27 May 2010

A little video on a big man

Leicestershire v Glamorgan

Glamorgan won by 10 bloody wickets, because the opening pair carried the bat through the innings.

Mark Cosgrove scored 113 off 111 balls and his partner Gareth Rees added 73 off 93.

When was the last time that Australia saw a countryman open and close a first class innings, to lead his team to victory? In the recent Shield it happened not, except for Daniel Harris, but SA couldn't win the match. Phil Jaques did it in the Nobodygivesadamn Cup, so the last memorable occurrence would have been Shane Watson's fireworks against England and New Zealand during last year's Champions Trophy? My brain is old, and the Australian summer is completely off my radar, so please correct me if I'm wrong.

Shane Watson opens for Australia in all formats, for who does Mark Cosgrove open?

But I know a country that puts performance before origin and looks (at least I assume that Kay Pee didn't just bribe the responsibles). So I've made this little video tribute to Cossy in the hope to convince the English selectors that Cos is worth approaching. Lumb isn't the answer to all questions! ;) Enjoy!

Select Cosgrove,


GreenJJ said...

This is more like it. Consider me signed up to the 'Select Cosgrove' society, he's a beacon for chubby sportsmen worldwide.

greyblazer said...

Kay pee averaged about 50 before getting selected to play for England lol.

half-tracker said...

Hey Wes, you keep fighting for Cossie! He's chubby and plays for Glamorgan, but he doesn't deserve to have his SA contract torn up.

Wes said...

I see that you guys have understood how it works ^^ Tell your family and friends about this campaign, together we can move something!!! *g*

Eye Jay said...

Thanks Wes for your comments.

We love Cossie @ Glam. I think he'll be with us for some years.

Shaen said...

Dunno, A guy wanting to play for his country should be able to control his life a bit better than that if he's really serious. To be honest, he's a bit more than chubby. He's probably up near 20 kilos over. (which is two slabs!!) I know from personal experience that extra weight slows him down in ALL he does.
If Gus G could do it years ago Cos should be able now.

Wes said...

Hello Eye Jay, wonderful to see you around. Yeah I hope he'll stick to Glam. Does him good.

Shaen, I cannot tolerate you flicking dirt at his altar ;) This is a place of blind cultic worship. Okay maybe bad-sight-on-one-eye worship.

Shaen said...

sorry Wes.....respecting gods was never my long suit....anyway...fat bastards are fair game.
Best wishes Shaen. ( last weighing in at about 105 kilos hehe)

Eye Jay said...

Cozzie passing 100 at Swansea over on The Steel Daff