27 June 2010

Bloody Gloucs

Gloucestershire v Middlesex (FP T20)


The match highlights can as usual be found at the bottom of the post.

Davey in for Berg, according to Hand the latter is out due to "part rest, part slight niggle".


Just a summary as the aftermath of the football (Schland! Schland!) and the parallel Eng-Aus ODI require my attention as well.

[first innings]

Middlesex elected to field, Collins and Murtle opening, on the Gloucs side Porterfield and Redmond, two potent openers on paper. It's 16-1 in the third over, Porterfield (8) removed by Collins, Davey catches, James Franklin in.

Hand being his funny self, can't stop harping about "what happened between 3 and 5 o'clock", "the game that we won't talk about" etc. I think the match is just a sideshow today.

Redmond (10) gone, edges it to the keeper, Henderson the bowler, 25-2.

40-2 after Davey's opening over, in which he leaks 16 runs. Oh boy. Against Gloucs! Must-win match. Otherwise total humiliation.

44-2 after another Henderson over, Josh Davey jogs in enthusiastically but the skipper says no thanks. Haha arghh poor. Skipper brings himself on. Bowls a slower one and Franklin gets stumped. 44-3.

Tom Smith on. I am losing track a bit, Australia currently slaying English tail and looking as if they could turn a lost match around. Hand just realised it and exclaims "wowowow what has happened there!" I am wondering as well. Dexter in the meanwhile leaks four wides. 67-3 after 10 overs.

126-3 after 17 as several boundaries and even a few sixes were scored by the Gloucsmen. Middlesex need a wicket. 138-4 as Gidman (42) goes out to Murtagh as Malan catches him at long-on. Sorry for the incoherence. Gidman's successor Dawson goes out soon thereafter, Collins and Newman cooperate. 144-5, and the next Gloucsbatter gets yorked by Murts. Five balls left.

Total: 153-6

[second innings]

IOB arrives for the second half, they keep discussing the football in their cryptic language: "The disallowed G of the F-game... but I think G were too strong for E anyway." Hahah IOB.

Warner goes first, who'd have thought it.  28-1, Warner gone for 17, Hand still waiting to see the big innings from him. Middlesex ahead of Gloucestershire though. I think Henderson is batting and he lifts Kirby over the grandstand. Hand and IOB happily blabbing, Newman makes a six, loses control and in an attempt to make another one he says bye-bye, Middlesex are 41-2. Dexter goes, victim of a slog, 47-3, Henderson leaves next, 66-3 in the 9th over.

Lighthearted babbling, 93-4 after the 13th.

Really nothing much happening, Owais and Malan enjoying their time at the crease and IOB praises the lovely evening. Middlesex have accumulated 101 after the 14th, Shah bats sensibly as usual. And just while I am writing this he hits it up and goes. 107-5 should that be now. NOT GOOD OWAIS! Davey comes in, if you have counted you will find out that this is just his second T20. Oh my. I could really do with some Berg here.

If Middx lose against Gloucs the humiliation will be perfect. Apart from that now it looks more like Middx will need 9 victories to reach the next stage. And Davey is stumped.

Ben Scott, the specialist wicket keeper, is in. 111-6 with four overs to go and 43 required. IOB finds Scott is one of the best keepers he has ever seen. Scott gets a lucky edge to the boundary, 39 needed. Go Scotty! He and Malan should be able to knock the remaining runs off here. 123-6, three overs to go. The boys keep going, Scott gets another four. Come on Middlesex!

Steve Kirby bowls at Malan, who suddenly only has the handle of his bat in his hand, but they scamper through for a single, IOB says the bowler could have appealed for a dead ball as he couldn't field the ball, as the blade of the bat was flying at him. Or so. Next ball Scott paddles it over his left shoulder, no fielder there. Arghh that must all be pretty hilarious. 18 off 11 needed. Arghh. Some good running here, a couple of twos. Okay this is a thriller now. 12 off the last over. Darnit.

IOB and Hand are discussing what they call the "Power Over", Hand has never seen one. Haha. I have and it was awesome. Timmy Time in Kiwiland! Also, support Southee! Not sure though if there would be a Super Over, isn't it so that in the group stage ties are possible?

Bloody hell, Malan bowled, five balls left. NOT GOOD. I can't believe it. Malan out for 44 but now there are no batsmen left. The responsibility is on Ben Scott. Tom Smith comes out. Single, Scott on strike now. 11 off four needed. I feel sick. Single. Smith on strike. Single. Two.

Need a six off the last ball to tie the score. Kirby bowling a great over here. Two. Middlesex lose. Gloucs (bloody Gloucs) win by three wickets. Arghh.

I repeat: NOT GOOD. Match ruined by crap batting and the absence of Berg just frickn hurts. And tomorrow it's Gloucs again in the County Championship. Grrrrr.


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