14 May 2010

Pommy Power!!!

World T20 Day 13
ENG - SL [scorecard]

England took a stroll through the parks of Gros Islet and upon returning from their happy trundle they found themselves arriving at the final of the World T20. Most people would have expected Sri Lanka to give them a rough treatment, but in fact it were the Poms who showed SL the door; England virtually danced through both of the innings, bowled and batted weightlessly, with so much elegance, precision and determination that over here we would call their playing style "beautiful football". I found it especially amazing how much control the disciplined English pace attack managed to exert on a team supposed to excel with both bat and ball on a friendly pitch, only to hit said Subcontinentals for contumelious boundaries during the second innings.

Kies wetters the Lankans  (c) Getty Images
Graeme Smith must be melancholically watching the ways of these carefree fellow countrymen in the English top order, who play with a free mind, with this certain effortlessness that carries them from success to success, with spontaneity, flexibility, lustiness and inspiration, exactly those trades the South African game was so dearly missing. Here's a video of Colly speaking about the positive energy that buzzes around the team.

My personal Pom of the Tournament (POT) is Craig Kieswetter. Eoin Morgan might be the amazing cat-like superbatsman, KP the cheeky and skilful darling of the Indians, and Lumb the utmost helpful hand at 2, but the guy I find myself rooting for in every match is Kool Kies. Yesterday I egged him on to carry the bat, it didn't quite work but neverthless throughout the whole tournament his opening quickfire has been the prerequisite for the K-Pie to drop down in his comfy chair and flick some light ones into the stands. What also has to be taken into consideration is that Kies wears the gloves. We have not really seen too many wicketkeepers in this tournament that also batted at 1 and clicked in almost every match!

Should Australia win today's semi against Pakistan two teams will clash that have a remarkable number of things in common. People will love to compare the opening cannoneers Lumb/Kies and Warner/Watto. The fielding standards are equally high, the batting line-ups are full of goodness and I don't even want to start getting into this matter here. But the most interesting aspect is the similarity between the two captains, Paul Collingwood and Michael Clarke. Both were born to nurdle, both can bring an innings to a deadly halt. But while Colly solves the issue by removing himself quickly, pragmatic Clarke has found a much more elegant approach to circumventing the problem: he shuffles the batting line-up according to the individual match situation. Whether he slides down the order and hence doesn't play a single ball, or is needed further up to stabilise the innings in a moment of wobble, the Pup is a smart one.

Just two more matches left!

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greyblazer said...

So after how many overs did KP come in and score that fifty against South Africa lol.

The first over or the second over?

greyblazer said...

Anyway it is sad to see that your favourite Bond has retired.

Purna said...

Did you hear Sanga in the post-match presentation? He said he was proud of his boys because of the way they played throughout the tournament. Very nice of him but I thought he was slightly delusional. SL didn't play to their potential for sure! A while back Mahela was bitching about Sanga winning the toss and batting first. Man, this is why SL cricket won't go far!