 world cup that I may write something similar to batting against short pitch stuff, so I have written about bowling.


Mahek said...

It's your blog so you're free to write about anything. But since you've enabled comments there's bound to be the odd disagreement with your view as a fan :)

I didn't mean to say Finn isn't good enough. I just think people are too quick to jump on a youngster's bandwagon. As an Indian I can tell you it's the worst thing that can happen to a young cricketer and Finn is better off if he isn't compared to McGrath, or even Fraser whose action he seems to have modeled his on.

Wes said...

GB Gonna look at it tonight!

Mahek as written in the post of course it can go either way. But you will never know the answer if you don't ask the question.

greyblazer said...


greyblazer said...

Thanks for providing the link but Prof. Greyblazer lol.

Ian said...

Haha! Classic Ritchie at his best. Marvellous!