13 July 2010

Fistwielding Day For German Cricket!!!

ICC European Division 2 Championship 2010
(Details, a picture of the German kit and some excited blabla about this tournament can be found in this post)

Cricket Germany has also posted some pics of the team and staff after their arrival in Guernsey.

Day 1 

Germany beat France by 5 runs in an absolute nervewrecker of a lowest-possible-scoring match, I am currently jumping around as if I wasn't quite right in the head! What a fantastic effort!!! Whoooobloodyhoooo!!! God it makes me so stupidly happy, feels better than any victories by the German football team in the World Cup. Hell I wish there was footage or anything, hopefully someone uploads a couple of pics. This is unbelievable, France are listed above us in the ODI table and I would say they are one of the tougher opponents. And, of course, they are France! Arghhh!!!

Skipper Eggleston won the toss and decided to bat first, for a fair while I kept thinking about what factors might have tipped his decision towards batting on a cloudy day in a Channel island, but it became clear after a while that the pitch must have been hell for the batsmen and maybe you wouldn't want to expose yourself to the pressure of chasing.

Germany lost early wickets and getting runs was obviously a bloody tough job, 106-5 after 36 overs, I think that says all. I thought it must be some error on the scorecard or so. Unbelievable. 118-5 after 40 ov., 155-7 after 45.

Although they managed not to get all out they couldn't get beyond a medium-goodish T20 score though, 172-9 with top scores of Farooq Ahmed (40), who tried to hold the fort as long as possible, and vice captain Asif Khan (39). Pick of the bowlers on the French end of things: U Khan with 3-26.

The French innings started utterly scratchy with a top order collapse, France were reeling at 25-3 after 8 overs, recovered to 49-3 after 14, and in the next 5 overs they managed to score just 8 runs! 57-3 after 19 ov.

France lost two more wickets on their way to the hundred, 75-4 after 25 ov. and 82-5 after 28.

Germans edging closer to victory, Farooq Ahmed the guy in the middle  (c) ICC/CricketEurope
At 100-5 after 33 overs things began to look increasingly bah. The German total should prove chaseable from that point on and my fingernails suffered heavy losses. A Ayyavooraju 42* kept the French innings together and seemed to be a major nuisance to our bowlers, but they kept taking wickets, 118-6 after 38.

125-7 after 40 ov, Ayya on 53*, asking rate about 5. Doesn't seem too high but on that pitch it could still be a tad too much if you have tailenders hanging around with you.

143-9 after 43, this should have been the breakthrough wicket, Ayya finally gone!! 63 for France's top scorer! The last wicket partnership needed to provide 30 runs, I was near fainting over here. Tailender fights can be so nasty and the scorecard refreshes only every few overs. The French score kept climbing and that last wicket just wouldn't come, must have been immense pressure on both sides.  France progressed to 159-9 after 46, the words I was spewing forth at that time are not repeatable here. 165-9 after 48, only 8 runs needed from the last two overs and France had already put one foot across the finishing line. I was staring at the scorecard with absolute madness now, and then it refreshes and.....

OUT!!!!!!! France all out for 167 arghhhh coq au vin my friends!!!

BLISS!!! (c) ICC/CricketEurope
Germany win by 5 runs, photo-finish!!!

I am still grinning like a happy monkey, can't believe it.

Germany had also won the friendly against Coventry U19 on the weekend by a respectable 50 runs, well done, according to this wonderfully detailed match report (in English) by the Chairman of Cricket Germany, Dr. Brian Fell, the team had to get adjusted to the grass pitch first but won comfortably in the end. Farooq playing a key role again.

But back to the Championship, in the other two matches played today the hosts Guernsey completely thrashed Gibraltar, the Gibs didn't even manage to muster half of the runs Guernsey had racked up in the first innings. Here you can find a nice gallery, Gibraltar in lovely red and black. In the second game Norway beat Israel in a nailbiter similar to the Germany-France match, that certainly keeps things interesting! The gallery is up, Israel in light blue.

Germany are facing Gibraltar tomorrow, it would be utterly nice to start off with two consecutive wins, good luck, boys!

Found more info:
Pick of the bowlers: Farooq Ahmed as well, with 3 for 40 [official scorecard]
Obviously the scores would have been even lower if both teams hadn't leaked that many extras. Oh boy!
The match report mentions that wild celebrations broke out among the Germans after the last French batsman had been run out! [match report] [match report by Cricket Germany in English]



shortthirdman said...

Nice. How did you follow the German match?

Mudassar @ CricketVibe said...

@shortthirdman, it is Wes who can drag every corner of internet to get stuff related to cricket, don't worry.

@Wes, that is great start, best of luck.

PS: Can I come and play for German team ;)

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

Hello STM, as mentioned in the text there was a scorecard. The conditions etc, that's all guessed, still waiting for the official match report.

Maddy you can try haha.

I have added the link to the Israel-Norway gallery.

shortthirdman said...

Yeah, but what website?

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

Look here

shortthirdman said...

They probably got a load of hits by you clicking on refresh all the time.

Going by today's games, it should be an easy win for Germany tomorrow.

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

No the website auto-refreshed :P

Gonna add scorecard and official match report now.

Shridhar Jaju said...

Hoping for a few more German wins...
Keep going, Wes!

Anonymous said...

Now I don't feel so stupid. You basically just described my evening yesterday. Nice to know I wasn't the only one staring at the monitor. Of course most of the time I was to impatient for the auto refresh.
Hope our top order can make some runs today, and that the macth is with live commentary.


Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

Thank you Sridhar, the next match is taking place at the moment.

Hello Schatzmeister, and I thought I was the only one! It's gonna be hard against Guernsey, Norway and Israel but I am confident that we have a chance! Today's match has no comment either :(

Added some pics and the gallery! Have a look, beautiful :D

Rahul said...

Always good to see cricket and fans spreading. Loved the post, loved your excitement.
And of course loved the pics, and resources.


Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

Thank you Rahul, utterly kind :)

Purna said...

France plays cricket? Maybe the should ask Zidane to join them too. He is retired after all.

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

France as well as Germany play just one level below Netherlands/Ireland, i.e. Euro Division 2... Much funnier is it that ITALY (yes!!) play in Div 1... @_@