19 June 2010

Pink Panzer v Yellow Forces

Middlesex v Australians (50-over tour match)

Very special match today, nevertheless I managed to miss the first overs. Curse me! 
Middlesex won the toss and bat first. I will try and give you a real-time description of the match, and promise to be more coherent than usual.

For the highlights please scroll down.

[first innings]

Bolly makes short work of Warner and the Middlesex top order  (c) PA Pictures
Dropped in late, Hand and IOB in place, Middlesex one down, Warner out to Bolly caught by Paine for five runs in the first over, that's the end of his one day career, he won't get rid of the T20 shackles anytime soon.

Changes from the T20 squad: Udal and Collins out, Ravi Patel and Robbie Williams in. Patel, the 18-year old left arm spinner, has only one First-class match under the belt against Oxford University. Middlesex are obviously cautiously approaching a change of generations.

Australia have lined up the Clontarf side, but Steven Smith replaces James Hopes! Hear hear! Smithy and Ritz teaming up, that could be interesting.

Gilchrist on 38 skies a Watson to Mussey at 15.5, must have been extremely disappointing as he punches his pad twice walking off. Watto has an amazingly good economy while Bolly and Klint have gone for 6 each in their 3 resp. 4 overs.

Owy is on 26* and has been joined by Dawid Malan.

Iain quotes Douggie; before Bolly had started playing Tests he promised to give 150,000,000% for Australia, cordial laughter in the box, 18 overs over, 80/2

Bolly to Malan, edges it, it's in the air, Timmy runs a fair bit from deep behind the stumps to square leg and takes the catch. Malan out for 2, 86/3. IOB suspects they still have the T20 mindset and haven't settled into the ODI trot yet, feel too much pressure if they don't score a run for a few balls, don't realise how much time they actually have. Dexter in.

Obviously Josh Davey is playing for Scotland today (against England), good luck to the youngster. 88/3 after 22 overs.

Smithy comes on for the 24th over, Ritz has already bowled five. Now there's the spin tandem on. Middlesex' run rate has dropped to 4. 102/3

Finny enters the box! He is working a lot harder at the moment than if he was playing cricket. 114/3. Finny will definitely play a couple of games for Middlesex before the Test series against Pakistan. Three or four T20 games. He loves playing domestically, loves the crowd.

Josh Davey is eligible to play for Scotland but in the CB40 he plays for Middlesex. Finn says it's frustrating not being able to be out there helping the team, he grew up in Middlesex and is good friends with everyone, but with so much cricket being played these days you have to take a break sometimes.

129/3 and Owais gets the fifty. Finny has done a 2-day course in journalism but isn't planning to make this his education. He is telling a load of interesting stuff but I can't stencil this all down. His shins are okay again, he has seen a physiotherapist and rest helps, it's a problem after being out there for so long.

Misfield from Watson brings up the 50 partnership between Shah and Dexter.

Owais sweeps Legsmith for six, and Timmy is back!!! (c) PA Pictures
He'd love to play in Australia but there is a lot of cricket between now and then and he thinks there are people ahead of him in the pecking order as they have played a lot of international cricket. Arghh Finny of course you will go! He says IOB can't spell "poking", he thinks the New Zealandish education is not quite up to standard ^^.

151/3 after Owy sweeps Smithy for six! The Legsmith, that is. And Dexter adds a four to it. Poor Smithy :(

I'm missing a few hearty laughs as IOB returns. He lauds Klint's ODI figures and thinks this boy's got some skills! Strike rate 25, phenomenal returns! (Wow IOB) 174/4 as Dexter has gone, which I totally missed as well. Obviously slain by Bolly and caught by Timmy; he goes for 45, nice innings.

Newman comes in, say your prayers. He immediately starts hopping in an ugly manner facing Bolly's yorker. 175/4 after 38 overs. Hand suspects Middlesex must be pondering a soonish Powerplay. Newman slogs Hauritz into the grand stand, 194/4. The comment box are trying to make up a sentence of just repeating one and the same word. I am utterly distracted now.

Batting Powerplay has been taken, Harris and Klint back on. They are bantering Owy a bit, as the latter has obviously overcome his calling woes by turning his back on the fellow batsman. 206/4, end of the 43rd over. Owais is cruising along, on 88* now, another great knock from a man that has turned out utterly precious in a lot of the recent matches.

