23 July 2010

Marcus Nought et al.

Pakistan v Australia

A yellow fate awaits
North: 36 runs from 4 innings and 6, albeit gloat-inducing, wickets against a line-up of paralysed Pakistani batting bunnies: won't save his arse. Told you 500 years ago, Oz could have given his replacement, aka White, some Test practice, or dare the Khawaja experiment, or even draft Yawn Marsh in. Wasted chance by stubborn donkey selectors.

Watson: 64 runs from 4 innings... and 11 wickets. Better than North in any aspect. NOT GOOD ENOUGH for the Ashes. Needs to find his opening mojo back.

Bolly: Not a lot, 4 wickets so far from 4 Tests. He'll play better when back in Oz. I hope in India he can surprise us like he did during the ODI tour.

Hilfenhaus: Slowly returning, 6 wickets by now. Lovely and adorable with the bat again, 42 runs, thus he could, under the current circumstances, bat as well at 6. Ah Hilf, you've been away for much too long.

Mitch: Ah fark off

Punter: Ditto. I just want him to go away.  98 runs from 4 innings, this includes one 66*, which means he scored 32 runs in 3 innings. Not enough for a guy of his experience and reputation. And his faulty brain will most likely cost Oz the 2nd Test. Furthermore the ICC should ban the pull shot until Punter retires from international cricket.

Clarke: 139, one more or less useful innings per Test.

Timmy Paine:  He is the man. Thanks to Haddin's injury he is getting the time he needs to settle in and get accustomed and find his feet. Constantly improving behind the stumps and a very helpful hand in the lower middle order. Just give him a couple more Tests....  98 runs for him as well, and getting better.

Steven Smith: 100 runs and a threefer for my blindly worshipped favourite kiddie legspinner. All campaigning, all bearing of unbelief, laughter and mockery, has been rewarded royally so far. No complaints. Absolutely deserves his spot, especially compared to the experienced folk around him. Love his unorthodox batting style, like shoving the middlefinger up the bowlers backside. Doesn't care about dancing The Nutcracker at the crease, just gets the bloody runs. Steamroll on, Smithy! The interesting question, which I avoid pondering, is: What's going to happen with Hauritz? He won't come back in the place of North, North will be substituted by a batsman. So once more it is Hauritz v Smith?

Hussey: 69. Ouch. One useful innings (56).

Katich: 187 runs, by far the leading run scorer, in the first Test 80 per innings, in the second Test Aamer's bunny. Doesn't mean anything, the Krab is irreplaceable up there at the top.

Absolutely desolate bowling situation, batting doesn't look a lot better, the former is imho, among other reasons, induced by the permanent line-up changes in the last months due to injury and change of format. Bollinger, Johnson, Harris, Tait, Nannes, McKay, Hazelwood, Hauritz, Smith, O'Keefe, as well as the allrounders Dussey and Hopes. Bizarrely Oz look shot whenever the T20 specialist Tait is not with the team. The batting should fire like it did last year on English soil, but it's only a mere shadow of itself.

I am too annoyed for more now. See you tomorrow,



shortthirdman said...

They could put Watson at 6 and put one of Khawaja, Jacques, Hughes or Rogers to open. North is too inconsistent.

Sidthegnomenator said...

Well, I don't call him Captain Kat for nothing!

But My Marcus ... noooooooooo! He will come good. Come on, chant it with me: he will come good, he will come good.

If I say it for long enough, it might have some effect - I'm coming up on about 6 months now, when do you think it will start working?

half-tracker said...

Can't believe you gave Mitch even that much attention to be honest. A firm line will need to be drawn under this test by the Aussies.

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

Hello Short, I support this idea (minus Hughes of course).

Sid... the only thing that will help him is if someone remote controls his limbs.

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

Hants, I think India will show the tendency for how Oz will fare in the Ashes. They can't kick half the team out. Although, of course, putting Georgy in for Mitch.... go away thoughts.

Lou said...

Has MItch played in this match? I haven't noticed.

Bolly keeps getting wickets when no-one cares anymore.

And what about Punter's shot to get out this morning? Wish I hadn't seen that. Or the replays.

So bloody 'What time is it? Someone get me a coffee, I'm not awake yet.'

North will probably have a really good season for the Warriors this year. He'll be so relieved to not be embarrassing himself in international cricket anymore.

Dean @ Cricket Betting Blog said...

Hi Wes,

Think you may well be right about North.

