26 May 2010

► Spot The Player! A Game

The game goes like this: I'll show you a couple of photos, and give you a task each.
Let's see how many riddles you can solve!

1) Spot the English!

Tricky one right at the start, but it gets easier if you rule out anybody that remotely
looks like a gentleman with class and dignity.

(c) Getty Images

2) Spot the leader!

One of these two mopes is the skipper. No lie! It took me a while, too, to discover the hint.
Attention, spoiler: Look for the guy with the "1" on the cap. Logical, isn't it?
(c) Getty Images

3) Spot the Akmals!

Okay that was easy ^^

4) Spot England's next captain in all formats!

Joke! No council in their right minds would make a blatant ball-biter... oh.
(c) AP

5) Spot the... no, don't even look at it.
It is wrong in so many levels.

(c) Getty Images


GreenJJ said...

I love all of these, but especially the Luke Wright one...don't know what to say. Oh dear Luke. That'll do.

Butters said...

ROFL you so funny :D

Sidthegnomenator said...

No country would ever make a reformed dustbin-sleeping wino like Sidebottom a captain ... well, maybe Australia.

Mudassar @ CricketVibe said...

heheh nice Wes!

Love Akmals and English :)

Beggy G said...

Reformed? Not that I can see.

Purna said...

Shaun Tait for captain.

Wes said...

Thank you for the comments, guys
Taito? Hmm he is not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but on the other hand, there are teams lead by Andrew Strauss... So, yes, Taito for captain B)