4 May 2010

Suckworth Lewis

World T20 Day 4

I've had several discussions about the sense or nonsense of D/L in 20-over cricket, but will spare you the rants today.

Zimbabwe looked a little meekish and SL would probably have won anyway. Not that it makes me erupt in joyful... eruptions :/ SL out early would have made a lot of teams breathe a sigh of relief.
Mentionable: Jayawardene's admirable century (the second of the tournament and only the 4th in T20 cricket ever) and Zimbabwe's suboptimal batting in their few overs. [scorecard]

But England! Oh man. [scorecard]

Smartypants Gayle had the right nose and decided correctly. Bowl first, let the Poms bat their arses off and then just slap a few happy ones to seal the match. This man knows his weather forecast!

Colly says (quote Cricinfo): "We're very, very frustrated, 95% of the time 191 runs is enough but with D/L it wasn't. They need a different calculation." And that, my friends, is not a brain fart for a change!

Let's talk about the English innings:

The Poms have found some veritable opening firepower in Lumb and Kieswetter, great start from the newbs, just what England would have wished for. Pietersen followed and continued the aggressive approach, but as he is stupid he killed himself with a stupid shot. Colly didn't really get started and the middle overs were a bit chokish as Sammy had put his hands around the English throats and got his men.

But the wonderful and newly-dark-haired Ohhhhin Morgan and, my hand will rot off, the fearless Luke Wright smacked, slapped and clubbed England to a fantastic total of 191 runs. Even Blobnan dashed between the wickets like a champ during his 0 ball cameo. An extra special thanks goes to these persistent English gentlemen for sparing us a batting Broad.

I repeat, the Poms are fat, and should Ireland fabricate enough win, under which circumstances ever, to kick England out, the tournament will have lost one of its best and most entertaining teams.

Noooo not the bricks again! I know that England need to get stuffed in a sack and drubbed until tender. But first of all they are in the same position as Oz: laughed at for their short format failures, building up from scratch and eventually looking really mighty, and second: no Strauss, no Trott, no Bell. KP, Swann, Wright and Barbie can be coped with, no?

Speaking of Broad: That freddup in the last over wouldn't have happened with Southee. Just so you know.



Lou said...

The 20/20 WC and the IPL are bringing out the best in the cricketbloggers. This is really funny, I must remember Suckworth/Lewis.

Now that the English team has bought in ex-pats from all over, they are looking like the best Associate team ever. Really good batting from them.

greyblazer said...

They hold matches at Guyana with such bad weather. England also have the great Siders who is expert in taking wickets against the minnows and keeping Anderson out. So Ireland look out for Siders.

As far as the dl was concerned 6 overs match lol. The DL method fails to take into consideration the fight back a team team can make as after resumption of play England got a couple of wickets but the target was set and ICC please don't make them play a 5 over match.

KP? hmm the shot was good but it tends to happen when one plays a good shot it goes straight to the fielder. Yes in test cricket he should have kept it down but not in T/20 cricket.

GreenJJ said...

"one of its best and most entertaining teams"

When was the last time you were able to say that abotu England?! I have no idea who Broad is doing favours for to keep getting himself picked, dropping him might give him the kick up the arse he needs. Good player, but doesn't apply himself well enough.

greyblazer said...

Broad is just a decent player who is overrated. Batsmen just kept getting out to all those half trackers last year but aren't doing that now.

The guy who is worse is Siders. He averages over 80 in one-day cricket in the last couple of years.

Has got three wickets in his his last 6 t/20 matches and two of them came in one match and was lucky not to play on those featherbeds in South Africa. Anderson played in those couple of t/20 matches in South Africa and didn't give away runs on those flat wickets and as a reward gets dropped. Siders's t/20 record is helped by getting those five wickets against a weak NZ side in 08 and in 08 NZ were weak in this format as they had a young side.

Siders averages over 100 in test cricket in the last couple of years. He is unfit and a non performing asset but against the Irish team would comeback with a bang!

Bradman would be proud of his recent averages.

Mudassar @ CricketVibe said...

South Africa be aware there is rain plus suckworth lewis alive, they use to be most affected by the combination of these two plus their fat brains.

Calculation blunder remember?