2 July 2010

Jimfried The Dragonslayer

Hampshire v Glamorgan (FP T20)

Hants decide to bat. Restless feet in expectation of Jimmy Adams magic. Mark Cosgrove gets an extra special portrait at the beginning as being the dangerman. Lumb gets a mention because he couldn't really get going yet. Dan Christian is NOT playing.

Cos means business  (c) Getty Images

[1st innings]

Croft opens the bowling for Glamorgan. The bowlers restrict Hants well until Jimmy Adams makes the first boundary from the last ball of the second over. 12-0 then. He strikes another two in the third over, lusty strokes really. This is the Jimmy magic I reckon. 22 after three overs, Lumb on strike. Pleasant music at the ground also. In the fourth over Lumb skies one, I am holding my hand before my mouth, but it falls safely in sufficient distance to the fielders. Jimmy is clearly the active one of the two, after a few quiet balls Oddums gets the first maximum for Hampshire off Waters, which obviously isn't one as the fielder signalises in excited manner. Lumb skies another one to Rees at long-on and is out by Waters, 21-1 after five overs. Glamorgan have played a different bowler each over. Adams gets to 29 from 19 as he resumes with a boundary, driven hantsomely :P Appeal after the last ball of the PP, but it pitched outside leg.

Jimmy Adams on dragon hunt  (c) Getty Images
End of the PP, Croft continues. The Glammy keeper misses a stumping. Didn't he have a similar shocker v Middlesex? Vince continues with a boundary. Cossy fields at midwicket. 47-1 after 7 overs, ok start by the Pants. Projected score 148.

In the 8th over a really bad misfield by Glammy at the boundary results in another four. Dalrymple bowling. The batsman (can't see who) squeezes an inside edge to the rope. Might have been Oddums, he has 6 ropes after 8 overs, it's 65-1 after 9 ov. JHKA is on 42 off 30 balls and Allenby comes on, he's a Waussie!

Shot by Vince in the 10th over, he is on 16, good running also, 75-1 after 10 overs. Jimmy keeps cruising, the next ball hits the rope again. And.... again. Jimmy has his half century, 51 from 34. He evokes the impression of being a flesh-and-blood version of Eoin Morgan. Somehow. That turnip inside the helmet and his way of scanning the field remind me a little.

James Vince is on 29* btw, 12 runs off that over, 97-1 after 12 ov. The 13th over starts with a boundary off Dalrymple, Jimmy keeps the pace up but hits the next one to Allenby at the boundary, but Allenby can't catch it. Another one over Croft's head. After a single Vince comes on strike and lifts it into the stands. 114-1 after 13 ov. Brown had been belted earlier as well, he has gone for 36 in his 3 overs.

14th over. JHKA shovels one to the border, and lifts the next one right over the keeper. Gets cut off though. At 13.5 Croft gets Vince (39), bowled. ZIM in. We learn that his toughest opponent is Shaun Tait. Fair enough. And his favourite band are the The Beer Pigs.

Dragon dead, hero (100*) alive  (c) Getty Images
123-2, Dalrymple brings himself on. Iddoms is on 69*, pardon, 73*, 77*, can't keep up, he is belting the Glammy skipper. 135 after 15, 14 runs from the next over as Sean Ervine chips in mightily. Still 4 overs left and Oddums looks like he wants to carry the bat here. It's the Slug Show for now, hard hitter. JHKA concludes the over with four runs. 163 with 3 overs remaining, he is on 88* now. CRAP Slug out for 20, hits it to the moon and as it comes back the keeper bags it, Waters the bowler. The non-ginger Macca comes in.

Everybody pleasuring themselves over Adams' looming ton, dammit stop jinxing him!!! Waters gets another one as the ball rolls towards the stumps and touches them just lightly but the bails come off, McKenzie out. 167-4 after 17.3 and Cork in. Adams on strike though, four! On 92* now. He has 2 overs left for his century and I am hating myself for anticipating the milestone. A single off the next one, JHKA on strike. Glammy have only 2 mins left for the over, not realising the urgency, pissing around with the field settings. Just a single. Ashling bowling. Single, J back on strike. Another single, J off strike on 95*, no, it's a bye. Glammy a mess now, 6 penalty runs, Cork dropped, overthrows. 186-4. Last ball of the 19th, Cork gets a bottom edge to the rope. 190-4. Ashling must be cursing his existence now. Adams on 94* as Cork gets run out, he sacrifices his wicket to keep J on strike. FOUR! Adams is on 99* now, strikes it over extra cover. OH MY. And gets the single!! Jimmy has a century off 60 balls, the first ever without a six, impressive, take a bow, Pants on 196 now. 198 with one ball left. Arghhh. Pothas on strike, reverses it, but just a single. 

199-5 for Hants, well well.

[innings break]

Greg Blewett keeps harping on Cos being the dangerman, who has a stiff task on the docket now. And again his lost Redbacks contract gets discussed. I missed the obligatory fat joke though but heard them laughing like goats.

