17 July 2010

Royals spun through the Middle

Hampshire v Middlesex (FP T20)

Surprise surprise, no Finn, no O'Brien. Shaun Udal and Gareth Amen Berg back. Morgan nothing to do, but not allowed to play, Dexter not amused. Hants won the toss and are batting.

For the highlights please scroll down

[1st innings]

1) King Udal opens the bowling. Quiet start, 2-0
2) Pedro on. Makes Jimmy Adams shoot himself in the head, Oddums hits it up and five years later Ben Scott doesn't even need to move to take the catch. Jimmy what did you do! James Vince in. 4-1
3) Murtagh. Very steynesque run-up, FOUR by Carbs. FOUR, SIX because of two runs and the throw misses, Murtagh can't hold on to it and it goes to the boundary instead. 20-1
4) Pedro Collins, FOUR by Vince, belts a widish one to the rope. Udal sweeps with commitment, battles his way back into the team. SIX Carberry starts the fireworks for the Pants. 35-1
5) Tyron Henderson in, Dexter keeps adjusting the attack, very neat. 37-1. Malan on the mic. Hopes to keep it below 50 in the first 6 overs. He thinks anything around 150, 160 is chaseable.
6) OMMMMMM. FOUR. Shite. Thou dost not treat the Ice Lord so! Carberry is probably the most disrespectful cricketer ever. The smell of wicket lingers in the air. 42-1
Wished he was somewhere else painting doors: Sean Ervine  (c) The Rose Bowl
7) Henderson to continue as expected. Henderson is a magician, he can make sticks fly. Vince trots off. Remember where you smelled it first. McKenzie in. Nearly another one. 44-2
8) The King comes on. Good over, 48-2. I just spotted Slug, he is happy, I am happy.
9) Henderson in for another one. Huge appeal, Carberry out!!! Misses the reverse sweep, hits him on the foot. 50-3. SLUG IN. Oh man, here we go. Good running. 52-3
10) Udal resumes. "The outfield is quite slow and sluggish" well perfect conditions then, eh? Nearly a run-out. 58-3
11) Tom Smith on! Tommyyyyyy. HELL. McKenzie aims it neatly at Berg's throat at deep midwicket. Too much pressure from the spinners. Macca loses the nerves here. It is starting to troglodyte massively as Razzaq comes in. 62-4
12) Udal comes back on. Oh boy!! Ervine hits it to Pedro but Pedro "leaps like a drunken giraffe", and it goes for four. And Slug chips the next ball back to Udal! For fark's sake!!! Slug OUT! Okay now I am close to losing my lunch. This is clearly wrong now, very very wrong. Dan Christian in. Shaun Udal takes 1-17 from 4 overs. Hats off. Malan hopes that Razzaq falls next and they can wrap up the innings. Pitch a bunsen, that's why they decided to play two spinners. 68-5
13) Smith. 74-5
14) Dexter strikes first ball! Dan Christian out! Bowled! Nic Pothas will try to make runs. Just one run, 75-6
15) Smith. WICKET, Razzaq! "Brainless cricket from Razzaq", hot catch by Berg, carbon copy of Macca's wicket. Skipper comes in, needs to walk over water here. Oh man Razzaq in the dugout utterly down. 78-6
16) Dexter. CORK run out, "terrific stuff by Scott, took an absolutely stinking throw and whipped the bails off" haha. 78-8. Kevin home alone comes in. Ohhh nearly a returncatch. Hants bring up the 80. 81-8
17) Smith back on. FOUR, Murts at long-on flies in but can't cut it off. SIX. Pothas doing some work for Hants. OUT! Murts takes a genius catch including running backwards and rolling on the floor. Baby Briggs in. FOUR by Wood. HECK! Absolute corker by Smith. One handed sidewards dive. OH MAN. Baby Briggs out, Wood the sole survivor of this massacre.

Total 99 all out after 17 overs

[innings break]

This is bloody awful. Pants all out for 99. Carbs high-scores with 34. Neither of the teams is aware of the fact that under the current circumstances they are on the best way to kill each other off. We can only hope that if Middlesex win today they can also beat Essex and then somehow make it through. If NOT they have only made it a lot harder for Hampshire to reach the next stage, and on top of that allowed Surrey to get a sniff of a chance again. That's why I'm pretty gutted at the moment, and this whole post sounds so illogical. Happy for the Middle boys though. No stars at all (Warner doesn't count anymore) and they are deconstructing the favourites. Why so inconsistent :( Fantastic bowling and fielding, Scott precise like a Swiss clockwork. It would be a treat to savour if it wasn't for the stupid circumstances.

Total darkness for Hants in general and Sean Ervine in particular  (c) Getty Images

[2nd innings]

1) Cork. Warner and Dexter opening. FOUR, Davo. 5-0
2) Chris Wood. His hair is more kieswetteresque today. FOUR, Warner. FOUR Dexter. 17-0
3) Razzaq. I totally don't get why people mock his age, he looks ten years younger than Udal. He has played 240 ODIs. FOUR Warner beats the fielder. Two wides already from Razzaq. 27-0
4) Briggitte in. FOUR, Warner. 33-0
5) Dan Christian is Cork's next try to get a wicket. Warner skies one but just beats Cork at mid-off.
6) Sluggy in. FOUR. Warner. Another one. This is a funeral I am forced to attend because they are playing cricket at it. FOUR. Cork out of ideas. 50 up for Middle. 53-0, nothing going the way it should for Sluggy here.
7) Carberry. He doesn't run up, he just walks to the crease and makes a tiny leap. 56-0
8) Briggster. LBW Dexter (11). Owais in. Briggs creating a lot of pressure, Owais in danger of a run-out.
9) Dan Christian. OUT Warner with another skyer safely taken by Razzaq. 43, well at least some sort of score for him. Dawid Malan. 64-2, DC gifted Middle two wides as well.
10) Briggs. FOUR, Shah. 73-2
11) Cork. Edged between keeper and slip. 77-2
12) Danny Briggs. Bowling so beautifully. I mean seriously. His spell ends, 1-19. 80-2
13) Cork, FOUR off a shorter one, pulled by Owais. 88-2
14) Dan Christian. FOUR Malan. FOUR. 99-2
15) Cork in for the death of his side. FOUR Owais hits the winning runs.

Well both teams are still in the contention, maybe it isn't as bad. Surrey still have to play against Gloucestershire, who have made short work of Middlesex three times in a row. Thus I bet my arse that Surrey will beat them, they just are like that. Middlesex have improved their NRR insofar that they are ahead of Surrey now but Hants are still sitting on top of the two rivals. Both Middle and Hants will play against teams that have already made it to the next stage, while Gloucs are out. Blabla, it stays interesting. Too interesting.



half-tracker said...

I have you hooked on Slug!

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

Oh when was the last time that I called you "in-rubber" ? :P
Well well it was depressing but Danny bowled so well, and I am happy King Udal is back

half-tracker said...

Danny bowled brilliantly, he will be a big star.

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

Shaun Udal bowled brilliantly.
"he will be a big star."
*nod nod* :D

half-tracker said...

Shut up! :(

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

Haha you are still sore!!!