225/4 after the 45th over, Watto in for the last Powerplay over, IOB notes that he got smashed around the park a bit, he thinks a par score is 250, and a good score from here is 265. Newman is weirdly cruising. 

Owais out to Klint! Goes for 92. That must be gutting him now. IOB lauds the knock and says Shah still wants to play for England! Says it's an unselfish act for Middlesex as he didn't slow down for a safe century.

Bergy in, he is wearing Dexter's jumper again, Klint running in, it's his 10th over, then Watto. The Ice Lord is obviously batting beautifully again, don't expect anything less. IOB notes that now the score is moving from par to good, 257/5 with one over left. Newman hits it only just over the ropes, gets his 50, off just 38 deliveries, the crowd is madly clapping, Newman on fire now, next ball goes for four, I am vividly imagining Watto's sour face. Bergy facing the last ball, they get two, 16 valuable runs from the Bergmeister. Fantastic innings by the Middle boys.

Total: 273/5

[innings break]

Players are charging down towards the pavilion for a presentation, Neil Dexter is getting capped, only just before he takes over the captaincy on Friday morning, congratulations! Gilchrist gets a cap as well, which was the reason for the Australian players standing aside and waiting.

Well well. 274 on a pitch that is supposed to get worse, the box suspected that's why Oz are playing two spinners. I say Oz will chase this, Middlesex are lacking a Collins today. But you never know.

[second innings]

Murtle opens to Watson, Watto gets off the mark and Timmy faces. Middlesex batting coach Mark O'Neill is in the box, my god he sounds like bloody Udo Lindenberg. The voice is totally killing me, can't concentrate on what he is saying.

Williams shares opening honours with Murts, O'Neill says he is probably too nice for a fast bowler, Watson and Tim powering off Murts. 20/0. Then Timmy goes as Watson chips the ball back to Murts and Timmy is run out at the non-striker's end! Punter in for the last ball of the over. 31/1 at the end of the third over.

Williams is learning a couple of lessons here. 40/1 after 4 overs, Gilly is very chirpy behind the stumps. O'Neill shares his football memories with us, Holland getting knocked out by Germany in the 70s. Ponting 11*, Watson 19* after 5 overs. Watson goes! 50/2 as Watson is run out in a fabulous piece of fielding, they are not sure if it was Warner (according to the scoreboard) or Tom Smith, there seems to be jumper confusion again, they are coming to the conclusion it is Warner.

Murtle and how he sees the world  (c) PA Pictures
Pup comes out. Make that 51/3, Murts takes Clarke lbw! Pup goes for a duck again, oh dear!!! Cam White comes in. Coach is happy with the proceedings, says it could look a lot worse if it hadn't been for the fielding. Socceroos distracting me a little, glimpsing at the footy with one eye. 52/3 after 7 overs. No bowling change yet, Williams still going at about 10/over, it starts to drizzle. Umpires starting to chat, the players are taken off, the crowd boos! And now it stops, the players stay on, the crowd cheering their heads off! Comedy gold. 57/3

Kewell just got sent off for a non-existing handball. Football really distracting me now. Hand exclaims "Oh deaaaar!"

Bergy in for the 10th over, then in the 11th over suddenly 64/4 as Murtagh gets another lbw, Ponting out! Mussey joins White at the crease. Cracker of a game on now, the dream partnership at the crease. Match is trickling along. 69/4 in the 12th over. White survives a huge appeal but I can't say for what, was in another room.  According to Duckworth Lewis they would have to be at 120 after the 13th if they want to win this.

Still Berg and Murtagh bowling, Williams had bowled four overs for 33. 69/4 after 13 overs.
75/4 after 15 overs, 85/4 after 16, Finny back in the box! I'm a Finny fan, you know. Oz are picking up some pace here, getting a couple of boundaries.

Finn harping again on the one email that came in a couple of weeks ago about IOB being as funny as Finn but not as full of himself. Finn is surprised that the Kookaburra ball keeps swinging like that into 15th, 16th over, usually it stops swinging at all after the 10th. 96/4 after the 17th. More talk about fitness routines. Bergy and Robbie Williams sharing the bowling.