Always thought that Watson would be better suited at six, but would the selectors put him there now, would look like he is being demoted if they did.

One player who needs a good tour in India is Bollinger, it would be fair to say that he hasn't done himself any favours in this series.

Not sure when Ryan Harris is going to be fit again, but he would be unlucky not to be given a chance after this bowling performance.

Question for the Aussie boys here, who is likely to get the nod between Smith and Hauritz for Ashes?

Think the general opinion in England is that we would prefer to face Hauritz.

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

Lou the attack is totally "in the arse" as we say over here. I would not know what to do at that point. Although seriously one could have as well played Peter George, wouldn't have been worse than Mitch.

Hello Dean, Harris and Bolly did really well during the Australian summer and I am sure they will come good again. Not so sure about India though, Bolly starred there but Mitch for instance was rather meh

Yes none of the people commenting is addressing the Hauritz problem so far... I think people have just banned it from their minds and whenever it appears in a blog post they automatically skip it because let's be honest, it is a terrible dilemma haha.

Dean @ Cricket Betting Blog said...

Thanks Wes,

Interesting to hear that the Hauritz issue hasn't surfaced yet.

Think with Hauritz, the English know what they are going to get, and to be honest I don't think he concerns them too much.

After Smith's innings yesterday, I think he has made the English sit up and realise that this bloke has got talent, and could possibly turn a match.

I would be surprised if Australia went back to Hauritz, as would it not be a negative step?

It's the old scenario of what would the opposition rather you did, England had a similar problem with whether or not to pick Harmison in the past.

Lou said...

I would really like to know what Cooley is doing to earn his cash. You'd think with his experience in England, he'd be of some use to our blokes, but as Kim(Gina Riley) would say 'Nuht.'

Lou said...

It's a bit tough to say it's a negative step with Hauritz. He's performed pretty well over the summer though as we've seen ANYONE can take wickets against Pakistan. Collingwood must be petitioning Strauss to open the bowling as I write.

Hauritz isn't the most talented player in the world, but he has got more chutzpah and uses his brain as a bowler more that people realise.

Dean @ Cricket Betting Blog said...

Lou, I didn't mean negative to be a criticism of Hauritz, and I agree he has done well.

What I was trying to say is would it be a backward step to now leave Smith out for Hauritz after the innings he played?

Although ultimately, Smith is there to bowl more than bat.

Would it be un-Australian to leave Smith out, who is an exciting talent, and the future, to bring back Hauritz, who is a more steady player.

It's nothing against Hauritz, just that a bloke has come along who could be (or is already?) a better player.

Imagine Colly on the Lord's honours board as well, for his bowling!! What is the world coming too.

Lou said...

Dean, if North can do it, anyone can.

I like Smith too, but he seems very young to be at no 6. He's certainly fun to watch, everything he does is energetic and committed.

But he's got more chance of playing in tandem with Hauritz in India than anywhere else. However, I'll bet anything that North will be in the starting line-up for the first test. They'll use his spin bowling to justify his place.

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

I don't want North anymore, not in India nor anywhere else. He will probably get one century in India and fail in the other innings and then, oh god, he will play in the Ashes. Legsmith is cool and has a fab 1st class average and we have seen his potential, I love his freakish shots. Oh yes Ashes is not about cool shots... I sometimes forget :/
Still it would be cool to see him alongside Hauritz in India, with North out. But Hauritz is the No.1 spinner for Tests, so it will either be just Ritz or both.

Dean @ Cricket Betting Blog said...

Wes, Lou,

I suppose the India series gives the selectors the chance to pick both Smith and Hauritz, and let them fight it out to be No.1 spinner.

From what you both write, you haven't got much faith in the selectors dropping North, and I agree with Lou that 6 is too high at the moment for Smith. And that will probably save North.

Shaen said...

Smith/Hauritz.......simple question.
Go with the youngest talent.
Smith stays in.

This is not a criticism of Hauritz but a praise and push for a potential top of the wozzer player...Smith.

Shaen said...

North has the talent, but what good is that if he can't be relied upon to use it in a regular fashion. The whole WA team is suffering the same disease presently.
Send both Hauritz and Smith to India, both will do better than North.
And finish the series with a better batting average than North.....what's the bet?

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

haha spot on, well nowadays it's not that hard to have a better average than North... glad to see you support the young talent, I also think both Ritz and Legsmith should (and hopefully will) get a chance to play together in India. Legsmith needs more international exposure anyway, he won't get better by serving the drinks.