9 May 2010

Ian Gutler and Dr. Tinybiff

World T20 Day 9

NZ v PAK [scorecard]
ENG v SA [scorecard]

Madness reigns supreme. To claim I was "on the edge of my seat" would be plain understatement. I was standing behind it, shouting, yelling and flailing, as well as wielding all grabbables in reach. Holy sheep, please guys, not again!

Let's calm down a bit and look at the match.

Both teams started with different line-ups, and in both cases the changes made me rage. No Southee for NZ, no Funky Fawad for PAK. But it worked.

Good old Millsy is back  (c) AFP
Millsy is back with a bang, after such a long time it felt like he had never been away. Slaying brutally, sledging his arse off and leaking runs galore. You have been missed, mate. Ian Butler bowled like the ruler of the galaxy. My eyes were popping out. This guy can handle some pressure, and what a brilliant technician he is! I had to reattach my jaw numerous times.

But (there is always one)! Southee would have killed Salman, I insist. He is the man to get the big ones, to charm them into death. Salman must be named among the best batsmen of this tournament. He has clicked on every occasion, as far as I remember. Admirable performance and I think the guy deserves a pay rise.

While the might(il)y overrated Nom Nom is having an abysmal tournament with the bat, Salman is the guy to get showered with lauds. It can only take years until the Pakistani supporters will understand that, but I am confident. It's amazing to see how he fought his way out of his shell after his disastrous Australian summer campaign. There is hope in the Pakistan batting camp. I am not sure though if Razzaq, who looks a bit out of form batting-wise, rather contributed important runs, or stupid shots. I think either applies.

However, Pakistan made the right decision and included a third spinner, the concept worked, they strangled the Kiwis successfully, who limped to 133 on one leg thanks to the 13 extras they got given by the commiserative Pakistani bowlers. I don't think they could have defended 120.

But in the end it all came down to the last two deliveries. Three off two needed, Salman goes for the single, now Rehman is on strike and needs to get at least one run from the last ball to make it into the super over. But Rehman, the poor Rehman, skies it to deep square leg, and Salman, the poor Salman, implodes internally. What a tragic end to a heroic innings. Pakistan still have a narrow chance to go through to the semis, and the Sheepies are facing the bullish Poms next...


... speaking of the devil. Pietersen, who is happily proliferating these days -a furore Pietersorum libera nos domine-, bullied the fearful little Biffaloes into the corner; South Africa had already lost the match after the first catches were dropped, not taken or otherwise messed up. What a terrible day in the field. Just like in the last match the K-Pie's confidence grew all the time and he slayed the moocoos single-handedly... with a little big help from the awesome Kies, that its. Kieswetter needs to get more attention; fantastic, reliable opener.

Graeme Smith looked unusually deflated
A few others performed well enough to set the Saffas a target of 169, and the intimidated little calves never attempted to chase it down. Twitchily and shakily they got out one by one, Smithy's forgettable opening appearance posed the beginning of a hopeless struggle for life. And as we are looking at the nude facts, South Africa also had an absolutely atrocious day with the ball. Steyner and Morne were just shocking, the precise and accurate Johan Botha must have wanted to punch them in the gob all the time. England's bowling looked a lot better (not to be taken literally... *goes and vomits*), Swann and Headbottom took the merits here, but Yardy is becoming increasingly irreplaceable.

The Poms have started to trample their path through this tournament, and if they keep devastating the opposition like that only Australia can, and will, stop them from grabbing the cup. Especially Sidebottom needs to get his maw stuffed now, I have seen enough. Interestingly they defeated the Irish with an Irishman, and the Saffas with their Saffas. Meeting the Aussies should be fun.

Worried about the Kiwis,


Shridhar Jaju said...

Steyn really had a horendous day. You don't expect the best fast bowler in the world to concede 50 in 4 overs. And the Pietersen six off his bowling just added insult to injury.

He'd like to forget the performance asap.

greyblazer said...

Butler going around the wicket really helped.

Steyn should be used upfront as he doesn't bowl well in the end overs and what is all this rubbish about one over spells as Botha was bowling well

Suhas said...

England looking really good, I must say! Though I'm sure they're hoping not to meet Australia in the semis. That top three of Kieswetter, Lumb and KP is the best attacking combination England have enjoyed in a while.

Obviously glad about NZ's win though Pakistan as usual were rather complicit in their own defeat. Still a bit of a tall order for NZ to qualify. They have to beat England and hope NRR works in their favour (assuming the Saffers beat Pakistan).

GreenJJ said...

For once England have a top three that people know will go at the ball hard - I just worry about the way our batting drops off so horribly after Morgan. Yardy is playing completely unreasonably well though, there hasn't been one game really where everything has clicked for England, so watch out world!

Purna said...

Wes, as much as I hate to say it..the English batting line up is very strong...they might just go far!

Butters said...

Methinks the poms are gonna pown the blackcaps. Mehopes not but methinks so :(
They have a reliable top order whereas the blackcaps first 5 seem to enjoy being successful independantly of each other, which is a crying/face-ripping/brain-frying shame :'(

Gaaaaaaaaaaaah GO BLACKCAPS!

Mudassar @ CricketVibe said...

Whatever :P

But really like this pic of Smith, awesome work Wesi too good :D

Wes said...

GB it's a common tactic but I agree it should not be a dogma. Smithy can be quite brickheaded at times.

Suhas it doesn't look good for the Blackcaps, at times it seems they are a pile of headless chickens :(

GreenJJ I actually thought Yardy was quite ok with the bat at least at the county level? I expected more from him. Swann before Bresnan is a good idea btw, although I remember Bres scoring some runs every now and then.

Pu, yep, that was clear right from the start *proud*. I see them as potential finalists especially with happy KP returning from England.

Butters!!! Where have you been mate! Could have needed a bit of emotional support over here ^^

Maddy, yup. I don't understand why nobody likes him. What a funny little fellow ^^