16 May 2010

It could be worse...

Kool Kies waited for the perfect moment to shine  (c) AFP
...the Unspeakable  could have won the Man Of The Match award *phewwww*. No, we are obviously not discussing the Player Of The Tournament (POTT) here ^^  but the MOTM.

Well, well. [scorecard]
Catastrophic top order batting cost Oz the match, I think they were aware of the challenge and had trouble handling the pressure, nerves were surfacing and went pinggg in rapid succession, plus Watto's bowling put the last nail in the coffin. The fantastic effort of the middle order, Legsmith snipering the K-Pie and Taito's general greatness weren't enough to save the match this time. These individual efforts might suffice against Pakistan and Bangladesh, but not against an English side that is stuffed with goodness and evil, and tensed like a bowstring.

Once again their bowling was outstanding, and except for Yardy getting a few smacks they did really well, repeated their strategy from the previous matches and successfully strangled the opposition. With a below par target the chase was child's play for their batsmen and they comfortably strolled to victory. Just like against SL it felt like the opponent wasn't quite up to their level. Hats off to England, for once in my life my gut feeling didn't betray me. Utterly strong side, strong performance throughout the entire tournament, absolute dedication and great teamwork. They played as tight as a, well, very tight thing. On a sidenote, I should have kept my mouth shut about Luke Wright probably taking two wickets *ouch*

I am glad the madness is over, would have wished for a happier ending but hope everybody who has popped in here occasionally has enjoyed it as much as I did.

What's coming up next:
Australia are sailing to new, hopefully more peaceful shores now, starting their European tour in mid-June in Dublin for a handful of ODIs against an assortment of island teams. With Punter back at the helm a different wind will be blowing and Straussy can slowly start to look for his butt pads cause there's gonna be some serious spanking taking place in these five ODIs! Six, if he plays that one for Middlesex! Unfortunately we will have to say goodbye to Warner, Smitho, Taito, Nanny, Dussey and all those other T20 noses that have entertained us so well in the past weeks. Admittedly, I am not ready yet to get my enthusiasm bogged down by the likes of Yawn Marsh, Harris and Hopesy *sigh* But I am sure after the 4-week break everybody will be craving to see some more Oz cricket. But for now it's time to rest our aching heads from the madness and take a fresh breath of English county air :P

A sad goodbye from captain Pup  (c) AFP



GreenJJ said...

Fantastic performance for England, one of the few occasions in the last few years where England have genuinely outclassed the Aussies in recent years. I like this Aussie side, pace to burn, loads of (typical) grit and some HUGE hitters. The two best teams by a country mile contested the final, and just about the best team came out on top. Well played Aussies, but better played England.

greyblazer said...

England win a major trophy and Pietersen scores runs and it can't get better!!!!!!!!!!

Lou said...

England really deserved that, they played with such confidence, the Aussies looked most unAustralianly tentative and Clarke and Duss looked frightened for that horrible nurdling period they were together for.

Dussey picked himself up once the captain got out. God knows what score would have eventuated if Clarkey had batted the overs out, probably about 120 or something like that.

Purna said...

Nasser Hussain took so much pleasure in interrogating Clarke! Haha! England are really not used to winning! But they have a good one day team now.

I never thought I'd write that sentence :P.

Wes said...

GreenJJ I think that pretty much sums it up, Oz didn't have the batting depth.

Lou, it is horrible that Clarke bogs the partner down as well. I don't think that Clarke will continue to lead the T20 side for a long time, can't see any magical doubling of his strike rate either.

Purna they have a good 3-hour team now. About the strength of their One Day side we shall know more in a little while!