29 June 2010

The Saussies are coming!

Despite the mixed bag of news produced by Australian cricket at the moment there is one utterly positive trend emerging clearly: The Redback bites! Let us have a look at some of the recent Australian matches in which players from South Australia played a big role:

England v Australia 3rd ODI

Third loss in a row, loss of the series, two dead rubbers left. BUT! The injury-induced misery in the bowling department forced Cricket Australia to order Shaun Tait into the line-up, and once more he impressively demonstrated that he has matured into one of Australia's most accurate fast bowlers. Black flags everywhere as Shaun will never pick up long format duties again, but his figures of 3 utter sniperings at 2.80 after he had bowled the full quota of 10 overs speak a clear language. I hope that this performance, as well as his appearance in the two remaining matches, will open the door to the first string ODI line-up for him.


Australia A v Sri Lanka A
1st unofficial Test
2nd unofficial Test

Peter George aka The Georgeous:
1 for 24 at 2.66, 5 for 85 at 4.00 / 4 for 13 at 1.36, 1 for 47 at 2.76


Marylebone Cricket Club v Pakistanis

Redbacks newbie Aiden Blizzard (73) top scored for the Marylebone Cricket Club against the Pakistanis and survived 59 balls against the creme de la creme of Pakistani pace bowling, I can't determine whether he also faced a lot of spin but probably yes. Anyway, very well done!

Any high score of him is important in view of the Champions League T20, in which the Redbacks will utmost likely be without the services of their legionnaires Kieron Pollard and Shahid Afridi. The absence of Pollard, who will be free to chose between the Redbacks, Mumbai Indians, and Trinidad & Tobago (if the latter win the local T20 tournament in the Caribbean), is the most painful blow the Redbacks have to cope with. Pollard is in mindboggling form at the moment with both bat and ball and has won numerous battles for his current Friends Provident T20 team Somerset this season. In last year's CL T20 he posed a key figure in the fiery T&T line-up.

The more important is it for the Redbacks to sniff sufficient international air and get into competitive shape as comprehensively as possible. 
Jake Haberfield needs to bowl in the upcoming one-dayers against the Lankans, good luck Jake!
I hope Peter George and Shaun Tait will both be alive and kicking any butt when the tournament starts, they are bowlers that can win matches for their team.  
Aiden Blizzard, regarded as a T20 specialist, has also played in the Bangladesh T20 Cup this year and helped his team win the title. You can read more about this curious adventure here.
Dan Christian, who couldn't really unfold in the Australian T20 side, is currently missed badly by his Friends Provident T20 team Hampshire, where the services of the injured allrounder are highly appreciated.
Michael Klinger is worrying me a little, I hope that he can get his mojo back in time, and we still haven't heard anything about the progress of Callum Ferguson.

And before I forget to mention it:
The SACA will still bite their butts a million times over abandoning Mark Cosgrove.

Mustn't think of it. Getting ANGRY!!!! 

However, bla.



GreenJJ said...

Whatever happened to Callum Ferguson? Didn't he average about a million in the series against England, I've heard nothing of him since...?

half-tracker said...

Ferguson injured himself badly in that series and hasn't been seen since. I think it was his knee.

Hey Wes, DC's calf injury doesn't look too bad, and maybe he'll be back for the Glamorgan game on Thursday. If not then he'll be fine after that.

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

Hello Jay, he completely forked up his knee in the Champions Trophy last year when he was fielding. His knee got reconstructed and in May he should have taken up training again. He got named vice captain of the Redbacks around that time but that was the last time I've heard anything about him :(

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

Against Glammy! Too bad Tait won't be playing. That would be the Redback reunion of the century! I saw the last bit of Glam v Somerset. Wow Cossy is really VERY 3-dimensional. Not that it mattered.

half-tracker said...

I'm sorry but he really needs to lose some weight. It's getting too far, even for Cossie.

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

Yeah he looks like a cube (legs included!).
I feel really crap for saying this. Wish I could help him. It's so easy if you don't insist on the worst junk :(

half-tracker said...

I reckon Stevie Smith could go the same way if he isn't careful! ;)

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

Haha yes he is on the "milk and cookies" side, but he is the new Shane Warne, Cricket Australia will mercilessly whip him into form if needed.

half-tracker said...

Form yes, shape no.

sunny said...

Hi Wes!
Sorry my first comment here is only shameless self-promotion, but I started my blog today!
See the url in my Google account, and do comment! (Okay, forgive me first that I didn't). :)