18 May 2010

Stupid Ramps.

Old man, shows off his tricks, won't fricken walk, reaches another milestone...
...  and all that while he's playing against the team I support. Sachin alarm!

Surrey v Middlesex Day 1 [scorecard]

The good Murtagh struck early, but after that Middlesex were stuck in the swamp. Even Rory made a half century, thus far they had let it come! Strauss, goat that he is, must have spilled a big one in the slips. None of the bowlers heaped any shame upon himself but Surrey's feet were cemented in the ground. Finny, Berg, Udal and Murtagh bowled like the champions but only Udal could take further wickets, snacked Harinath before he could turn dangerous and removed Rory, albeit a little late, and Afzaal, who awkwardly went out to the last ball of the day. The contest is still on and the babblesacks proclaimed chances for either team but given that Middlesex are the worst tailkillers in the world it will probably, under the current conditions, cost them another full day or so to remove Surrey entirely. Unfortunately Malan and Owais got knocked around.

It's a pity because they looked pretty good in the one dayer against the Netherlands [scorecard], but the match had to be called off as it was raining cats and dogs.

Of course Strauss disgraced himself once again to his usual extent, and Newman must be somewhere else mentally, but Owy was on 74 and Berg on 53 (SR 126) when the match got interrupted. What a pity. I am especially glad to see Owy firing. Finn, O'Brien and Murtagh were absent with niggles, which could have turned out to be a bit of a worry.

Well, play is to resume in a short while. Let's hope they've got the big mop with them today.



half-tracker said...

Hey Wes, Ramps got to 200, last I saw.

Purna said...

I am liking the fact that Strauss is screwing up since they have to take on Bangladesh next. The bowlers will kill BD with their short, swinging balls but if Strauss goes for low scores every time, I can smile a little.

Wes said...

@in-rubber, I realised it and think it's my fault :/

Pu I've jinxed him, he's on 54 *whine*