14 June 2010

That sounds like a good plan!

Huzzah!!! Finally Australia are playing again, the Silly Island Summer gets kick-started on Thursday with an ODI against the forehead-finger-wiggle-guys, I'm hopeful that this time Oz won't stumble to a warm-up defeat like they did against ZIM in the WT20 warm-ups.

After that a mixed bag of Aussies will take on the Middlesex boys, wish I could be there, good luck to both teams, Middlesex should use the chance to show some of their class on this occasion, and on a side note, they will be captained by the obviously rather mighty Adam Gilchrist (can you sense that victory will silence all grumbles haha)

The A-Team chucks an entire Hilfenhaus at the Lankans, chuck well boys and all the best for swinging 'haus, so nice to know he is up and running again. I hope he gets fit in time for the Ashes, fingers crossed!

Australia's ODI campaign against England is pure gold if you check out the line-ups. Due to Haddin's injury we'll get a full dose of Timmy, Legsmith is in the squad, Ritz will hopefully get a couple of matches, the "Cam & Muss Show" is to resume and the English side doesn't look that bad either (barring Strauss that is). No Finny yet but he must nicely go to the gym and tumble over when visiting the the dugout during Middlesex' T20 matches :)

Ah yes, those. Tomorrow: Glamorgan. Ewww. That's gonna be a tough bit of leather to bite. Glammy are one of the top teams in the competition, they may have lost the last match but they have The Cosgrove... and some other pretty ok players. Of course I want Cos to score a century, no matter what the circumstances; no shame losing against him. He's a mighty frickn quickfire machine, who defeated Essex (feat Bopara, ten Doeschate, Foster, Styris) singlehandedly [scorecard] and must continue to make himself heard!

But the best match of all time takes place on Thursday, with Surrey in the role of the victim :P Surrey desperately need to win a match, and Middlesex need to beat Surrey just for the mere sake of it, if you understand what I mean. On the other hand I do not want to see Rory's neck in the noose. Conflicting interests here but in dubio pro Middx.

Anyway, here is the Cricinfo page about the Eng-Oz summer, where you can look up the squads, results and stuff, and here you can read the tripe I wrote about Australia's island summer when the squad lists were out. You can click my awesome fixtures site for an overview of all matches (international and domestic) taking place on Silly Island soil this summer.

A bit much cricket especially with the footy going on but hey, too much is better than too little.


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half-tracker said...

The Aussies playing cricket that isn't 20/20!!! Hurray!!!