[2nd innings]

Cossy's toughest opponent is the fitness trainer. He gets off the mark though. But on the way back a couple of balls later he would have been gone with a direct hit, but the fielder (Briggs) misses. Cork bowling really well, Glammy gained 4 from it. Chris Wood coming on, and dang, I am trapped in two minds. Cos belts one over backward square and then gets dropped by McKenzie! Glammy very twitchy here. The man is a mountain. Cos can't get going. Third over starts, Cork back on, he leaks a four but otherwise tightens the screws. The big man isn't happy, but Allenby concludes the over with a boundary. 23-0 after 3 overs. Inspired by Cos they are talking about fitness, what is whose stance on it, blabla.

Jones comes on. He looks like a broomstick compared to his target. Even his head looks thin because there is no hair on it. Nothing to score off, Allenby loses the nerves and chips it up, and Jimmy completes the murder. As if he didn't have enough blood on his hands already. After 4 leg byes Cos slips out going for the second, a huge cheer from the crowd. BSTRDS! 31-1 after 4 overs.

Cossy battled hard but left too soon  (c) Getty Images
Slug attacks. Six for Cos. "Not the most intelligent piece of bowling!" Another one!! 14 already from the over after 4 balls. I think Slug might get him out. Arghhh call me an oracle, he nearly got caught but it didn't carry. 44-1 after 5 overs. HELL Wood back on, Cos tries to muscle him away but Cork takes a corker!!! Diving, jumping, stretching forward. Wow. Cos out for 33, what a ripper! Cork is limping now though, landed on his knee when he was diving forward.

Dalrymple in. Wood's hair is atrocious. As if someone had undulated him with a blender. Can one sense that I have lost interest in the match haha. Ohhh Maynard is in. He is as dangerous as Cos, just quicker. Fantastic batter. Oh and as I am saying it a possible run out goes upstairs. Arghhhh out. A hammer of a throw by James Vince, can't estimate the distance but it's a direct hit from the outfield, stunning. I think Glammy are done. 53-3. 147 needed from 79 balls. ZIM is on the microphone. He hopes to get another go, wants to take a wicket. He wants to get them all out or restrict them for under 180. Danny Briggs comes on for the 8th over, bowls very well but gets a six for his last delivery.

Zim Ervine in, and gets his wish, cramping Dalrymple, who hits it up and is gone, keeper takes it. Gareth Rees in, 4 leg byes off Ervine. Then Lumb spills one, overruns it, that would have been the end of Wright. Dawson looks like 12. 10 runs and a wicket from Slug here. Briggs back on. He is nearly as awww as Josh Davey. I thought child labour was prohibited! We see a reverse sweep about which the connoisseur would have said that it wasn't quite low enough. 80-4, asking rate 12. They are 5 ahead of Hants but 3 wickets more down. Cork runs in with doom on his face, and he means doom! Lumb takes the catch this time, Ben Wright leaves for 13. David Brown in. 82-5.

Briggs back on, bowls him, Rees out as the ball passes below his butt and hits the middle stump. Wallace in. They are discussing the winter temperatures in Australia compared to England. Blewett trying to tell the European watchers that Australian winters are cold as well. "You can't hang out at the beach in your speedos all the time", is the reply. Oh well. I think the winters are perceived as cold as hardly anybody has a heating. You usually have to explain to an Aussie what a heating actually is. Boredom on the pitch even though Simon Jones is bowling. The air is out of that match, Glamorgan playing for the net run rate. Wood back on, has to smell a top edge for six. God he looks so unbelievably crap with that mutated space hair. But of course he gets his man, Brown out for 5, another skyer. Croft in. Blewett is chewing my ears off with his Michael Clarke accent... I would almost call it a dialect.

Ervine back on. The audience is entertaining themselves with boozed singing. The camera shows the dugout. Cossy is sad, he looks like the walking i.e. sitting sigh. A lone flip flop lies on the grass near the boundary. Wallace shows us a pretty reverse sweep. They need 85 from 28 balls. Briggs takes another one. Croft. Bowled him. Ashling is out as well, lbw Briggs in the same over, I missed that. Wallace still trying to grab what's in reach, batting very well here. Jones in, wants the last one. NO! I say bring Slug back on for that. Wallace clobbers Jones for six, he's having fun out there. Actually, if you look at it, Jimmy deserves to take the last one. Wood bowling. Cork is stupid. I want Adams to bowl an over. 126-9 after 17. I mean it's not as if Pants couldn't afford that. God I want to take the lawnmower and run it over Wood's head. Slug gets the last over. His secondary wish, restricting Glam for below 180, has long come true. Can he bowl them out now? Nope. 145-9. Over and out. Blewett thinks they miss Shaun Tait.

Jimmy gets a cheque over 250 Pounds, that's a joke isn't it :/ Alright, that was his second century in this season, something that has only been done once before, he did not score a single six, he carried the bat, and he has overtaken Prior as the leading run-scorer in the competition (YESSSS. I can't believe that Prior is actually scoring that many runs. Well if Kies was playing he'd be in front of him. Certainly.)


The match was satisfying to a large extent, but I wanted the Cos to hit out big here, didn't happen. He'll sure have another great innings when I'm not watching. Hats off to Jimmy Adams though. Croft is a poser. 


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