19 July 2010

Israel make short work of the Germans

ICC European Division 2 Championship 2010

Day 5 (final day)

Egg and Hersch after the toss (c) ICC/CricketEurope
Germany v Israel

Guernsey v Norway

Gibraltar v France

Today the German team took a really bad thrashing. The side Israel fielded proved too strong for us in both aspects, bowling and batting. Israel won the toss and batted first. At the beginning everything went as expected, Ehsan Latif sliced through the batsmen, and Israel found themselves looking for an anchor at 51-4 after 14 overs. 

Ehsan was, by the way, completely insane again, he took 3 for 27 at 2.70, thereby also removing dangerman Eshkol Solomon.

Ehsan flies in  (c) ICC/CricketEurope
But from this point on the match slipped out of our hands. The Israel skipper Herschel Gutman took roots at the crease and was accompanied by a sufficient number of capable batsmen, I would especially like to point out the young leggie Josh Evans again, who seems to be walking proof for my theory that rookie leggies have a knack of batting... and are prone to getting run out hehe.  I'm really happy for the dude and I hope he gets picked up by someone. 

However, our slower bowlers ran against a force field and were unable to remove Gutman, whose captain's  knock of 73 took Israel to a crushing total of 222, and when Gutman finally departed and Rishi Pillai cleaned up the tail it was all too late.

One has to mention here that Germany bestowed 30 (!) freebies upon the Israelis, some of them came after Satya went out with a suspected hamstring injury after half of the first innings. That was a major shock to be honest, because now Germany would not only have to field a stand-in keeper, but probably also miss an important batsman; a demoralising circumstance in view of the monstrous target.

Our run chase began with a disaster, Eggleston, Pillai and Fernando were out before Germany had reached double figures... in the 6th over! Israel were choking us right from the start and the batsmen succumbed to the pressure. Rawat (54) and Leslie (39) tried to get a foot in the door and not to lose their wickets, but it also meant that they ground their way through the innings slowly, too slowly. However, they got a partnership going and with a bit of T20 pepper in the second half of the innings the chase would still have been manageable.

Israel were superior in all aspects   (c) ICC/CricketEurope
Unfortunately both went out way before the task was accomplished and the hopes of turning the match around vanished more with every dot ball bowled. Israel's bowling figures look really pretty, skipper Gutman lead from the front with 4 scalps at 3.30, followed by Josh Evans with 2 at 3.30 as well. Generally the Israelis bowled very tidily and didn't leave us the ghost of a chance, Israel won deservedly by 56 runs.

In the other two matches played France destroyed Gibraltar by 143 runs and Norway lost to Guernsey by 109 runs. None of these results come unexpected, and neither are there any big surprises among the names of the most valuable players, 'Ayya' and Frith ring a bell, yes? ;) Frith made a ton by the way, the man is a machine.

We are lucky that we beat France, our competitors for runners up, in the direct encounter, and so we finish second in the table and travel to Kuwait for the WCL 8. Nice :)
Guernsey remain unbeaten and lift the trophy, while Gibraltar could not celebrate a single victory and are pretty much doomed now. 

Thanks to everyone who popped in to check the progress of the German team, that's the end of my blogs about this year's ICC European Division 2 Championship, I'll keep you posted if there are any important news from the German camp,

Thanks and cheers,

BTW I have saved the ball-by-ball commentary of the Germany-Israel match, should there be any interest just drop me a line.


Freehit said...

Nice to see atleast somebody following ICC WCL.:)

greyblazer said...

Congrats to Germany for their progress to WCL 8!

Anyway I re-posted the article on one of my all time favourite players Afghan Mark Waugh. Just have a glance at it lol.

Lou said...

The Germans should get bonus points for their outfits.

Purna said...

Is his name really Herschell Gutman? I object to anyone else being called by that name.

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

Freehit, that's just the European version, but I hope Germany will walk through the WCL stages of course ;)

GB, I guess the team is very happy and relieved, I didn't know though that we were already qualified before the last match due to our win over France.

Lou, you name it haha.

Pu, no worries, he is spelt with just one L... Herschel (the Germanish-sort-of spelling, if you will), and he's one mighty good cricketer! He bats well, bowls well and coaches the team, he is the Israeli Daniel Vettori :D

Shridhar Jaju said...

Its somehow funny, but because of you Wes, I have started supporting Germany on your blogs almost as my second team.

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

Haha that's nice Shridhar, Germany will be back in November when they are playing in the WCL 8 in Kuwait, I will hopefully be able to cover it, but it might be a little bit more difficult...