31 July 2010

Middlesex Zindabad

Middlesex v Surrey

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Bye bye Finny: Toby Roland-Jones is the man  (c) Getty Images
This is my feeble attempt at finding words for the incredible. Middlesex have beaten the living hell out of Surrey, according to murmurs from the grapevine they have been unable to do that for the last 150 years, so I reckon today is one of the most special days ever.

Surrey decided to bat first and Rory will probably join a monastery in order to repent, to pray and to chasten himself appropriately because of this decision. 

A rare simultaneous outburst of total Murtle and Pedro rage finished Surrey off for 167, Murtagh grabbed 5 for 52 and Collins 4 for 68. Toby Roland-Jones stayed humbly in the background in order not to disturb the M&P show, but added a fine 1 for 19, reminding us of the huge potential he has shown in his past appearances. 

The batting went well, Newman (yes!) and Shah scored half-centuries and Dawid Malan belted a ton out of the Surrey bowlers. Gareth St. Berg nearly came to milestone honours as well but an absolutely hostile and hate-fuelled spell by Chris Tremlett ended the existance of His Holiness on 45. Murts and Toby had a bit of fun at the end and added 51, lifting the total to 423, which seemed to suggest that the batting conditions had improved a little. 

I began to chew my nails nervously when the Surrey openers Lancefield and Danger Davies unpacked their tents and snuggle blankets at the crease, but at 75-0 after 19.4 overs Toby Roland-Jones had enough of the kindergarten and sent Davies home. King Udal put his boots on and kicked Lancefield in the backside first ball of the next over, and a spectacular Surrey collapse was triggered. Rory Hamilton-Brown was allowed to face a phenomenal 3 balls in the entire match and got removed by Toby at 21.1, Afzaal fell to TRJ next at 23.4, and the big cheese Ramps couldn't resist Toby's charm either and folded at 27.3, Spriegel followed him two balls later. So at the end of the second day Toby Roland-Jones had grabbed 5 for 29 from 10 overs incl. two maidens. 

Today Middle just needed to pick up the tailenders.... just? TREMLETT!!! Arghhhh he drives me grrrrrr! I can't believe that he quickfired 53 from 42 balls including about 700 fours and sixes. He is easily Surrey's most dangerous man with both bat and ball. HAHA. However. That is a moment to savour. The cleaning work was done by Murts, Udal and Pedro by the way.

VICTORY by an innings and 44 runs. Enjoy your weekend pinky peeps! Fark knows when Middlesex will have the opportunity to party again, so grab your chance and hug somebody!

Tip: Here's half-tracker's wrap up of the proceedings of the Hampshire v Lancashire match so far, and don't forget to check out Green JJ's Surrey blog to read everything about London's second-best cricket club ;)



greyblazer said...

Good to see that you're learning hindi words lol.

Rishabh said...

yeah, ditto greyblazer's words :P

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

Hmm I stole this off the Pakistan slogan, didn't know it was Hindi, thanks for the enlightenment!

greyblazer said...


Do you know why one would get the message something is technically wrong we will fix it up soon on twitter? I have used other browsers too but the same message is coming and knowing twitter I don't see them fixing it lol

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

Hello GB, my twitter is alright so far (as you can see in the gadget) but they are doing maintenance work on the servers so the odd problem might occur. Follow @support to get informed about upcoming issues, outages/downtimes, and the latest solutions and fixes, and to send in your complaints and error reports(!), hope this helps, Danny Briggs is the king,


greyblazer said...

Thanks but I have already tried that as well though the same message comes up. I am banned from twitter lol. He maybe the king but with Boycotts like Chilton, Chanders, Smith and Sutton who isn't even Boycott but can be considered as Tavare in the side Lancs won't get defeated lol.

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

I've just sent you a direct message, if you get the notification via email please check if you got it. But as you are still in my DM list your account should be alright, just try later. Sometimes it also helps to use a desktop application (like Tweetdeck) instead of the website. The Briggs remark was tongue in cheek ;)

greyblazer said...

Thanks, I thought just like a few other journeymen you also like Briggs especially as he has taken 5 wickets against Lancs!

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

Briggs is awesome and he has been responsible for a large portion of the Hantsy moments of success in the past weeks. He is the third best wicket taker in the T20 (after Thomas and Pollard... jeeez) and improving in the CC, where he shoulders a huge workload. I think he is a great prospect, especially given how young he is.
What do you mean by "journeymen"?

Mudassar @ CricketVibe.com said...

Nice Victory for Middlesex.

Zindabad is probably Persian word used in Urdu and also Hindi but most common use is in Urdu. In India there is probably no difference between Urdu or Hindi or at least both are called Hindi, i m wondering?