28 July 2010

Cosgrove round-up - No pun intended

People have been approaching me in a congratulating and shoulder-patting manner because Mark Cosgrove made his third CC ton of the season a couple of days ago in the match against Leicestershire. I would hereby like to point out that all admiration should be directed at Cos, not me.

Cossy's current rankings in the tables of runscorers

FPT20: Despite Glamorgan not making it out of their group, Cos is the second best runscorer of the tournament to date, surpassed only by Jimmy Adams... who else, ts ts ts:

In the County Championship Division 2 the invincible stupid Ramps is blocking the throne probably until someone removes him by the use of violence. Cossy has racked up 644 runs from 9 matches at a healthy average of 49.53; some other specialist batsmen, who shall remain anonymous now, would sell their grandmothers for such figures. I would also like to mention Gareth Berg's 589 at 45.30. Indefinitely fabulicious.

Last but not least, here's the CB40 table. Cossy averages over 58 and his high strike rate often helps Morgannwg to kick off their innings with a proper caning. Once again he is the best Glamorgan batsman, and it was a bit surprising to see how many stars he has left behind him in the table. Yorkshire's Jacques Rudolph is balancing on the thin line between genius and madness, though.

Let's summarise: Cossy is the best Glamorgan batsman in all formats. Cossy is one of the most valuable batsmen in the entire county cricket circus. Cossy should get selected. Here's my Cosgrove tribute video, just in case you haven't seen it yet.

And now go forth, my envoys, and spread the the word.



greyblazer said...

How can the fatty score so many runs lol

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

That usually happens if the concerning player is a good cricketer; I might be wrong though, maybe he has just manipulated the stats.

half-tracker said...

Those stats aren't manipulated, especially not the 20/20 ones.

Eye Jay said...

Another superb ton today at Cheltenham:


Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

Eye Jay thank you very much for the video, I've tweeted it! This ton should give his CC ranking another proper boost, need to check out the table!

Eye Jay said...

Cheers Wes, The Steel Daffodil's been updated with my pics from Glos v Glam @ Cheltenham.