8 July 2010

Panther Power!!!

Surrey v Middlesex (FP T20)

Highlights are up, please scroll down!

Surrey won the toss and elected to bat. Now if that isn't a wonderful start :/

[1st innings]

Alright, I have no comment. IOB not playing.

1) Murtagh bowls, boundary RHB. 5-0. Comment is on!
2) Pedro Collins. Ramps run out by Gareth Berg. Unbelievable. I am rushing off to make fruit sacrifices in the temple. The fearsome Jason Roy comes out. Church finds "terrific over by Pedro Collins". 6-1
3) Murtle resumes. Roy gone!!! Inside edge!! Roy out second ball! I am getting hysterical. T20!!! Hahaha. Ben Scott takes the catch. Roy not happy but the angle suggested an edge. Younis in. Hamilton-Brown nearly run out by Warner. 9-2
4) Pedro back. Tidy, 12-2
5) Tyron Henderson in! IOB at the field, 12th man. Straight over long-off, six! Rory on 14 now.  Four for Younis, Warner dives but can't stop it. 24-2
6) St. Berg into the attack. C&b chance!!! 27-2, nice.
7) Henderson returns. Berg runs RHB out!!!  Retarded monkey laughter over here. That's like Jesus descending right into hell and driving the devil out. I have no words. Not really, but you know what I mean. 32-3
8) Tom Smith in to bowl. Walters dislodges his bails! Clipped his offstump. WTH???? Tom Smith didn't even realise it. Symonds in. Smith bowls well, 34-4, amazing.
9) Ohhh! Captain on the bridge! 38-4, so nice.
10) Smithy returns. First mention of Malan, fields well.  42-4
11) Dexter to continue. SIX! Symonds. Muchly needed by Surrey. FOUR! Symonds has decided that someone needs to put a log on the fire. FOUR! ...58-4
12) Smith. Symonds caught and bowled. Back to gloatmode. Smith generally and obviously being a good name for a bowler. Spriegel in. Younis caught and bowled!! Two returncatches for Tom Smith in one over!!! Okay I am now slowly failing to understand what's wrong with Surrey tonight. Wilson the WK in. 62-6
13) Bergman returns (superhero pun deluxe :P) 64-6. Smells good.
14) Tom Smith in for the last over. Some good running from Spriegel and Wilson. 70-6
15) Bergy has another go. Mark Church is great, he always makes me smile. Really got used to his commentary style. FOUR for Wilson over Ben Scott's head! 77-6
16) Henderson, some runs, 84-6
17) Ice Lord. Deserves a wicket. SIX! Wilson. 94-6
18 Dexter. Spriegel out!!! Went for the big shot, caught by Newman. El Schofield in. 100-7
19) Murtle back on. FOUR! Wilson. He is the man for Surrey, on 26 now. FOUR, 113-7
20) Henderson bowling the last one, not Collins. Schofield out!!! Dexter takes him at the midwicket boundary. FOUR! 120-8

Total: 120-8

[innings break]

Surrey are not out of the game, some twitchy batting resulting in early wickets could put them back in control. Comment box thinks gung-ho is the best method, just forget what you are chasing and take the match away from the Lions.

[2nd innings]

1) Tremlett. Warner and Dexter opening, Newman down. Left-/right hand combination. FOUR. Dexter. FOUR. Dexter again. Holy, almost a runout, RHB's hot breath on Warner's neck. 9-0
2) Nel. Warner nicks a beauty to Wilson. OUT. Painful blow, Owais into the ring. 11-1
3) Tremlett. Nothing happening, 12-1
4) Nel. Shah nearly chipped it to midwicket, oh boy. Phewww, FOUR by Owais. 16-1
5) Tremlett. Dexter just clears the fielder at mid-on, FOUR, FOUR,  Churchy suspects they target Tremlett just a tiny little bit. 31-1
6) Symonds in. Owais drives, FOUR. FOUR. 40-1
7) Schofield!!! 43-1
8) Symonds in, FOUR, Shah. FOUR, Dexter. Panthers have reached the 50. 54-1
9) Schofield. Dexter one-handed straight back over Scho and the umpire, FOUR. 62-1
10) RHB sends Spriegel on. Tightens the screws, Dexter feels the pressure, hits the last one straight to Walters at the midwicket boundary but it slips through his fingers, FOUR. 68-1
11) Schofield to continue. 74-1
12) Spriegel. Unclear whether Shah got caught by Walters or not, did the fielder's foot step over the line, no, Shah has to go. Dawid Malan in. 77-2
13) Schofield. 82-2
14) Spriegel. Malan OUT, hits it straight to the fielder. BERG IN, he will close the sack. 84-3 Arghh Bergy misses it, leg-byes, Hand thought he was gone. Dexter playing a shot to midwicket, another dangerous moment. 86-3
15) Nel. Big ahhh and ohhh from the crowd for every delivery. 91-3
16) Spriegel. RHB drops Berg! Good boy Rory :) Church says it would have been a cracker, but now it's a FOUR! Next ball Berg with a lovely bottom hand! 102-3
17) Nel. Dexter strikes. 111-3
18) Tremlett. SIX, Ice Lord being his super cool self again.... And a two marks the end of the match as...

Middlesex win by 7 wickets with two overs to spare!!!!

Wonderful, just wonderful.
Great bowling and fielding set up the win for Middlesex, two early run-outs by the Jesus of County Cricket and two returncatches by Tom Smith, as well as the very tidy start by Murtagh and Collins bestowed a wonderful win upon the Panthers, clinical performance, no mistakes, very well done boys.

The captain carries the bat, 62*, Neil Dexter the man of the evening. Would really like to know if he became MOTM, but there is no way finding out.

Anyway that was beautiful.



greyblazer said...

I haven't been following t/20 cricket yet Surrey's bowling just doesn't look up to scratch.

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

Hello GB they had a lot of trouble with injuries lately, Dernbach still out and Symonds a shadow of himself. But it was obviously their batting that cost them the match here.