4 June 2010

Middlesex v Bogdan Bogdanovich...

...aka Michael Yardy.

Middlesex v Sussex (FP T20)

Middlesex were asked to field and responded quite well, the early removal of dangerman Luke Wright induced a fine little top order collapse and a lot of fistwielding and cheering at my end of things, and Sussex were 33-4 quickly. Credits to Pedro Collins for his fantastic bowling and Murtle Murtagh, he's a champ. No wickets for the Ice Man but with an economy of 4.25 he did a superb job again.

Unfortunately there was no way to break the partnership of Sussex skipper Yardy (37*) and Dwayne Smith (49), who put out the fire and stabilised the innings with some well-balanced batting. In the end Sussex had gathered 146, which turned out to be a proper test of Middlesex' batting depth.

Yasir Arafat left scorched earth behind as he killed Gilly right with his first delivery. Newman and Dexter built a nice partnership, in fact Middlesex looked a lot better than Sussex for a long time.

But if you look at Sussex's bowling figures and compare their batting strike rates to the Middlesex ones you will see from where the wind was blowing very soon. Luke Wright and Michael Yardy demonstrated why they bowl for England, the air for the Middlesex batsmen got thinner and thinner and eventually the target moved out of reach, Shah and Malan just scored too slowly as Sussex pleasurably celebrated their bog rock festival.

The iBerg trapped lbw with just one run on the board was my personally saddest moment of the match, but Berg is sacrosanct, hence I have already banned it from my mind.

Credit to the Sussex bowlers, that was a fine display of utterly English T20 bowling (if that label doesn't exist yet then I've just created it)

Middlesex are to face Somerset next week for the Clash Of The Sussex Victims, if you will. The boys must win, Kies or not.



half-tracker said...

Booo, curse you Sussex, I see Sky are following them around now. When will they show a game from the North division?!?!

I see Middlesex suffered the same as Hampshire and Kent - can't score over 6 an over!

Wes said...

Sorry HT :(
Middlesex can! They will do against Somerset I hope :P