6 May 2010

Minnows in the mincer

World T20 Day 6

AUS - BAN [scorecard]
SA - AFGH [scorecard]

That was some very fine stew in my head after watching both matches. Well fried, grilled, steamed and boiled.

Legsmith. As Yousuf would say: "Bowl well, bat well, fiel' well..." (c) Getty Images
AUS sent their fans to the mental asylum, before Mussey and Legsmith hurried to the rescue and saved the Australian reputation. The Deshi bowlers, in particular skipper Shakib Al Vettori and Mashrafe, made life hard for the Yellow Forces. Numbers 1-6 produced a shocking total of 59 runs. Most painful to watch were those repeated skied shots that safely landed in the hands of the waiting Deshi fielders.

Without the Muss, who took roots at the crease and provided the runs to take Oz to a fairly competitive total, and Smith, who safely plugged the hole at the other end of the wicket and quickscored as well, the Oz bowlers would have faced the mammoth task of getting B'desh all out for like 65.

The Australian bowling figures look awesome, if you ignore that big fat 12 behind the captain's one over. Saussie Tait bowled extremely well, one wicket and two maidens, need I say more. Yes maidens. Yes, TAIT.

The Nanny obviously noms Deshis for breakfast, grabbed 4 wickets at 4.50, matchwinning performance.

Legsmith and Dussey took two each, Smithy was a tiny wee more expensive but being sacrosanct he needn't worry about that! Apart from that, Harris cost more and got only one^^

I also think that at the end of the tournament one should award the best wicket, the best catch, etc (similar to football), because then Muss' catch of Shakib would be among the top three candidates!

Blablablubb. Oz are through and now they will have to face the real enemy: the Indian elephant is already stomping his big feet in anticipation!


Mooing Morne  (c) AFP
SAFFAS. Let's say 'medium rare'. Loots failed again, he hasn't found his feet yet in this competition. The Cattle contributed a couple of mighty, not elegant, but still good-looking heaves. With 4 boundaries and a 6 he introduced the Kabul boys to a good batting pace, 12 runs came in 4s from the first over, before the Afghan spin kicked in. Nonetheless the majority of the Saffa batsmen contributed a handy number of runs, hardly any went for less than 20.

At the end South Africa had collected 139, nothing to boast about, but more than enough to pace the **** out of the poor Afghani batters. What a mad slaughter, you rarely see such a bloodbath on a cricket field. Numbers 1-7 made 12 (!!) runs, before the lower order stood up and started slogging (Albie has more info about this). The ribbons go to Dale Beersteyn (2 at 2.00), Charl Langeveldt (3 at 3.00) and the good Morne (4 at 6.66 incl. a 3-wicket over, that little hooved demon!), while van der Merwe played the role of a handy filler, and Albie, ah well.

Extra mention: Schmidt back at the top of the order, scoring runs.

The moocoos will meet the sheepies today. I guess you know what this means. As much as I like all of the gregarious animals in this tournament, this is where our ways have to part for a while, I'm afraid. Sheepies must win. Any predictions?



Suhas said...

I've jumped the gun and predicted (hoped?) that NZ and England make it through this group of death. But following the saffers' demolition job their attack suddenly seems more menacing. The key for NZ in today's game is not to get psyched as much as anything.

In the other group I would be very surprised if India and Australia (that loss to Zimbabwe suddenly seems like a distant memory) don't go through. But then surprise seems to be the name of the game.

Purna said...

Yeah, Sheepies will win. The Buffalo is scared of sheep.

Sidthegnomenator said...

Australia sending its fans to a mental asylum, let me tell you Wes, that is one hell of an understatement. The problem with being a right arrogant nation, is that when things don't quite go our way we get really freaky, as anyone who was around my blog after *that* oval test last year will attest to.

I have to admit, I would have loved for Bangladesh to go through instead of Pakistan but not at the expense of us or our damned pride. Sorry, my blessed Purna.

Rishabh said...

The Sheepies aren't doing too well. Something to do with Albie not getting a bowl, I think.

half-tracker said...

Haha Morne looks like he's at some cheap disco.

It was sad seeing the Afghans look completely at see against the swing and pace of the South Africans under lights. Although, I did enjoy Hamid's destruction of Albie!