11 July 2010

Gloucsed again!!!!!!

Middlesex v Gloucestershire (FP T20)

Highlights when up

Not bloody Gloucs again :/ Middlesex probably need to win all of the remaining three matches and now we are facing the nemesis once more. I am not sure if the boys have already managed to lift their spirits after yesterday's sub par performance against Hants. IOB's return has been looming for a week now and the attack could really need some strengthening, although it was not the fast bowling department that had to take the blame last night, Murts and Pedro did ok I think. Anyway I dread today's proceedings a little, we shall see.

Alright 20 min until it starts, Hand announces:

Finn, O'Brien and Thompson come in for the Gloucestershire match.
That is what I call a beef-up!!! That's gonna be a corker!!!!!
No Berg, no Murtagh, no Newman. I expect some steam here. Ice Lord probably with a niggle. Thompson for Newman, thank fred! Two muchly needed fast bowlers in exchange for our dear Murts and St Berg, well I guess he needs some more rest.

I think we have a chance here, amirite? :D
Hand not online yet, listening to Gloucs. Hand on and off all the time. Pitch totally dried and burnt, if I understand that right.

Middlesex won the toss and bat first.

[1st innings]

1) Ireland. Four, Jacko, 5-0
2) Kirby, c&b Warner!! Oh Davo.... :( Hand on now. Owais in. FOUR. 11-1
3) Gemaal Hussain on. Four, JT. And another one. 21-1. Thompson really a boost, also the last time he played.
4) Ireland. LBW appeal against Owais, umpire unmoved. NOOO Thompson out. Caught by Kirby. Should've kept my gob shut. 22-2. Malan in. Need him to score today dammit. FOUR Owais :D "blasts him away" and HUGE shot, SIX, hammers him over midwicket. 32-2
Great innings by Dawid Malan, need more of that. (c) Getty Images
5) Hussain, Malan off the mark. FOUR, by Owais. 39-2
6) Kirby continues. Malan FOUR. And also turns a slower one into a FOUR. 50 up. 50-2
7) Franklin. Shah with a lovely shot, FOUR. He is on 25 now. Free hit but Malan can't make a lot of it, 61-2
8) Dawson in. Shah out!! Caught Hussain. Shah gone for 27. Okay. Crap. In the background the Gloucs comment barks "outstanding catch!!!" Dexter in. Captain's knock!! 64-3
9) Redmond in to spin some Kiwi Test Leg. SIX, Dexter. Utmost necessary. FOUR. 77-3
10) Dawson. SIX Dexter, shot similar to the wicket of Owais but enough on it to get it over the rope. 86-3
11) Franklin. Some good running. 92-3 Dex 23*, Malan 22*
12) Dawson. FOUR to Malan off a misfielded reverse sweep. 100 up. Hand thinks score can be doubled unless something goes dramatically wrong. Hmm not sure, not that much batting depth today because of a serious lack of Berg, and Shah out = ungood. 102-3
13) Franklin. Edge, FOUR. Malan past the keeper. SIX Malan towards the pavilion. I won't say anything this time. Replacement ball needed. 117-3
14) Redmond. Dexter FOUR over the fielder at extra cover, not a lot of power, just timing. OUT to the road hits Malan the ball (does that make sense), SIX :P Box of balls comes in! 129-3
15) Dawson. FOUR Malan, that's the 50 for him! 138-3
16) Kirby, Malan hits him out the ground once more, new ball comes in. Dexter (38) caught at long-on by Porterfield, Newman (today's waiter) brings gulpies for Dawid Malan. Henderson enters. Careful now. 147-4
17) Ireland returns. Low full toss smashed away by Malan, SIX. He is on 67 now. After a couple more runs Hand takes the word "century" in the mouth, I am pulling my face long. 158-4.
18) Hussain. SIX Malan. Biting my tongue off. Must. Not. Jinx. VERY high shot, Hand worried, but it's so high that it indeed "had the legs", but drops inside the ground. FOUR by Henderson, punishes a low full toss. Malan on 82, 177-4
19) Ireland back on. Arghhh Marshall at long-on picks Henderson up off a badly timed shot, with a diving catch. 179-5. Ben Scott comes out. WOOOT come on Scotto! 182-5
20) Kirby bowls the last one. Scott run out, obviously sacrificed himself for the charging Malan. Tom Smith in. Bowled! Kirby kills The Man. Bahhh. 86 for Dawid, what a pity. IOB in on strike. Almost another run-out. Single, Smith on strike for the last ball. Only get one, Smith run out. 185-8

Total 185-8

[innings break]

Meh. Great innings from Dawid Malan, good starts from Dexter and Shah but generally one has to say there could have been a bit more in it. The bloodshed in the last two overs could be the deciding factor, but I have faith in the bowlers, who will sure bowl like the hooved one was behind them. Worrying oompa music in the background.

