11 June 2010

The King is dead. Long live the King!

Shaun Udal steps back from the Middlesex captaincy with immediate effect.

He and the club obviously feel that it is time for a change, given the recent streak of defeats inflicted on the team in all three formats. Adam Gilchrist was picked as the heir to the throne and will skipper the side for 5 matches; according to Middlesex' official news he has extended his contract with Middlesex so that he is able to play the away matches of the FPT20. After Gilchrist's intermezzo the reigns will be handed over to Neil Dexter.

Anyone who has followed the whispers from the grapevine during the past two matches will have realised that Gilchrist couldn't help backseat skippering, and one can only speculate about whether this has anything to do with Udal's decision. Shaun Udal assured that he would keep playing for Middlesex, but nevertheless this is shocking news and I still refuse to believe it. It felt like King Udal would lead the team forever. Gilly might indeed be the best man for the T20, I hope the captain's role won't affect his batting.... HA HA.

What I like about Shaun Udal's captaincy is his positive, attacking leadership style, especially given that most of my favourite teams prefer the defensive approach. It doesn't mean that he is blindly pouncing about, he could rather be compared to the old warhorse that puts all his experience in his reign. Might be that he couldn't deliver a string of centuries in the recent matches but he is always in the wickets, always bowling well, getting the breakthroughs or finishing the tail off. Bowling captains are rare, and, hell, I just would have liked to see him go on for a while. Unfortunately Middlesex is not Pakistan and so his decision will be definitive.

Bahhh frick. Watch this:

Glory to the King!

On a more positive side note, Gareth "St." Berg bagged the Ignis Player Of The Month May 2010. Glad to see the Ice Man getting appreciated for his tremendous performance in the past weeks, can't hail him often enough. I also happily recall the moment when the sight of his figures made me teary-eyed with bliss, ahem. Go Bergy!!!!

Not giving a rat's rear about football yet (but wait until tomorrow),


Purna said...

What, Gilly is a good captain!! That batting beat was funny though!

Dean @ Cricket Betting Blog said...

Unfortunately Middlesex is not Pakistan - thats a very cynical (but true) view Wes.

I have to agree, Udal is a man of principle and won't be changing his mind.

Captains seem to be getting replaced like football managers this season.

RHB at Surrey may well be next.

Another football analogy is teams being booed off the field, and thats happened at the Oval recently.

Wes said...

Pu, I'm biased ;)

Hello Dean nice to see you over here, and I am glad that you have understanding for my emotional outburst, I hope and pray Rory will stay in place!!! That booing is imho just another form of the banter players get to hear throughout the whole match... The fielders usually have to take quite something.
Glad you've popped in,
Thank you, come again!