9 July 2010

► Germany's First One-Day Kit

Germany has a coloured kit now, and hell, when I saw it last night I had to wipe a tear! How stunningly beautiful!! The ICC decided that in this year's European Division 2 Championship the teams should wear coloured kits, and this is what Germany came up with:

If Germany win this tournament they will get promoted to European Division 1, and you guys will already have guessed what that means... da big boyz! Woooooot! Well okay we pretty much sucked the last time, but the years before were quite successful and it earned us a place in World Division 5 alongside Afghanistan, Nepal, USA etc in 2008. According to the pretty up-to-date Wiki page Germany is ranked 37th in the world, although the official one day table (pdf) says something different, and 11th in Europe, not the king of kings, but quite ok. The ICC has really done a lot in the past years to build up some decent structures in the third cricket world, they created a useful league system and intertwining with the World Divisions.

Before the tournament starts the German team will play a warm-up in Birmingham, the home of Black Sabbath (sorry that's just the first thing that comes to my mind about that city :)), against the Coventry U19 team.

ICC European Division 2 Championship 2010, Guernsey, 13‐19 July 

Participating teams: France, Germany, Gibraltar, Guernsey, Israel, Norway. Most of these countries are ahead of us in the one day rankings, so this will be a tough tournament for our team.

The German squad:

James Michael Eggleston Captain, allrounder, right-hand bat, right-arm medium
Mohammad Asif Khan Vice-Captain, born 29th March 1976, India, batsman, right-hand bat, off-break
M Milan Kumar Fernando born 8th December 1971, Sri Lanka, batsman, part-time bowler, left-hand bat, right-arm medium
Farooq Ahmed born 3rd January 1974, allrounder, left-hand bat, slow left-arm orthodox
Javed Rana Iqbal born 25th December 1974, Pakistan, bowler, right-hand bat
Satyanarayana (Satya) Srinivas born 21st June 1979, wicket-keeper batsman
Shafraz Samsudeen: prototype of the happy German cricketer ;)  (c) DCB
Mian Ehsan Latif born 8th May 1985, Pakistan (Wiki says Germany), bowler, right-hand bat, left-arm medium-fast
Kashif Haider born 1st August 1978, bowler, right-hand bat, leg-break
Rishi Pillai, allrounder, right-hand bat, right-arm medium
Shakeel Hassan, right-hand bat, off-break
André Leslie batsman
Tarun Rawat born 24th April 1988, batsman
Khalid Butt allrounder, right-hand bat, right-arm medium,
Shafraz Tuan Puthra Samsudeen born 20th May 1990, Germany, allrounder
Keith Thompson Coach

(Disclaimer: can't guarantee the accuracy of these data, info was scraped together from Cricket Archive, Deutscher Cricket Bund, and guessed from a number of scorecards)

I hope there will be some more detailed info available soon, along with some pictures. Anyway I am pressing my thumbs for the boys, hopefully everything goes well, this is a pretty exciting journey and could turn out as a very important year for German cricket!



shortthirdman said...

Good, informative piece. Though a German team isn't complete without someone being called "Schweinsteiger", you can't get more German than yet.

greyblazer said...

Is there any chance of more German players playing?

Anyway my article on Murali lol

Click Here for http://greyblazerr.blogspot.com/2010/07/tribute-to-murali.html

Shridhar Jaju said...

Hey Wes, I wish to see Germany do well and a lot more posts on German cricket's future success from you on PFCNFS... And yes, the red and yellow is quite striking indeed...

sunny said...

Woah, now that's some news, Wes!
But why is the team clustered with Stanis; why don't you try to get a place in the squad?
The kit might be used for Belgium as well, which is good news for me. But the idiots didn't make it!
Best of luck to the Germans then, and luckily there is no Hitler this time around to finish them...or is that a myth?

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

Something general, even though most of you are Europeans as well there seems to be a common misconception about the German society in the year 2010: we are an immigration country just like any other one in Europe. We have our very own Boparas, Panesars, Shahzads, and Kieswetters (the former captain is a Saffa). Without these immigrants, who brought the enthusiasm for the game with them from former colonies, we wouldn't be playing cricket on such a scale. Hence no Schweinsteigers, Hitlers, Goebbels or Himmlers. Native Germans will join the sport step by step, but if you only start to play cricket because your Sri-Lankan mate at University introduces you to it then you won't have a lot of chances to make it into the national side. If Germans start to grow up with it, which isn't unlikely in times of migration, internet, globalisation, then I am sure we will see more German names in the squad, but that also depends on the parallel development of local structures like anywhere else.