Tom Smith in now, the Middlesex Smithy. He had bowled very well in the T20s. 97/4 had been the score after the 18th. Hand dies laughing over Finn's antics, unfortunately I've been distracted again. Darn.

The 100 comes up for Oz, 102/4 after the 19th. In Scotland Kies is on 80 odd or so! Kies Time!!! Football distracting me again, Oz are approaching their D/L target.  104/4 after 20 ov. Smith bowling. Blabla, Finn sneezes into the microphone, doesn't know the mute button. Finny makes his first ever Twitter tweet, asks Hand how it works. 125/4 after 25 overs. Cam is on 45* now.

Not playing, but very present: Steven Finn  (c) PA Pictures
Cricinfo scorecard not the quickest, Dexter bowling. 131/4 after 26. Finn went to the theatre last night instead of watching football, he finds it was a good decision. He loves football, though. Smith bowling, 135/4 after 27. Finn attempts at cricket commentary. Not bad but needs to be slightly more emotional! "Scott Newman at the boundary rope coming in, earrings glaring in the sun!" Mwahahaha. That's better! The match has been pushed to the background, happy babbling now. 147/4 after 19. White and Muss flourishing. Finny leaves the hall, I think we learnt a lot from his stint.

150/4 after the 30th. Ravi Patel in to bowl, greeted by Hussey with a boundary. Meanwhile Oz drew versus Ghana, IOB bantering that Oz have now joined New Zealand in the competition with one point. Oz cruising along, Dexter bowling well but no wicket yet. 167/4 after 33 overs. Been away for a while, no change except for Oz doing a good job here. Owais into the attack for the 39th over, 208/4. Not helping. Cam comfortably approaching his century. I have totally lost overview over the ongoing games.

Dexter bowling. Oz trying to close the sack now, Cam on 95* at the end of the 41st over, 224/4. IOB keeps calling Hauritz "Harritz". Century for Cam at Lord's off a big six off Tom Smith! 234/4 with Powerplay still to come. White and Muss once again getting Australia home here. Murts back in and gets Cam on 106 as Cam tries to finish it quickly, Newman catches, Warner comes running and gives Cam a pat on the back, 106 for the Victorian Bush Bear, congratulations on a great innings, how long till Tests? Legsmith entering the arena. Some life back in the game, even if just a bit. Powerplay on now for the last five overs. Smithy obviously putting some logs on the fire here. Robbie Williams bowling as Australia close the sack, Smithy on 28 unbeaten, along with Muss on 72*.


The Eternal Muss  (c) PA Pictures
Was quite a fight and the usual suspects (Muss/Cam) had to step up again when the top order collapsed. What would Australia do without them! Middlesex batted extraordinarily well and lost just five wickets against the best ODI side in the world, who played their first string line-up in this tour match. Hats off to Owais Shah for his committed knock. Well done boys, Middlesex as well as Cameron White and Mike Hussey. And Bollinger was a class on his own again!

Good match, both teams should be rather satisfied with their efforts, 



Lou said...

Nice overview Wes. But what is the Aus first string line-up? Does anyone know anymore? My first string line-up would not contain Clint McKay or Michael Clarke.

Or Brad Haddin.

And I'm not sure about Shaun Marsh anymore.

Ha, ha. Lovely to see Timmy behind the stumps instead of that loser, Haddin.

Wes said...

Hello Lou I think it's first string under the given circumstances... or in my wish haha. Plenty of players I like... Klint, Timmy, legsmith all there, so... Agreement on Punter, how nice was it when he was away during the first matches of 6-1.
Waiting for the bloody highlights now... Hope there will be some!

Sidthegnomenator said...

My Lord Harritz - LOL

And what is this, Wes? Are you not a fan of my Jimmeh Hopes? This could cause an issue ...

Wes said...

Well well... I even like Jimmy Anderson more than him :/

Sylvester said...

Nice with no Cricinfo commentary this is perfect.

Wes said...

Thank you Sylvester, that's very nice to hear from your mouth, great to see you popping in, keep visiting,


half-tracker said...

I can't believe Timmy Paine is in his mid 20s. He looks about 12.

I'd much rather see Dan Christian play instead of Hopes or Stevie Smith ;)