16 May 2010

Today is the day


Hooray hooray today is the day. I am utterly happy that both of the teams I had rated highest in my preview have indeed made it to the final! Everybody hopes this clash will be a treat to watch and people are pondering the things that might await us. Thus I have to issue my own clueless expectations as well:

I would rate the English and Australian batting depth about equally. The rampaging English top order has to be taken out quickly, because if England can establish a carefree KP/Eoin partnership the duct to the tail will be plugged. Oz look stronger on paper, there is nothing they can not pull off, and that includes a shocking implosion as well, against England Oz must pull a composed effort out of the hat.

The more interesting aspect will be the bowling. England have shaped a strong versatile bowling side, which even includes coughcoughbarbiecoughcough. Sidebottom (thinks he) is striding from strength to strength and Bresnan bagged a MOTM recently. I think Yardy might be the man, the Aussies haven't played against him yet. The Oz batsmen will need 100% attention and concentration.

Swann is strangely flying under the radar, would have to look up his stats to actually be able to say something about his achievements so far (alright, a quick glimpse yields that he has a wicket less than Steven Smith *wooot*). So generally I am not so much worried about any spin from the English side. Oz have some of the best spin handlers in the world in their team, and on all three occasions on which they played spinning teams on the bouncy Barbados pitch they won (BAN, IND, SL), batting first, the good old Punter method. The subcontinental teams found it hard to chase down the total against the Oz pace attack. Against Pakistan in the semi final Oz decided to bowl first and thus had to taste a bit of their own medicine, which made them look accordingly vulnerable, and their bags had already been packed until the Muss put his foot down. So naturally I am not so sure about whether they should bowl first or not.

England on the other hand like a bit of pace though, but of course I am dying to see the Holy Trinity slice through the Pommish line-up as well.  Even if that means that they'll have to kill Kies and Sir Eoin. And what about a couple of watchable overs, Herr Watson? He's due for a good spell. And of course I want Smithy to take a wicket, or maybe even two.

We shall see, it can really go either way, but Australia have no choice but winning this of course.

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Edit, nobody is talking about Luke Wright as a bowler, so he'll probably grab a couple ^^

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