9 June 2010

198 - The Strike Rate Of The Beast

Middlesex v Somerset (FP T20)

Middlesex win the toss, bat first.

The sun is out, so are Gilchrist and Dexter, and as usual I'm in good spirits.

Somerset's Phillips serves them a maiden first up... and Gilly goes for a duck, 2 runs from his two appearances so far, but they can't drop him for Warner, as they would have to remove someone else as well for keeper Simpson.

Newman (26) and Dexter (29) really get going after that, Dexter with a strike rate of 161. Both make starts but got out for 20+ each.

Shah and Morgan continue to cruise along at a SR of  7.00+. Owais (24) finally gets hunted down by Pollard.

Ice Man in. Gets off to a breezing start but Thomas kills him on 7. Alfonso Thomas, you're on my black list.

Malan in, this line-up is so full of awesome. Unfortunately Pollard doesn't like awesome, Malan goes for 8. The King enters.

Thomas bowls the last over, the crowd erupts in cheers as Morgan reverse sweeps him for 4 and slaps another boundary of the last ball! Sir Eoin shows all his grace, 48*, the match-winning innings?

Sir Eoin operates his Holy Shovel  (c) Getty Images  -  Click the pic to browse the gallery

Total: 155. Both defendable and chaseable.

Somerset can hardly walk with hitting power, the Creasewetter & KiPo partnership is being awaited, but Trescothick and Kies will open together. Kies plays for the wrong team btw.

Kies nearly out in the first over but it's a no-ball, 10 runs from the over, Collins oh man.

Murtagh attacks! Koolwetter goes for 2, caught by Gilly!!!! Oh Murtle! No Kies/KiPo partnership today.

Bergy comes on and tightens the screws. IOB in the comment box hails him once more, keep going IOB.

Murtagh back in, Trescothick grabs him and kicks him for 6 and 4! But small sins are punished right away, terrible mixup with Hildreth, Trescothick (20) run out by Murtagh! Gets replaced by Jos Buttler.

Collins back on. Not 10 again please! Collins heeds me, bowls Buttler (1). Can't help feeling sorry for the kid.

Pollard in! Nothing happening for a minute, then Murtagh takes Hildreth (5) out. Another hitter gone, Tom Smith takes the catch. Trego in.

King Udal comes in to bowl a few balls. Game slows down noticably, IOB and Hand frolicking around.

Suddenly mad shouting, Pollard whacks Smith for two consecutive 6s, 16 from the over. Not sure if Smith is going to get many more overs, maybe it's Malantime soon.

Udal back on. Pollard clubs him for 6 with a massive hit! And another one, oh dear oh dear.

Berg back on, he's bowled one over for 2 so far. Wouldn't it be nice if he removed KiPo! Instead Pollard bludgeons him for another 6. Christ!

Dexter in to bowl. Pollard doesn't give a rat's rear. Another 6!

Malan in! Holy!!! Pollard gets another 6, out of reach of Smith's hands at the boundary, 50 off 25 for the Windie hitter now! Malan still bowling. Run out! Pollard takes the run while Trego (16) doesn't move, the latter sacrifices himself. De Bruyn in.

Collins back on. Come on Pete! Boundary.

Malan returns, tidy over but won't save the world.

St. Berg comes back on. De Bruyn gets a boundary, Pollard keeps whacking. Throwing my hands in the air, 17 from the over.

Malan in, he was the only bowler who managed to get KiPo into trouble. Welcome back Dawid says Kieron with a boundary. And another one.

Collins bowls the next over, Somerset have run away long ago, de Bruyn gets another 4. Hand reports Pollard has a SR of 192.

Murtagh bowling the probably last over. Bouncer to Pollard, 6, then 4...

Somerset celebrate a sounding win!!!

This is the victory of Kieron Pollard (89*, final SR 197.77), we have seen Somerset go down without him, but he clearly makes the difference; let's not forget he also helped the Redbacks get the spot in the Champions League.

Middlesex didn't look too bad batting-wise but I had the feeling that they needed Danny Evans, unfortunately there is no space for another bowler. Morgan needs to get promoted. I would say Gilly out, but see above. Hey I have a great idea: Smith out, Simpson in. This solves the keeper problem and Gilly could get dropped for Warner. Howzat? But I have no clue about cricket and Gilly will sure make a ton next time.

Well, that's two defeats in a row.

Hopes for improvement, also at the Kieswetter end of things,


GreenJJ said...

Exceptional performance, it was a sight to behold watching him tee off like that, almost right from the word go. He is such a massive presence at the crease, it must be daunting to bowl at him!

Wes said...

Well it happens rarely that he fires like this with the bat and bowls like the devil as well. In fact it happens hardly ever. Why did he have to pick Middlesex for such a performance ?!? Arghh KiPo!!! BTW you might have realised that I was green and yellow with jealousy. You must have had a ball sitting there and witnessing this spectacle.

Purna said...

Where are you watching these games? I want to watch!

GreenJJ said...

It was outrageously good fun, but I think I've told you about the pigeon poo incident, which annoyed me somewhat.

Wes said...

Pu, no way to watch it unless on location (GreenJJ, Jrod, Beggy....) The rest of us poor castaways in remote islands or continents have to listen to the -albeit exquisite- comment on the radio. TV shows only a selection of the Friends Provident matches, so you would have to look in the corresponding places for grey streams, I watched the first Middlesex match for instance, but that was really a lucky find, as these matches are not of international interest, so there are only single guys who can be bothered to upstream them, if at all. Official streams are only accessible in the Silly Island and Ireland afaik.

Jay, good to see you got out there alive ;)