20 May 2010

Words Words Words

Let me guide your attention to a handful of noteworthy interviews and blog posts:

Shane Bond elaborates on how his all-or-nothing attitude has affected his body over the years and led him to stepping down from all forms of cricket. Suhas (Paint it, Black) takes a bow. I have not witnessed many of Bond's heroic deeds, in fact I only learnt about them from the tales of the Elders. And Youtube, of course. The more I am sad about not having experienced his most explosive moments. You will be missed, mate.

Saeed Ajmal grants us detailed insight into his emotional situation in the aftermath of 'that last over', explains why Afridi picked him for the job, what went wrong during the execution, and how he is going to attack the demons of discouragement now. It is a very upsetting interview, be sure the box of tissues is in reach!

Michael Clarke is determined to retain the captaincy of the T20 team and is going to try and unearth some long-forgotten strokes from his youth to improve his strike rate. Jrod takes the opposite stance at The Wisden Cricketer, in his opinion Clarke is Australia's biggest problem, and Achettup (Short Of A Length) angrily dissects Australia's generally wrong approach to the subject of captaincy, and the leadership of Ponting and Clarke in particular. Must-read.

Craig Kieswetter got interrogated by Andrew Miller; the result is a rousing, bubbling tale of epic proportions that perfectly reflects the energetic and straightforward personality of England's latest rising star. Keepwetter admits that staying on the ground after his rocket-like take-off is hard work, he sheds light onto England's strategy in the T20 Final, looks back at his breakthrough in Bangladesh and, of course, targets the spot of Matt Prior on the upcoming trip to Australia.
Warning, young man: Kindergarten cricket is one thing, but I won't be in two minds again during the Ashes!

Steven Finn gave ECBtv an interview (4:43 mins) last week; he expresses his views about Middlesex' performance this season, about the fields in which he would like to improve and why he is focusing on county cricket first and foremost. Typical Finnish humbleness!



Shridhar Jaju said...

Clarke has become a hot topic of debate everywhere... He expectedly got support from Ponting... but that's about it for him...

This saga is one worth following... quite unlike a 15000 page reply to some show cause notice...

greyblazer said...

Just make Aussies remember about Bond at Adelaide in 01/02 and they would run for cover!

My article about the player I like lol.


Wes said...

Shridhar have you looked at the article by Achettup, it it a scathing deconstruction of Ponting's and Clarke's captaincy. I have talked to an Aussie today who basically confirmed it. I think Australia took the right step selecting a suitable team for the T20 World Cup but it will take a total breakdown until they also select captains for suitability. Why do you expect anything different from Ponting? This is not Pakistan, of course he will back his fellow skipper ;)

Hello Greyblazer you can advertise your posts by using some simple HTML to make your link clickable: Look here ;)

Anonymous said...

Good luck Saeed Ajmal! It was fate, nothing was lacking in your effort.
We will support you and the Pakistan team always always always.

I hope the PCB and management get their acts together.

Wes said...

Hello Anonymous, I agree, Ajmal is one of the best. But I can't see any quick improvement in the conditions in Pakistan unfortunately.

half-tracker said...

Speaking of Bond, I found a youtube video of Bond's devastating spell against the Aussies in the World Cup, but I can't find it now. :(

Just me being dumb, I guess.

Wes said...

Morning HT, was it one of these?

Suhas said...

Thanks for linking, Wes! Must say you're doing a fantastic job putting all these links and posts together. Next best thing to Cricinfo's surfer.

half-tracker said...

Brilliant, thanks Wes! It was the top one, the 6 wickets at the World Cup. *bowing*