15 June 2010

The Pink Tank is rolling

Middlesex v Glamorgan (FPT20)

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Glamorgan won the toss and field first, Tom Smith replaces Robbie Williams.

[first innings]

Gilly and Warner start off well, Gilly takes Taito for six.

O'Brien arrives in the comment box happy after NZ have kicked a goal in the World Cup.

In the meanwhile Gilly takes Harris for consecutive sixes.

It's a practice ground, despite the good start IOB isn't expecting a lot of boundaries, the ground is partly uneven and quite grassy. First mention of shoulders: Hand lauds Warner's big broad ones. The first Cosgrove mockeries are fired off. IOB thinks it's a ground that gets harder to bat on, he would have loved to bat anyway.

Warner bowled in an attempt to slog, MS are 50-1 in the 5.2 ov, Dexter in.... and out. Stumped. 50-2. WTF is going on. Owais comes in, Morgan obviously down to 5 again. Might make sense if they start stumbling now.

Gilly gets dropped in the 7th over and gets a four for it.

7.5 ov, 70-2, Gilly 41

Until now it's been as boring as it reads. Dalrymple reacts and brings... Cossy on!!!! Second ball to Gilly goes for four. Wow another four, Gilly gets his half century! Cossy won't be a happy bear I guess.

Croft coming on and... kills! Gilly goes lbw, for 51, 82-3 now, Sir Eoin rides in.

God it is awfully boring. But if I go back to the laundry now there will be a wicket. There seems to be no crowd either? Except for some music blaring occasionally and a single clapper there seem to be no noises.

Angry Eoin is being angry! Click the pic to browse the gallery!  (c) Getty Images
Morgan picks up a slower ball off Dalrymple, hits it in the air, Hand gets excited in a "oh-oh!!" manner but it's a six, a four follows of another slow ball.

Looking at the scorecard, Taito went for 16 in his one over, hasn't been brought on again yet. The economies are fascinating to look at, between 3.50 (Brown after 2 overs) and 16.

Owy hits it over the sightscreen off Cosker, 109-3 after 12 overs.

Just when you speak of the devil... Taito back on. Keeps it very tidy but suddenly Morgan whacks him for six, must have been a brilliant shot. So that's again 10 off Taito's over, but better than 16 haha.

IOB has a Vuvuzela as a ringtone on his phone and demonstrates it happily. *shoots self*

Morgan keeps slaughtering. Allenby is the victim now. I suppose the latter is already planning his revenge now. 132-3 after 14 overs.

As a consequence Brown comes back on. Morgan hits him one-handedly for six over cow corner. And a lucky four. Morgan on 48 now. Another four that, Cossy couldn't stop it, 52 for the noble man. And another four! This is how you treat Brown! And the over ends with another four!

155-3, Cosker into the attack

Hand: "Good running from Shah", dirty laughter. Yes right, Owy is still alive, he is happy playing the complementary part here. And....just as I am writing this Shah takes Harris for a big, big six :O

170-4 as Owy tries it again but gets taken this time, Owy out for 30. Malan in!  IOB lauds Shah's clever innings which showed his experience.

Taito back on. IOB says it is hard to pick up Tait's action due to its lateness but once you have figured him out... blabla. Again, Taito keeps it tight. Bergy warming up. Just 2 from the over I think. Morgan needs to release pressure now, first thing as Harris comes on: huge six.

IOB ponders the footy, says NZ ranked 72nd in the world o.O

Another big over for Morgan, then Malan hits it up so high that it comes down on the run-up of the bowler, they take a single. 187-2 with one over to go. Should have taken two so that Morgan gets on strike and can aim at a century.

But Malan hits a six off the first ball off Tait! And a four! Oh man this is not exactly how you treat Taito! IOB says best shot of the innings, technique-wise. And another four. Holy!! 202-4 with three balls to go!!! Holy!! 4th ball goes for four again! 206 for Middlesex. 5th ball: lands on the pavilion roof! Malan slaughters mercilessly. The comment box is going mad. IOB doesn't understand why Tait doesn't bowl a slower one! Last ball is a leg-bye.

Total: 213-4, at a runrate of 10.65

[innings break]

Wouldn't put it past Glamorgan to chase this down, they have heavy (haha) hitters, and are sure one of the better teams in the competition. Unfortunately no Beatles on the radio, just silence.

[second innings]

Collins to open. Neat, 4 off the over. Murtle in to Cosgrove, IOB pulls the next fat joke off.
Allenby scores the first six off Murtle. Damn. I reckon Glammy are a pretty angry bunch of guys now. Arghh and Cossy adds a boundary beating Warner.

17-0 after 2 overs. Collins into the attack. Cossy not taking any prisoners here. Suddenly I am not so sure anymore if I want him to make a ton in any circumstances. Nonetheless: Select Cosgrove.

About Cosgrove: "The only possibly slower fielder I can think of is Jabba the Hut", mails a listener. Oh well.

Bergy in, six. HELL. 37 for 0, Cossy has the rabies. Then top edges a slower Ice Lord to square leg, taken!!!!! Future skipper Dexter takes Cos off St. Berg!!! Saffa connection clicking here!! Holy, holy, all of them! Just holy! Keep going boys!

39-1, Murtagh back in. Warner almost takes a ripper, that would have been a wicket, Allenby dangerman.

Bergy on. A four by Allenby brings up the 50 for Glamorgan in the 6th over. Allenby adds another one.

Dexter on, starts with a slower ball and... bowls him! Allenby goes. 58-2 for Glamorgan. Awesome. A couple of balls later another slower ball and power hitter Maynard gets stumped! 60-3 after the 7th over.

Tom Smith in now, he replaces Robbie Williams today, spin from both ends. Dalrymple feels the pressure and hits it big, taken by Shah!!! 60-4. Massacre. Two new batsmen at the crease now. And guess who's back: good old Dex.

After a tidy over Smith enters the ring again. Glammy 68-4.... make that 5!!! Bowls him as Brown hits and misses! Not looking good for Glamorgan here. Now Smithy takes a few hits as he keeps going after wickets, Rees responds, 81-5 after the 10th over.

Fanfares!! The King is in the house! Glammy still in the race, just 2 wickets more down than Middlesex at that stage. And now they add a boundary to that score. You don't treat the King like that, he will bowl you!!! Wallace gets to smell Udalfist here! Glammy 6 down with more than 100 runs to get.

Dexter accompanies Udal, asking rate is nearly 14. Just one four though, Udal back in and.... bowls him!! Should be Rees going here, another capable batsman removed. Glammy 7 down for 101 in the 13th over. Happy that Udal is taking wickets. Smith to continue, then Udal back in for a very tidy over.

IOB criticises that Glam are not trying to win it from here but consider the match batting practice. Asking rate nearly 17.

And Smith bowls his final over. Another wicket maybe? Goddammit I just typed the question mark and Harris leaves the hall! Is there such a thing like a positive jinx? 121-8 at 15.2 ov.  Arghh and another one is taken by Tom Smith! Cosker goes! A 4-fer for the comeback kid!

122-9 and Udal back in! Can the King clean the mess up here....yes he can! 129 all out. Udal gets hugged in a well-deserved fashion.


Both Middlesex and Glamorgan have won 3 out of 5 matches, one cannot deny that the change at the top has turned Middlesex into a different team. Let's enjoy the moment and not think of Gilly's departure. Morgan will have become the Man Of The Match undisputedly, but what a fantastic team effort that was. Dalrymple is sure biting his arse over his decision to field first.


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