Thank you for the good wishes,


Ian said...

That's interesting Wes. Nice write-up. The majority of the players aren't German though I noticed (as in origins, notably Asian), but it's good to see your own team making some good strides and the representative players. Quite a cool uniform. Reminds of Zimbabwe's uniform in the mid 90s.

Ian said...

Yeah, it's not exactly a popular sport in Germany so hence your reply to Sunny. Ok, I kind of understand.

Lou said...

Lovely kit there.

sunny said...

Aww, I hope I didn't offend you Wes. I understand that many players of European cricket teams aren't really nationals, same case with the Belgian team, and it will naturally take some time before they embrace the game. And as you said, it's a good thing the development is at least starting.
Even the English team, which is one of cricket's top teams has hardly ever been without players who aren't really English.

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

Hello Ian and Lou, thank you!
Yes Ian, now that you point it out, it has quite an African feel about it. Cool :)

Hey Sunny it's alright ;) The Belgians actually invented cricket, didn't they? I seem to remember something like that.

sunny said...

Genuine reports seem to tell they did, but it seems the Brits are making an effort to hide this fact. :P
But goh, this fact makes me feel esteemed. :D
I should be starting a campaign to promote the real story.

Dean @ Cricket Betting Blog said...

Hi Wes, when is the game against Coventry?

Is the team Germany are playing called Coventry & North Warwickshire?

Don't know of a team just called Coventry (and I'm from Coventry), although that could be down to my ignorance.


Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

Hello sunny, good idea, spread the word ;)

Hello Dean, unfortunately the official homepage wouldn't say, but please look here, the match obviously takes places tomorrow (Sunday 11th July), against the Coventry under 19s:

Coventry U19 v Germany 1st XI friendly

If you happen to be around, it would be utterly awesome if you could take some photos :)

Thank you for visiting the blog,


Rahul said...

Great piece and I have to say, that has to be the best jersey I've ever seen.

And was pretty much looking out for that list of 104 countries; was confused when I first read the fact at Wiki that 104 teams actually participated to qualify into CWC.

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

Thank you Rahul, very kind! Yeah the ICC hid that list well, as if they were a little bit embarrassed of it haha.

Shaen said...

Very interesting all round. I enjoy very much the growth of new cricket interest in many nations.
Btw, cricket started everywhere bar England in the way it is starting in Germany. Expats getting together to hurt their backs on Sunday and stock up on booze stories for the week. Then it gets a little more serious and ...well, you know how it goes.
Is Germany home ground for you Wes, I was unaware. Where do you call home these days if you don't mind my sticky nose?
I liked the German kit too, a bit lairy and loud, just the thing!
I'm feeling just now I should take more interest in the European cricket teams.
Maybe pick a favourite I can be one eyed about.

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

Hello Shaen, nice to see you. Yes I am a German located in Germany, if you want to know more scroll down to the footer of the blog, there you will find a large hint at my home town :)
Funny that you find the colours of our flag "lairy" but yes they are not too decent, that's true hehe. I like how they worked them into a nice line and shape. They obviously tried to minimise the black bits and just use them to create some shapes, and to put the happy colours a bit more in the foreground, well it's just nice for limited overs cricket. Yeah but if you think about it, technically, yellow and red are both alarm colours, and black is the harshest contrast you can imagine... You gave me something to think about! ;)


Italy are in Division 1 as well, who'd have thought it, I nearly fell off the chair.

Dean @ Cricket Betting Blog said...

Hi Wes,

Sorry, but I can't make it to that game, mixture of baby sitting and doing a (very rare) Coventry BBQ, I know it's laughable.

Had a look at the link, the website hasn't a massive amount of information on it. But from what I can work out, the under 19 team is made up of all the local Coventry teams.

Some of the players look to be playing at a level where they would probably be on the radar of Warwickshire CCC.


Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

Hello Dean, yeah it would probably not be child's play... and now I don't dare to look up the result :/ Silly haha.

Mudassar @ CricketVibe said...

well, nice to see so many people excited and talking about German team, I from day 1 believe if they gradually made it up to higher level they will be an exciting team as they are in soccer and hockey etc.

I didn't comment earlier as i felt i didn't have enough info to do so but hey does it matter, let just hope to see another Afghanistan in the making.

And native players are always the backbone of the team as they will bring the real sense of patriotism and pride but it will take time as Wes said.

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

Hello Maddy, I don't have much info either but nevertheless a bit of campaigning can't do any harm :P Tomorrow the tournament starts, fingers crossed!