13 June 2010

Best team in the world wins!

Middlesex v Essex (FP T20)

at Lord's, the home of cricket, beautiful weather, best possible spirits, and the best FP T20 stream I have ever been allowed to watch. A Sunday of desirable format.


No time for a write-up, here's my exclamation fit from during the match (Essex won the toss and elected to field), for highlights please scroll down:

[first innings]

pissed off that surrey and middlesex are playing at the same time.

warner and dexter look happy together. granny took gilly. styris is a 10 on the styris pretty scale today.

styris kills warner. stupid warner.

good start though, morgan obv promoted. show'em

boppy in to bowl. this match is full of stars

morgan a happy bear, laughs and smiles at failed stumping attempt. good spirits everywhere. i just saw murtagh.

kaneria in

morgan survives a run out. happy that middlesex look confident. 73-2

great 6 by morgan, he is back in his slot-eyed cool mccool mode-. 83-2

out. too much fire under the butt. crap. ten inches takes the catch. malan in

finny visits the dug-out, he looks like a beatle in his school uniform outfit. tumbles over while sitting down-. ahhh finny :D

112-3 after 11 ov

dexter survives a rather huge lbw shout

malan caught and bowled. no collapse now boys pls, owais in 124-4

nasser is pleasing himself over foster. must be like the oli kahn of cricket?

4 wides off styris.141-4

149-4 with 4 overs to go.

Dexter out (43) taken at the boundary, BERG in. yes, THE berg.

172-5, 2 overs to go, shah and berg still at the crease.

Berg is being awesome, Owy goes for the big shot and takes MS to 185, one ov to go

Owy goes, great innings, 35, King Udal enters *silence please* 2 balls to go, Berg 6, and a single. total 200!!!!!

[innings break]

Finny talking about his strengthening program in the break, has to explain his falling over again, thinks 200 is a good score

[second innings]

fraser just admitted they kicked udal in the butt. MS are bowling, second ball off murtle goes for a boundary (boppy opening)

Morgan stuffs up a 100% runout chance, then huge appeal for (i missed that), collins on

Boppy out when essex were on 12, bowled murtagh caught berg 184 from 100 balls for essex

collins fells maunders, both openers gone now, ess 17-2

ten doeschate starts hitting out, 31-2 170 needed from 90 for a win, berg bowling

huge appeal from berg and gilly, not given, udal looks like 20 in the pink kit

robbie williams comes on. morgan misses a sharp chance... not the best fielder sir eoin

direct hit misses. the fielding today is a bit below par so to speak

asking rate over 12 for essex. couple of wickets would be nice though

murtle stops ten inches at the boundary but drops it running and it hits the rope. darnit. a 6 follows

collins misfields, not his first today, another boundary, williams doesn't deserve this

the king comes on. boundary off a reverse sweep. essex catching up

collins in the field is unwatchable at the moment, partnership needs to be broken, essex have caught up

dexter on, nothing to score off, walker hits it right to Berg (who else), styris comes out

Malan on. ten inches greets him with a 6. and another one. dammit

styris and ten doeschate at the crease. is as horrible as it sounds. arghh malan!!!

22 runs from malan's over. arghh. i like malan :(

dexter back on, ten doeschate heaves it to the boundary, williams stops and falls horribly on his shoulder.

collins back on. it means he's not fielding. bowls well. but styris lifts it dilscoopishly to the boundary, then BOWLS HIM

essex captain oli kahn in. doeschate has to go now!! come on dex. awesome over, 4 singles

essex going in singles now thanks to dexter and berg. author is on the edge of her seat RRR over 15

ten d whacks dex for 6 + boundary, williams obv back in place, then WARNER takes a ripper foster goes b berg, flood the temples!

Bergy gets treated by ten inches. the man is a machine 32 off 14 needed. arghh.

100 for ten doeschate, killer innings 192.3 SR

collins takes ten doeschate!!! essex need 23 from 8. i can't move or breathe

2 boundaries off collins, 15 needed from the last over

murtle bowls the last over. arghh go murtle!!!!

murtle lbws philips!!! arghh murtle. you look good in pink

kaneria in, first ball, six. i am shocked.

slower ball. attempted stumping. 8 from 2.

RUN OUT! collins runs my fave pak spinner out. 7 from 1 needed

last ball yorker. MIDDLESEX WIN by 5 runs, another victory under gilly.


It's hereby official, Middlesex are the best team in the world, there is love at first sight in cricket, and you can love a team too much, especially when the sun is burning your brain to a crisp :D



Rishabh said...

Your tweets are pretty much the key commentary moments!

What stream did you use btw? I couldn't find one!

half-tracker said...

Great win for you guys Wes. Hampshire won too!!

Lou said...

I'm still a hopeless Gilchrist groupie. If he played for England, I'd want them to win the Ashes. Awwwww.

Freehit said...

Hey Wes,
I dnt follow english T20 that much.But I did watch this game and seeing the number of foreigners playing,I was wondering if there is a limit on the number of outsiders in English T20 like the IPL..?
Or is there no such rule..?

Wes said...

Hi Rish thanks! It was upstirring. Thought MS had it in the bag but that bloody ten Doeschate darnit!

Hantsman congrats on the victory and I am happy that you are happy but Surrey would have really needed that win. They are poor little puppies :( But temporarily unpredictable as they are they will probably trash us on Thursday :///

Lou, love your comments *g*

Freehit, hello! As far as I remember, the English clubs are allowed two overseas players per match, like Middlesex play for instance Gilchrist and Warner.

Cheers at you all,
Wes :)

Pinky the Panther said...

Wow - you used a picture of me to open this post! (Before you think this is a joke - I genuinely was Pinky the Panther for the game on Sunday!) Looking forward to the mighty Middle making it four in a row tonight! "Pinky"

Wes said...

Pinkyyyyyyyyyyyy don't listen to what these ignorant people say, they are just jealous, you don't look like a rat! Your fans, me for instance, love you!!! I have used your pic in a couple of posts now, glad you like it. Please keep popping in!