25 June 2010

define: sob-standard

England v Australia 2nd ODI


INJURY UPDATE: please scroll down!

Hazelwood out, Clint in; Harris has a groin injury and Steven Smith replaces him. Cardiff wicket is expected to be slowisher, Punter wins the toss and bats.

AUS batting:
Timmy gets stoned by Bresnan, out for 16. Watson belts Anderson, carries on and gets a half ton. Punter, Clarke, Hussey all out for not worth mentioning. Broad gets 4 on his birthday. Cam White steps up just once again with 86, Steven Smith adds a funny to watch 41 with shots so improvised that Eoin Morgan turned green with envy. England restricts AUS to 239, good work from the bowlers. Basically everybody agrees that it won't be enough.

During his invaluable 41 the Legsmith found utmost innovative ways of getting the ball to the rope  (c) Getty Images

AUS bowling starts:
Clint gets totally raped by Strauss (apologies for the language.) Ohh ohh suddenly Kies out to Bolly, edge to Timmy. Arghhhh! I am currently getting the slow-mo of that shot hit around the turnip, over and over again. Who is the greater goat, Kies or Bolly? I am settling for Kies here... Bolly needed that wicket. Bloody KP in, and Clint keeps getting whacked, not sure how many matches he will still get. Ritz gets lauded as a fairly decent bowler in particular to Strauss.

Legsmith in, he is happily chirping with Punter. What a marvellous, unbelievably witty plan. KP can't resist and Punter takes a ripper and Legsmith gets KP in his first over. My ears are red with excitement.

England are taking the Powerplay as Collers comes in, Ritz to continue and he bloody gets Strauss!! Ritz takes a beautiful super cool return catch to remove the man with the interesting back. How warm and wonderful these familiar things feel at times.

Morgan in, Bolly back on and Morgan immediately scans the field in his lighthouse manner. Finds it hard to cope with Bolly though. A couple of overs later Bolly tries to neuter him. Watto on and Smith as Punter keeps seeking for wickets. Morgan and Collingwood have dug themselves in, and that's it, England clearly on the way to the win as Bolly takes the consolation wicket of Collingwood. Wright in, Hopes bowls him. Bresnan in. Bolly gets Morgan, Paine catches!!! England still need 29 from 58. Swann in, game over.


Australia need to find a way to remove Morgan. That's basically the essence of the two matches. It looks as if anything else can be dealt with, but as long as Morgan is alive the other English batsmen are so secure that no one really bothers getting out. A second acceptable fast bowler would be nice as well. If Harris isn't fit for the next match it looks gloomy for the Aussies. I am surely not the only one who has pondered a spontaneous fly-in of the likes of O'Keefe or Peter George / Trent Copeland. Smithy and Ritz did well though, the fast bowling is where the hare lies in the pepper. Happy though that Bolly is getting into his trot. I would also welcome it, if the contributions with the bat were not only made by two or three guys. It is understandable that the boys find it hard to cope with the improved English attack, I mean even Bresnan is a real threat. The more Australia need to concentrate on their classical strengths. Also Punter should introduce corporal punishment for bowling no-balls.

England on the other hand made no mistakes, strangled Australia in the first innings and comfortably waddled to victory. Strauss was allowed way too many runs. Collingwood's 48 hurt as well, especially as he was getting bold at the side of Morgan and nurdled only 95% of his shots.


Nathan Hauritz is probably out of the Test Series against Pakistan as an old foot injury seems to have recurred! 
Shaun Tait will arrive from Glamorgan to fill the gap, while Steven Smith is likely to receive his Test Cap. 

Oh. My. God. 

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Lou said...

Can Tait last 10 overs? You are a redbacks fan, do you think he can?

Mudassar @ CricketVibe said...

I am smelling an Australian comeback in the series from somewhere even though everything is going so against them at the moment.

Australia is too thin in bowling which is amazing as they always have long backup or is it just English batsmen or actually Morgan making them look like this. Probably batsmen are also not providing enough for bowlers to fight for.

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

Lou, he has to, he plays in the FR Cup so he frickn must.

Maddy guess why the bowling looks thin... Harris, Johnson, Siddle, Hilfenhaus, now also Hauritz injured. How would Pakistan bowl without their bowlers? ;)

Lou said...

Actually the batting looks thinner. Watching a collective crisis of confidence is never fun.

Mudassar @ CricketVibe said...

@Wes, Pakistan team will fade into history just like that if they didn't had their bowlers, Pakistan's batting has never been reliable of match winning as far as I have followed them. Occasional burst with couple of talents in them always seems to save them here and there.