10 July 2010

Royals walk over Panthers

Middlesex v Hampshire (FP T20)

Middlesex won the toss and are batting. Very important match today and a great challenge, I am sure there is a lot of respect for the Hants guys in the Middlesex camp. They have Adams, Carberry, Vince, Slug and the Briggster. And their captain is bloody dangerous. Losing the match after racking up 216, like they did against Somerset last night [scorecard], only highlights the strength of Somerset, but not the weakness of Hants.

Please scroll down to watch the highlights

No changes in the Middlesex line-up.

[1st innings]

1) Cork, two runs
2) Chris Wood. Four by Dexter. OUT! Cork takes the catch at extra cover. WTH the match hasn't even started yet and there's a wicket already.... a wicket more important than Warner's! Owais comes in. 7-1
3) Cork, four by Shah. 12-1
Middlesex' man at the crease. As Owais.  (c) Getty Images
4) Wood back. SIX Owais. FOUR. Owais doing well, please don't stop here. 11 from the over, 23-1
5) Abdur Razzaq in. Huge SIX over backward square leg. Who? Owais. 31-1
6) Dan Christian. Some careless running from Warner. 35-1
7) Danny Briggs in. Fasten your seatbelts! Oh FOUR back over the bowler. Owais. Warner cuts one just past short third man, that was close, but it's FOUR. Misfield, two. And FOUR. I still smell a wicket. A brigget. 50-1
8) The Zimbabwean one-man-army into the attack. Hell why is there no TV broadcast. It hurts, really. Tidy over from Ervine, Pothas attempts to stump Warner. 54-1
9) Dan Christian gets Warner (18)! Driven into the covers. Dawid Malan in. Give the Pants some fire! 59-2
10) Slug kills Malan!!! 59-3. Oh hell!! Why can Malan not score regularly. I really wish he'd be more consistent, such a powerful batsman on his day. Newman in, FOUR! Carbs can't stop it. 66-3
11) Razzaq. Not a lot happening here especially compared to how he got ra.... thrashed by Somerset yesterday. 68-3, much too tidy for my liking.
12) Wood returns. Four by Shah, 77-3
13) Captain Cork. Newman missed it, LBW. 79-4. The crowd is falling on their knees as a figure surrounded by bright white light majestically steps out into the open to take the Middlesex innings in his safe hands. 82-4
14) Dan Christian bowls another one, FOUR, Gareth Berg. The broadcast is permanently interrupted by frickknows what reports, there was a four but I don't know who scored it. GRRRRRRRRR. Must have been Berg as he is on 11. 95-4
15) Briggster back. Broadcast gone. Berg gone. His departure shakes the earth and thusly kills the broadcast. No surprise at all. Must have got another boundary, then out. BRAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Henderson in. I am on BBC Solent now. Ok back to Middlesex comment. 105-5
16) Ervine kills Henderson! 105-6. Ben Scott comes in. Okay Owais and Scott at the crease here. Slowly sorting the mess out. 111-6
17) Briggs. Shah gets his half-ton. And another fricking notthismatch report. It is really maddening me!!! 115-6
18) Ervine, SIX. Needed so much. Fielder not really committed to catch it, Slug not amused. Four byes also. 130-6
19) Cork. SIX, Owais. FOUR, paddled by Scott. 145-6
20) Wood, Scott slaps a FOUR through midwicket. HUGE SIX by Owais off a low full toss, hits the trees or trucks outside. Good running, and then a no-ball for Owais! FOUR. 164-6, they interrupt the broadcast before the last ball for an update from the Eng-Ban ODI. For Christ's sake!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay Owais dies last ball, caught by Ervine.

Total: 164-7

[innings break]

Okay I am in medium hopeful mood. But I have a feeling Collins might get bludgeoned today, as he had a good match against Surrey. Maybe also Murtle. The Hampshire batsmen are sure going to hit out confidently. Owais made 80, fat innings from the anchor in the Middlesex batting line-up.

