24 June 2010

4 of 7!

Middlesex v Kent (FP T20)


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Middlesex win toss bat first, no King Udal or Robbie Williams, Collins and Josh Davey in, who is back from his rather not so successful adventure in the Highlands.

No epic write-up as I am glimpsing at the ENG v AUS match with one eye of course. Middlesex should be able to beat Kent, who are having a really bad streak of defeats.

Yeah.  (c) Getty Images
[first innings]

The Aussies getting off to a magnificent start. 30-0 after 3 overs. The Middlesex Aussies that is. In the 4th over Gilchrist slogs a massive fat six in the top tier of the grand stand, then gets another one with a lucky leading edge. 44-0 after 4 overs. 52-0 after 5, same score after 6. Kent bring a Sri Lankan spinner with the dreadful name Malinga Bandara on. And he takes Warner.

Dexter in. Next wicket Gilly out for 28, 58-2, Owais comes out. Hand corrects himself, it's Malan, to employ the right-hander/left-hander combination. The duels between Bolly and Kies / Clint and Strauss are currently killing me.

Dexter out for 8, 69-3, now comes Owais. Malan still alive on 4. 70-3 after 11 overs. The Kent spin has brought the Middlesex innings to a halt. Just as I am writing this Bandara comes off and Cook back in, Malan immediately hits him for six. 95-3 after 13.

Owais out for 4, 97-4. Middlesex imploding again. Can hardly listen to it. Positive stride from Berg as he approaches the middle. That's him! Run rate 7.1, score 101-4 after 14. Malan hits a low full toss for six. Hand corrects the target to 160.

Malan out for 41. Newman in, 55* against Oz. Do it again, Scott. 119-5 after 16 ov. 126-5 after 17. 128-6, Newman out for 9. Nothing is bloody working today. Josh Davey in, please Josh make your mum proud. Ice Man needs to stay alive at all costs. He whacks it for a great six. Arghh make that consecutive sixes! Bergy being the total Lord again.

Total 154-6

[innings break]

Berg (26*) got Middlesex to a decent total. Josh Davy didn't go out.

Tom Smith took 5 for 24 for Middlesex  (c) Getty Images
[second innings]

Murts and Collins opening, business as usual. IOB had arrived earlier, he explains how misfields, like that of Gilly, which just happened and resulted in a boundary, leave you gutted as it gets on your stats. 19-0 after 3 overs. More overthrows here from Warner. 25-0 after 4. Dexter on while I am watching the Legsmith executing his art. 37-0 after 6, Josh Davey in, Hand says a brisk medium pacer.

Middlesex can't get a wicket. 48-0 after 6.1

Tom Smith on, and finally takes one! 54-1 after 7 overs. Davey stays on. 57-1 after 8, well bowled by Davey. 60-1 after the 9th. Score still comparable to the Middlesex one, Middlesex were one wicket more down. 69-2 after 10 overs. Smith on, stumped! IOB must be partying hard over this. Rob Key still in though. 75-2 after 11 ov, Collins back on, then Dexter. Kent keep up with the Middlesex score.

Suddenly Hand starts screaming, Key gone, Murts takes the catch! Dangerman out. 84-3 after 13 ov, Kent have fallen behind Middlesex now, required run rate up to over 10. Davey on and Collins causes a boundary, IOB takes a deep breath. Maybe Collins should generally get subbed in the future. 95-3 after 14.

Tom Smith on, suddenly groaning, shouting, moaning of pleasure as Murtagh takes the catch of the millennium at the boundary, must have been breathtaking, Hand can hardly come down. Murtle must have run 35 meters and IOB thought it was going for six. Asking rate over 11. 105-4 after 16. Warner takes the next ripper running and diving to his right, Smith has 4 for 17. Unbelievable. Stevens whacks him for six and then next ball is stumped!!! Smith gets a fiver. Kent are 113-6 after 17, Smith has 5 for 24, Murtagh back on, gets a big fat maximum smack on the cheek. 29 needed from 11, Collins on, just one boundary, 135-6, 20 needed off the last. Murtle bowling, dot, 2, 2, 1, bowled him! The last ball yields a single.

Middlesex win by 13 runs

Gilly finishes his captaincy with a win, Middlesex gain 4 wins from 7 matches, which puts them in roughly the same spot as Somerset in the table, so that's something. Hell of a week now before Middlesex, I will try and keep up.



GreenJJ said...

5-24 is a decent return, but its no 5-18, the single best return in the competition this year from one A Symonds...:)

Southern division is so tight this year, only really Kent and Gloucs out of it, and even they aren't totally dead because there's so many damn games!

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

Yeah people do crazy things when the pay is right :P

half-tracker said...

Hey I told you Dawid was great and Berg crap! ;)

Good win for you, Kent just seem so off the pace this year it is quite suprising.

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

STM it is a real annoyance but what can you do. I think they were discussing it last night but I only listened with half an ear due to the Eng-Aus match. Sorry. But according to the Middlesex homepage Gilchrist doesn't exclude a return at a later stage, if Middlesex reach the next round.

Hantsman no clue what's wrong with Kent but they seem to be the doormats.