2 May 2010

Mehday, Mehday!!!

World T20, Day 2
Is there such a thing like a cricket hangover? When you've had such a big dose of criccitement on one day that you just can't enjoy the matches on the next one? Not that I was particularly looking forward to seeing another two minnows getting beaten. All my predictions got confirmed so far and 75% of it feel just blahh. Ireland [scorecard], Afghanistan [scorecard], Bangladesh [scorecard] all pulled the short one, no matter how heroic the effort. Sure, single performances sparkled in the sun, and missing the Irish bowler kid annoys me quite much.

But none of these performances really yielded any satisfaction. Neither of the two guys that got slaughtered in Oz completed a century, Kakmal would so have deserved it, his short format batting is so valuable to Pakistan time and time again, and Butt, who was a great counterpart on the other side of the wicket, would have deserved that milestone as well.  And I am especially disappointed in them as their wickets made Afridi think that I was desperate to see him arrogantly promote himself up the order just to deliver another display of why I can't stand him as a batsman.

Seeing Sami taking wickets was really nice, I didn't know that he is such a sensitive little flower. Aamer is finally back and showing his class. But none of these things really set me on fire, Funky didn't bat, Danish is at home anyway, Kakmal took 7 overs until he finally started to screech his head off, and Bangladesh lost.

Of course Shakib is the next great dictator, the precocious, well-shaven, improved version of The Man. And Crash played a killer innings with little brain fades in between. But it just wasn't enough. And if you like both of the teams that are playing the match generally feels rather meh. And so reads this post.

Tomorrow! A must-win for Oz.

Don't miss the live chat at Ian's, he cordially invites all Oz and Pak fans to exchange emotional bursts during the match!!!



Purna said...

And South Africa must win right?! Bangladesh is already out...at least give me some hope!

GreenJJ said...

How come Pakistan will have played two games before England play one? Why are they making me wait?! Will be interesting to see how Australia's pace attack gets on today, even though I want them to lose, there's something nice about an all-out pace attack, I hope they wreak terrible destruction!

Wes said...

Purna, of course. Sorry I had a bit of a tunnel view *oops*

GreenJJ, Noooo they mustn't lose! They must win the cup! But yes the England matches will be crackers and I hope as well they would start a bit sooner.