23 May 2010

Pearls before the sheep / The clog strikes midnight!

Pearls before the sheep

Pearls Cup

New Zealand v Sri Lanka at Lauderdale/Florida
Match 1 [scorecard]
Match 2 [scorecard]

I love these low scoring grinders because they demand everything of the batsman and tie the watcher onto the rack, but to everyone who only watches crime shows if the murderer gets blatantly hinted at after five minutes this will have been nothing.

Unfortunately I completely missed the first match -yes this would have been the enjoyable one- due to fussing about the stupid Champions League final between stupid Bayern and stupid Inter, and ended up watching stupid Bayern losing stupidly, and only realised in the night that NZ had already played. Logically, NZ lost today because I was watching it. Grrrrr. What a depressing game of cricket, just look at the scorecard. Awful.

Nevertheless the US audience has been in excellent mood all the way, and it was interesting to get some info about cricket in the United States; 1,000 clubs and 500 cricket grounds as well as 200,000 active players are good foundation for a healthy growth and maybe we will really see the US hosting a World Cup in the future, the approach to the West Indies should definitely help.

The clog strikes midnight!

Clydesdale Bank 40

Netherlands v Middlesex at Amstelveen

Sounding win for Middlesex!
Technical problems on the Dutch end of things during the first innings could not spoil the fun for the listener. Middlesex decided to bat, except for Newman, who chose to perforate: 122 from 107 balls incl. 14 boundaries and 3 sixes posed the innings of the day. Dexter helped him out at the top with 40, the middle order added some handfuls. Middlesex lost only 5 wickets but a medium-sized choking fit after Dexter's departure took some speed out of the innings, nevertheless the total of 241 was absolutely unchaseable for the Dutchies.

Ex-Tassie Tiger Michael Dighton, imported overseas player for this year's Dutch CB40 campaign, top-scored with an impressive, patient 85 of 102, after the top order had got snipered by Pedro Collins, who grabbed 4 at 3.75. The second Aussie import, Tom Cooper (Redback and ex-Blues), who surfed to the NL on his nannesque passport and is handled as a long-term acquisition, put 30 in the big pot, but apart from that NL couldn't offer a lot of resistance. Happy to see the Aussies score, but even happier that MS wrapped this up quickly.



Rishabh said...

Also, Sussex lost to an amateur side called 'Unicorns', haha!

Sidthegnomenator said...

Yeah, Rish, that is quite funny. Not funny that the Dutch lost though :-(

Purna said...

Meh, who cares about a cup that's called Pearls and is held next to beaches?

But what's this? Are they really playing next in AUGUST?

Wes said...

Rishabh, the Unicorns have a Murtagh in their ranks. Sussex had no chance.

Sid, long time no see!

Pu, as usual, I am clueless. Too much cricket going on @_@
Styris, Taylor, McCullum (and ???) play for English clubs during the summer.

greyblazer said...

The pitch was horribly slow for that series in US.