4 May 2010

Sir Eoin And The Knights Of The Round - II - Table

World T20 Day 5 Pt 2   [Pt 1]

It's over! Done! Bye bye Guyana! We're still alive! Aren't we?

William Porterfield won the toss and tried a Gayle. Bowled first, took England in a headlock with a stunning bowling and fielding display and gave them just 120. Without Sir Bat-a-lot it would have been far less.  However, the Irish batting is weak and the English bowling not bad. England might have defended it. We shall never know. After 3.3 overs and an absolute ripper by Lumb at the boundary rain set in again and did not stop until the match was called off. England have scampered through to the Super 8 [scorecard], and if there is one guy in the team who deserves it, it is Eoin "Guten" Morgan.

And I am saying Gute Nacht now.


PS. The K-Pie killed himself with exactly the same shot as last night. I am telling you the K-Pie is a fruitcake.

PPS: Kevin O'Brien's wicket celebration, the crazy fingerwiggle at the forehead, reminded me of some very local ritual drinking gestures. And it will have been inspired by those, I bet my backside.

PPPS: And thanks to the rain I won't have to write those idiotic Glamorgan posts now. Phewwwww, that was close.


Rishabh said...

So Luke Wright was the only English batsman to make a contribution!

GreenJJ said...

Well done to the Irish, Morgan included, but they don't deserve to be in the Super 8s, and England do, despite having only bowled 9.3 overs in the tournament, not much of a workout for the bowlers! Onto the next round, and perhaps one or two of England's players other than Wright and Morgan might want to show up?

Wes said...

Rishabh, LOL. And he was rather fearful in the second match.

GreenJJ, I had actually hoped Blobby would bat a little better, but Swann has more guts there. I think what affected them was the pressure of the 'all or nothing' situation.

Suhas said...

Those two games pretty much summed up England for me. Having shown that they have a batting lineup worthy of international T20 and ODI cricket in the first game (only to be thwarted by the weather), they then go back to being shite against the Irish with their only contribution of note coming from an Irishman.

Still, their batting lineup looks solid and should come off on the better batting wickets. It looks like NZ, Pak and the Saffers will join their group so England should probably fancy their chances. I'm tipping them for a semifinal spot if the pitches are more batter-friendly.

Ingo Flamingo said...

I don't think I've ever been this disappointed! They should leave slots in the schedule for replaying matches ruined by rain. T20 is so batting-dominated, I'm gutted we missed a chance to see what would have to be world class bowling.


greyblazer said...

And that fruitcake scored 73.

Wes said...

Sorry guys I don't even have time to answer your lovely comments,

Suhas I think after the recent match that the Saffas look a bit better than the Kiwis :(

Frau, thank god we are in Barbados now!

Yes GB it did not go unnoticed :P