[2nd innings]

1) Wow the whole first bit of the second innings is not broadcast for some other shit again. This is frustrating. I have no clue what's happening. Murtagh has bowled the first over, went for 9. Carberry and Jimmy Adams opening for Hants. 9-0
2) Pedro Collins bowls the second. Just one run from his over, 10-0, I dare to be amazed.
3) Murtagh back, Jimmy gets a four. 20-0
4) Collins, FOUR to Carberry. 30-0
Carbs, one of the five million drops.  (c) Getty Images
5) Henderson on, need wickets, NOW. Four for Jimmy again. and... FOUR. And Jimmy cuts another one for four. 43-0
6) Berg in, Pedro drops an absolute dolly, THEY ARE STILL NOT SUBBING HIM, Carbs could be gone. And guess what, we didn't hear it, we heard the Eng-Ban report. Carbs punishes Berg with a SIX now. Brings up the 50 for Hants. And FOUR, Carbs slaughtering the carrier of the hopes of mankind. SIX. That's gonna be Pedro on the spit for dinner tonight. FOUR. 22 from the over, 65-0
7) Henderson. Another close situation. I have now switched to the Hampshire coverage, got shouted at by another football or so report. Another four by Jimmy. 71-0
8) Jesus back on. Some running, and a FOUR. Past the keeper. 80-0
9) Skipper on. Adams dropped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Grahhhhhhhhhh Adams foxed by a slower ball. Runs for four. Murtagh grassed it. I am biting everything in reach. 89-0
10) Owais in. Carberry gone for 41!! Berg takes the catch!! According to the Hants comment it was a terrible delivery. Vince in. A chance but Henderson can't take it, four. And another "absolutely disgusting delivery from Shah", FOUR. Hants comment wondering why Middlesex have no bowling options, everything is either part-time or medium pace. 99-1
11) Dexter returns, FOUR, half century for Jimmy Adams. Nearly a run-out but Berg couldn't pick it up cleanly. Hants getting one life after another granted today. 108-1
12) Smith in now, finally! "Terrible throw from the fielder" hits Jimmy Adams on the back. Dexter must it have been. Jimmy possibly saved four overthrows for Middlesex haha. Arghh! FOUR. Vince. Berg has no chance to stop it, he didn't even make an effort. I would also guess the Ice Lord is MASSIVELY PISSED. Hahaha. And another FOUR. 119-1. This is awful. At the same stage Middlesex were on 77.
13) Dexter. FOUR. Commentator thinks there is no fight from Middlesex in the field, the fielding is pedestrian, even Warner's. Full toss. Vince four. "There is just nothing in that attack there" 129-1
14) Pedro comes back. Jimmy nearly run-out. 136-1
15) Henderson. 139-1
16) Bergy back... Adams (64) goes! Skies it to Warner, who takes it at long-on. 139-2 Abdul Razzaq up the order and out at the crease. FOUR! The troglodytic allrounder attacks the messiah. VINCE OUT! Ballooned into cover. Murts catches. Slug in tehehe. Go away you two minds!!! Or at least one of you. 145-3
17) Henderson back on. Razzaq run out, Warner throws!!!!!!!!!!! Slug said no, but by the time Razzaq turned back he was already run out. 146-6. McKenzie comes out. FOUR for Ervine 151-4
18) Berg. Four! Sean Ervine. 160-4
19) Murts in for the last one.  Ervine, four! Scores are level. Fielders coming in, FOUR!

Slug finishes us. 168-4.

The opening stand of 89 was deadly and Middlesex got knocked around, the Middlesex attack looked absolutely toothless. Bergy's late wickets came, well, too late. So Hampshire got two very necessary points from this match, and to be honest I dread the quickly approaching day on which Middle have to face them again at the Rose Bowl. But surely I would not mind if they made it through, would wish it was not at Middlesex' expense but that happens if two good guys attempt to kill one another... one of them dies at some point. Three matches left and at least two victories needed.

Here's a screenshot of the over comparison, for some reason Cricinfo seems to remove it after the match, I haven't figured out the logic behind it, as obviously there is none. Very sad that there was no TV coverage for this match :(



greyblazer said...

Dimi would be happy that Hampshire at last are winning a few!

Andy said...

Hampshire really aren't the same side they were when Shane Warne was playing for them. Then again, who would be?

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

Hello GB and Andy,
well I think they are on a really good way. The team consist of a bunch of awesome players, and Jimmy Adams, who is a class of his own. If Middlesex don't make it to the next stage, which looks pretty likely at the moment, I wish Hants all the best.