[2nd innings]

1) Alright! Finny! Redmond and Porterfield opening for Gloucestershire. FOUR for Redmond, beautiful shot. Porterfield hooks a short one for FOUR. "Probably wasn't the cleverest delivery from Finn". Well well. SIX Porterfield. Oh-oh :/ 15-0
2) Collins in. FOUR cut away through point, Redmond. SIX into the midwicket trees, Porterfield. 27-0
3) Steven Finn back despite IOB asking to get involved now. FOUR for the Irishman over short fine leg. Fuller one on the pads, appeal not given. Lofted over midwicket, FOUR. The Irish captain again. Dexter, IOB, Finn chatting. Three from the next ball. FOUR to Redmond. And the over is still not over. Dot ball ends the over, 42-0. Carnage.

This :(      Just in pink  (c) Getty Images

4) Pedro back. FOUR as Porterfield paddlesweeps him around the corner. 52-0
5) Henderson. SIX over square leg by Porterfield. FOUR hit back over Henderson's head by I think Porterfield. 65-0
6) O'Brien in. Nearly gets him. Dot ball is a no ball. Free hit. FOUR blockhole delivery, leading edge over backward point (JT). Porterfield running amok here. FOUR off the last one. Middlesex were 50-2 while Gloucs are 78-0
7) Skipper on. BOWLED! Redmond out! Goes for 20. Now please would it possible to pick up Porterfield. Please! Hamish Marshall in. Just four runs off the over, 82-1
8) Tommo the Leftsmith comes on. I have the feeling he might strike. Quite tidy, Henderson fumbles a little, then Warner. 90-1 Middlesex had just 64 on the board at that stage.
9) Skipper back on. WICKET! Marshall caught behind. 90-2, Porterfield still twitching though. James Franklin in. FOUR as Finn can't cut it off. 99-2
10) Smith comes on. Porterfield (64) OUT! Run-out at the non-striker's end as Franklin hits it back, deflects off the hand of Smith and hits the stumps. This is about the 500th time this happens in this tournament, and that's only counting those occasions which I have witnessed. Chris Taylor comes in, 100 up. 102-3
11) Dexter back on. Two wides in a row. FOUR off the last ball. Grrr. 111-3
12) Smith. SIX. Finn at the boundary rope but Franklin clears it. Next ball SIX more! Gloucs comment getting excited again in the background, praising Franklin's power. 128-3
13) Dexter returns. Pedro stops one, Dexter applauds. Haha. Now I feel guilty :( 135-3
14) IOB. Franklin on strike, Kiwi Klash. Has pulled the field in, five inside the circle. But there is a boundary. And Taylor drives him for four more. 42 to win. 145-3
15) Henderson. Wondering why Malan isn't getting a go, while Hand notices that JT is warming up. FOUR off the last ball. 152-3
16) Jackson Thompson indeed in to bowl. I am grinning like a retard. That's really interesting now. Off-break. Pedro hits the stumps! Not a run-out but what's with his fielding today! Impressive. Middlesex already looking flat again in the field according to Hand. FOUR, crap. 160-3 OUT! Taylor out caught Dexter and JT has a wicket. Well that's sort of cool. Gidman in.
17) Henderson comes back. Go Henno, take a scalp darnit! Clipped to midwicket, nearly a four but Finny saves.165-4
18) Pedro on! WIDE. HMMGRR. FOUR through square leg. BEAMER, no ball, not a free hit. 177-4 Exactly the same score that Middlesex had at that stage but clatter highly unlikely. 177-4
19) Henderson. Twos and singles. 184-4
20) IOB needs to defend two runs now, calls everybody up. To Franklin. Dropped at extracover, brilliant one-handed effort by the chieftain, dot ball. FOUR over backward point.

Gloucestershire win by 5 wickets with 4 balls to spare.

Middlesex need two big fat victories now, the first one obviously from the Hants match at the Rose Bowl. Hants steamrolling the opposition currently. Middlesex will have to see what the plan is for the Pants. The comeback kids Finn and IOB got hammered in their first overs, Gloucs took the match away mainly with Porterfield's brutal assault of 64 and Franklin adding a muscular 51, Redmond and Taylor playing vital partner roles. Ireland, Kirby and Dawson strangled the Middlesex batsmen well, Kirby being the pick with 3 for 29 off 4 overs. Dawid Malan's (86) wonderful effort shall not remain unmentioned, though. Skipper Neil Dexter bowled best for Middlesex with 2 for 29 off 4 overs. Happy for Jackson Thompson, picked up a wicket in his one ok over. Henderson bowled economically as well but Middlesex would have needed him to take a wicket.

Well I had thought M'sex would be a little luckier here but will spare myself any speculations now.


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