3 May 2010

Yes Yes A Thousand Times Yes!!!!

Cossy scored 50 in Glamorgan's Clydesdale Bank 40 match against Lancashire! They didn't win but boy was he good!
Middlesex didn't play because of crap weather.

Sorry. Wrong tournament. *turns knob*

World T20 Day 3

Step one on the way to the title has been taken in style! Australia completely minced Pakistan [scorecard]; in particular it were Watto, Nanny, Mitch, Dussey and the Taitster (3 for 20 at 5.00 *groan*) who did not even think of taking any prisoners and just sliced their way through the opponent. I'm especially proud of the latter because we will absolutely need him in this form with the Champions League ahead. If you want to re-live the match with glowing heart head over to Ian's and indulge in the re-tale!

Afridi receives a taitment  (c) AFP
Watto deservedly bagged the MOTM for his brutal knock, and I saw during the match earlier that the little red mopeds are back(?), if these are the MOTM prizes again then Watto has two of these now, the first one, IIRC, he won during Australia's tour of India last year. Does anybody have further info on this?

Anyway the Aussie innings also contained a couple of really embarrassing moments: The mental and record-breaking 5-wicket maiden, bowled by the increasingly unbelievable Mo Aamer (3 for 23 at 5.75), posed a humiliating end to the otherwise sparkling Australian innings, and in this context I would also like to mention Saeed Ajmal. He is such a fine bowler, as he proved when he took 3 for 34 and killed both dangermen, Watto and Dussey, in one over. The second point of criticism has to be Clarke, who almost choked the innings off when he came in at 3, but heeded the moans and pleas of the Aussie supporters and marched straight back to the dressing room, to make way for the T20 batsmen.

The sky is the limit for Suresh Raina  (c) AFP
This unsuitable appearance at 3 reminded me of Smithy's innings in the Saffa match against India [scorecard]. For the Saffas this was probably one of the main factors that hindered them in their breathless run chase, the other one was imho right at the beginning Morne's no ball, when Kleinveldt took an absolute ripper of a catch that would have killed Raina before he had been able to do any damage, but the effort was in vain thanks to Morne's overstepping. I have to say that it really hurts me in the heart. Their bowlers were not able to get rampaging Raina under control, whose mindboggling knock of 101 has set the batting mark for this tournament. Kallis and the brave Saffa middle order tried their best to catch up, but if you make the aforementioned mistakes against India you will get punished painfully.

Now I forgot what else I was going to say.

Anyway today England play their long-awaited first match of the tournament, let's hope they can make some impact. But the actual cracker of the day will be Sri Lanka v Zimbabwe. This is something I recommend you not to miss. Zim have my best wishes.



greyblazer said...

Zimb have lost the toss and that won't help.

greyblazer said...

Zimb have dropped Blignaut and that is clearly a mistake as Chiggy at 6 and Blignaut at 7 can be dangerous.

Sidthegnomenator said...

Thank god that 5-wicket maiden didn't make a difference in the end. And thank God Clarke went when he did or it might've.

Mudassar @ CricketVibe said...

Imagine that 5 wicket maiden was somewhere near the start of the match :P

thats the best i can say/wish for that match , meh