21 June 2010

Blood, sweat and claw marks!

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All Hilf breaks loose!!!

Australia A v Sri Lanka A,
1st unofficial Test

I am sitting here looking at the scorecard laughing my arse off. Seriously, what a crazy match!

Australia A won the toss, batted first

1st innings:
The batting is provided by the bowlers, NSW left arm spinner Steve O'Keefe top scores with 61, Hilfy adds 42!!! Eight (!) of the Australian wickets are taken by Sachithra Senanayake, total 208.
2nd innings:
Aforementioned O'Keefe takes 7 for 35 , Peter George (1 for 24) and Mitchell Starc (2 for 13) grab the rest. Fantastic figures all around. Sri Lanka all out for 103, wow.
3rd innings:
Captain Bailey (Cossy's new boss in Tasmania) steps up with 87, O'Keefe is again badly in the runs with 47, and Hilfy makes a half century.  Go Hilfy! 318 runs come from the innings, not bad!
4th innings
Peter George devastates the Sri Lankan top order with 5 for 84, he swaps roles with Hilfy after half of the job is done and Hilf grabs the lower order 5 for 63. Sri Lanka are all out after 316.

These figures are close to ridiculous, what entertainment it must have been! Australia win by more than 100 runs, Hilfy is alive and kicking, and fred knows where he picked up these batting skills, he got nearly a hundred runs in this match! I am bursting with pride over Peter George's achievements as well, the Redback bites! We haven't exactly been overwhelmed by good news from Adelaide lately so I have to admit that Petey's success makes me grin all around my head. On a side note, my clue is limited but the increase in runs as well as the complete change of wicket takers probably indicates how significantly the wicket evolved during these four days.

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George Bailey speaks after the match (Courtesy of Cricket Australia):

Steve O'Keefe speaks to CATV after the match:

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That guy is the total Callum Ferguson soundalike, it scares the bejesus out of me seriously, did anybody else notice it?



Finally, finally the long-awaited series of battles between England and Oz, the prelude to the Ashes, starts at the Rose Bowl!

I am a fair bit excited, England have a very strong outfit these days.

Strauss is back to form as he has proved in the County Cricket and in the match against the Scots, Kieswetter scored a couple of runs for a change and the partnership with the England skipper seems to make him feel more secure. [scorecard]

Timmy and Watto in comparison look a fair bit twitchier, and to be honest I blame this on Watto. He hasn't fired since I can't remember, and he more or less ran Tim Paine out in the match against Middlesex. Tim on the other hand made 81 against the Irish. And! He won the Ford Ranger Cup. I almost forgot to mention it. All hail to the future Australian superduperkeeper in all formats.

Clarke!!! Clarke has failed in both warm-up one-dayers but hardly anyone noticed it. We shall also cover his T20 achievements with the veil of silence. He needs to pull the pants up now, it is getting embarrassing, he cannot always hide behind the backs of Mussey and Cam.

Generally Australia will have to fire as one, single good performances might not be enough this time. This also concerns the bowling. I strongly assume that the double spin experiment is already over and Australia return to the reliable pacers. That's really really sad but the winner of this series will earn the momentum for the Ashes (IMHO bullshit because from now till November it's several months to go, but well, it is perceived like that), so that Australia will make sure the attack is able to put England in chains. I am hoping and praying for a Hazelwood outing though, maybe in place of old Harris.

Creasewetter attempts to hold it in - Scotland v England (only ODI)  (c) Getty Images

The English attack lacks Yardy for my taste, would have loved to see him play again, he took 3 in Scotland, he knows which way to hold a bat, and he also delivered some pretty remarkable performances in the FPT20. Nobody wants to see stupid Broad, but we all knew that he would inevitably return at some point. Same goes for Graeme Swann but there's no getting rid of him in the near future. Shahzad is an interesting addition, Tim Bresnan and Luke Wright are solid although I expect more from Wright (also batting-wise).

Anderson is back after injury and performed well in Scotland, Collingwood and Eoin Morgan are no surprise either. But I just realised that bloody Kay-Pee is a part of the line-up! I was actually going to watch the matches! Arghhh!!! He, in all likeliness the future pimple on the butt of Middlesex, could become the nastiest of all challenges the Oz bowling will have to put up with.

Bolly has already picked Strauss as his bunny and he's probably spot on with this prediction simply because that's how Bolly works. Ritz is back in the flow, bowled very tidily against Middlesex; Clint McKay, the work-horse among the pacers, and Ryan Harris are ok, but not overwhelming.

You will notice that, if you look at the scorecards of the matches against Ireland and Middlesex, in the former match Hopes was the pick of the bowlers and he will shoulder a large part of the workload again, as he has evolved into a super professional and reliable ODI specialist allrounder (does that makes sense :P), cometh the Hopes, cometh the wicket. Can't help comparing him to Scotty Styris, sorry.

Punter! Yeah Punter is back in his element, he and Strauss will be staring into each other's eyes with all the indicated hostility; blood, sweat and claw marks, hallelujah!!

Let the show begin!!!



Purna said...

Strangely, after the T20 World Cup, I am looking forward to this too! Jimmy finally got picked for England eh? How nice for him, I wish him a nice and long career :P.

They always pick Shahzad for show, bloody Swann will continue to play.

And yes, I am supporting Austraia. Who isn't? Hehe.

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

I support Kieswetter. And Australia. *g*

Sidthegnomenator said...

Guys, I am already biting my damn fingernails over this series - England have beaten us in everything in the past year except ODIs and I reckon they are baying for blood. You're damn right Clarke needs to get his shit together and I can't believe how bad I am missing Mitchy.

I'm so nervous, I've even started saying nice things about Punter. Don't worry, I'm off to the doctor to get a prescription for that tomorrow.

Here's hoping My Lord can be legendary (or more legendary).

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

Only a few more ours till bloody Harris... ah well. Timmy must make a century!

half-tracker said...

What's the point for Paine? He could break Tendulkar's 200* and they'd still drop him for bloody Brad Haddin.

Mudassar @ CricketVibe said...

If Poms are going to do it like last year 7s I am going to declare ODIs an end. Dammit you just won the T20 WC show something specially with all that a good looking good spirited applicable squad shit.

At the end the Aussies may still win the series but not more than 3 - 2 u Barbie girl Pom u got that?

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

You're probably right but he needs all the support he can get! Also, Haddin can't twitch forever! Also, Haddin sucked at the T20, we might see some changes.

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

Maddy you speak in crazy tongues *lol*