23 June 2010

Guten Morgan means Good Night

England v Australia 1st ODI

Yeah Sir Eoin Morgan. Also Clarke's vice captain's knock. Timmy Paine, probably the sunniest, happiest man ever to have kept wicket. Watto, tragic; on the day after I had dreamt that he died he took wickets... and got slaughtered. Harris, the light in the dark. Hauritz, the next Dilshan. Tim "Today I bat" Bresnan. Luke "bloodiest hobbit in Middle-earth" Wright. Strauss (10).

You can read about all this here, here and here.

From now on I will try and tell you about the PFCNFS moment of the match, the one match situation I found most intense, personally. And in this match there was one so good and so crap at the same time that I nearly didn't survive it.

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The Joshonator kills the Kiesbatter - should one laugh, cry or just jump out of the window? Everybody was on the edge of their seats waiting for the Hazelnut to get his first man, and I swear I would have laughed like a monkey for three days had he taken out the K-Pee. But why the Kies of all people???? Oh Josh I think we have to practise that a little...

Something about Eoin Morgan, though: the thing I find most characteristic about him is the way he scans the field. The eyes narrowed to slots, the head slowly and gradually turning from right to left (I think), and you can almost literally see how the information enters through the eye slits and is then processed in the brain. Sometimes he also mumbles to make things clear to himself.

The ECB has uploaded some highlights, unfortunately they only show the wickets, and some happy Morgan at the end, but I guess it's better than nothing: Australia innings ~ England innings ~ Strauss/Punter blabbing

Before I forget: Timmy Paine will keep playing as Haddin won't be fit for the Pakistan Tests. Yippieh! No Paine, no gain hehe.


A word about Usman Khawaja, I am really happy for the bloke, if he makes his Test debut against Pakistan I am sure he will give his best. But I am bloody sick of the media putting his origin and religion in the centre of their reports. Imagine the following headlines:

GDR-born Cosgroveologist Wessington to play for Oz
Wessington first Cosgroveologist ever in Australian Test squad
Australia select GDR-born Cosgroveologist Wessington for Tests

I mean wtf? I would shoot myself in multiple body parts. Khawaja left Pakistan when he was three. He says: "It [being a Muslim] doesn't cross my mind until someone brings it up. I am around the boys all the time and I never once feel like I am different." Do you hear him? Okay it's a bit fishy that he's a pilot. JOKE! The Youtube-sort of discussion below the linked article is doing my head in, BTW.

Hilditch underlines: "Usman Khawaja has been selected on the back of some very strong Weet-Bix Sheffield Shield performances. He is blablabla blabablablabla balabla in the order in blablablabla, but importantly for this blablablablabla bla bla blabla batsman who could blablablabla bla blablabla bla arise."

Hmmmm Weeeeeet-Bix, hrlahhhhhhhhhhh



shortthirdman said...

For sure, his religion shoudln't matter, but I bet it has helped him as Cricket Australia are desperate to get different players in their team - Muslim or Aboriginal people

Thanks for the link Wes.

Mudassar @ CricketVibe said...

Now it looks like this is going to be an interesting series, Aussies will come back hard in next matches so let see if England can keep their cool. And if they it will be dream run for England after so many years.

Ashes gona be hot.

Purna said...

Is it just me or do Joshanator and Kiesbatter look alike? Mind you Joshanator also looks like Mitchy a little bit and has his ugly action. Which I didn't think was possible.

half-tracker said...

Maybe one or two of the Aussies liked the Rose Bowl so much that they want to join Hampshire *cough* Mussey *cough*

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

STM unfortunately yes. It's a shame how fixated they are on the façade.

Maddy Oz must do anything to stop that run!

Purna you are clearly wearing your glasses inside out o_O

HT... no. :P