26 June 2010

Panthers grilled by Dragons' breath

Glamorgan v Middlesex (FP T20)

Middlesex won the toss and elected to bat, Newman and Warner opening, Ben Scott replaces Adam Gilchrist behind the stumps and Tyron Henderson is in for Josh Davey.

Please scroll down for the highlights.

[first innings]

They aren't getting off to a flyer but Hand thinks they have learnt from Gilchrist to be patient. They are struggling against Huw Waters though, a large number of dot balls creates pressure, 12-0 after 2 overs. Warner eventually gets on strike more often and plays a couple of nice strokes. 29-0 after 4th over. Dalrymple comes on and leaks only 2 runs in his first over. Owen comes on for Glamorgan, 41-0 after 6 overs.

The match meanders on, Dalrymple restricts and others leak a bit, but nothing remarkable. 52-0 after 8 overs. Hand suspects Warner will be desperate to get a big innings for Middlesex, understandable, he hasn't really lived up the hype yet.

The wicket is slowish, the Glamorgish spinners are doing a good job. I'm looking forward to Smith and Dexter bowling. Hand expects a par score of 150, if at all.

Dalrymple bowls the 10th over and Warner succumbs to the pressure, gets caught on 24. 56-1 after 9.1 overs. The new skipper Dexter enters the arena. Hand lauds Shaun Udal's captaincy stint, says it's a much better dressing room now. 63-1 at the end of the over. 68-1 after the 11th, the run rate hardly exceeds 6. Newman suddenly explodes, two maximums as Cosker can only look on. 84-1 after 12 ov., Cosker's over has yielded 16.

Robert Croft on, Newman hits the ball straight back to him, Croft takes a beautiful one-handed catch, Newman leaves for 48, Malan in, Hand is missing some Shah.

92-2 after 13 as Dalrymple comes back on for his last over. The hundred comes up for Middlesex, 102-2 after 14, Allenby on.

The crowd erupts in cheers as someone (?) has appeared "with an inflatable doll the type of which I will leave you speculating on", quote Hand. 118-2 after 16, 129-2 after 17, there is hope for a defendable score. 140-2 after 18, this is eventually starting to look ok. Malan gets a life as the fielder (Maynard?) spills the ball over the boundary, thanks Tom, how kind of you. 152-2 with one over to go. Hand reckons they are only just above par now. Only two singles off the first two balls. Arghhh long on fielder drops Dexter and spills it for four! Hilarious. Not for Glamorgan, though. Malan tops the cake with a six, replacement ball comes in, as Malan probably hit it into the river, 14 runs altogether off the last over bowled by Allenby. Malan and Dexter both 40*.

Total: 166-2

[innings break]

Hand still not sure if it is a good score or only just above par, as the wicket is rather slowish, but he lauds the patience of the Middlesex batsmen. I'm not sure either. First of all, Cosgrove! The rest isn't of bad parents either. The question is: what if it's not a spinners' wicket? What if Middlesex just batted too cautiously? Glamorgan will not. Can't imagine Cos driving with the handbrake pulled. I'd feel better with 180-9. Anyway. We'll find out soon. Finn is expected during the second half.

Sophia Gardens  (c) Glamorgan CCC
[second innings]

Collins from the River End to Cossy. Dead ball as no one is ready. Owais does the slipping. First real ball is a wide, followed by a boundary. Cossy has the mauling pants on again. 6-0 after the opening over. There is a Beatles cover band playing, while the stadium speakers blare Michael Jackson.

Murts in for the second, Glamorgan climb to 12-0, Collins back on and gets a boundary knocked about the head right away. 21-0 after 3 overs, Glamorgan ahead here. But Murtagh isn't receiving any better treatment, 34-0 after the 4th over. Murts gone for 19 in his first two overs, this is awful. 

Tyron Henderson comes on, let's see what he can do on his return. Hmm no difference. Boom boom goes the Cos. 49-0 after 5, as Cos finishes the over with a six. HELL.

Skipper brings himself on. MUST take wickets now. To no avail. Another boundary to Cos and the 50 for the Dragons. Fifth ball, Cos hits it straight to Newman at mid-on!!! Dexter gets the dangerman. Phewwww! (No offense Cossy, you are still my favourite forever Redback). Tom Maynard in. 56-1 after 6 overs.

Henderson, who had gone for 15 earlier, comes back, his over includes a boundary. Tom Smith comes on, yeah. Waist high full toss but umpire doesn't signal a no ball, it's a six for Allenby, a four rounds the over off, 15 from it, 79-1 after 8 overs.

Dexter back into the attack. And... a four. 83-1. Alright I think we can forget this match. Glamorgan won't do us the favour and collapse magically. 86-1 after 9 overs, Middlesex were 56-0 at this point. Haha. Tom Smith reappears, he only gives four runs, most economical over of the innings so far.

Dexter comes back and Maynard slogs him for six. 101-1 after 11. It is looking desolate. Collins returns. Maynard hits him for 6. 11-1 with 8 overs remaining. No Finn in sight yet, Hand suspects he has forgotten about it.

Henderson back on and eventually gets Allenby, Owais catches, but it might be way too late. Rees joins Maynard. The latter gets a life from Malan at the boundary. 114-2 after 13 overs.

Dexter comes back on. Will his first ball go for a boundary again? No, just two. But the compulsory boundary follows.

Finn into the box. He even thought 140 was a par score. Henderson bowls his fourth over. More strengthening talk. 126-2 after 15. Glamorgan need 40 runs from 5 overs, as Owais is called into the attack, Finn says about him that he has very big fingers, he bowls very quick and is hard to hit. But Maynard greets him with a six. And four more. 138-2 after his over. Finn says they still need three more overs like this one. He has faith in the death bowlers.

Collins comes in for the next over. Rees out lbw!!! 143-3 with two overs to go. Murtagh bowls the 18th over. Wallace came in for Rees, but he can't get off strike. Murtagh bowls a nice over but the last ball goes for a boundary, very unlucky. Glamorgan need 15 from two overs now, Tom Smith in. Four. Match is slipping away. Then Warner makes a desperate attempt but in vain, it goes for six. Maynard knows what he is doing, a four follows, scores are level with more than an over remaining, and Tom Smith also has to bear the winning run. Maynard 63*.

Sigh. A little bit disappointing to realise that Middlesex could either have got a lot more out of this wicket, or just had the worse bowlers. I guess the latter. In fact it feels a bit like a mirrored image of the Eng v Aus ODI a couple of days ago. Cardiff is a difficult pitch for the teams I like. Although: we scored over 600 last summer! Ritz will confirm. However, Gloucs must be defeated tomorrow, even Hampshire won against them.


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