4 July 2010

Sabres perforate Panthers

Somerset v Middlesex (FP T20)

Highlights below the post

Middlesex won the toss and field, the weather looks not the best, umbrella has been spotted already.

Team news. No Warner as he has joined the Australian team for the upcoming T20s. Jackson Thompson in for him instead.

[1st innings]

1) Murtagh opens the bowling. Trescothick entirely disrespectful, hits a six and a four off him. 11-0
2) Collins, starts with a wide. One wide delivery gets punished with a boundary. 20-0
3) Murts. GONE! Compton caught at midwicket. Gareth Berg is washing his hands in blood for the first time on this evening tehehe. Hildreth in. Heavy rain behind the Ian Botham stand. Not looking good at all. Wicket maiden for Murts!! Insane. He only got his first maiden in the previous match. Oh Murtle!! 20-1
4) Collins. Tresco flips it away for four. And a six over midwicket. Darn. And four more. Pedro off the rails once more. 38-1
Middlesex could really do with a bit of IOB  (c) Getty Images
5) Murts in, Hildreth feels safe with the big bully at the crease, whips him for four :( another one rolls past the fielder, Tresco with three consecutive fours. Last ball goes for four again. 53-1. Murts has leaked 26 off 3 overs incl. a maiden.
6) Henderson on, good move. Need something different here. Arghhhhhhhhh. Hildreth drives it to Berg, it slips past his hands and hurts him and goes for a boundary, Hand says that should have been caught! HOW does he dare to even attempt to criticise Gareth St. Berg???? Hand clearly a villain, probably a Surrey infiltrator. Four off the last ball. 65-1
7) St. Berg in. Hand keeps harping on the drop grrrsm. Tresco not a faithful person, four. Another one gets nicked past the keeper, another rope. I can't take it. That will be a drubbing of the very deadly sort. Four off the last ball, 79-1, Tresco is on 49. Somerset are bulldozing over Middlesex :(
8) Henderson back into the attack. Trescothick gets his half century from 21 deliveries. Mad. A run-out chance follows but the throw misses. Another four. 88-1
9) Tom Smith on for the first time. Come on Tommo! Collins misfields and they get a single. Obviously my suggestion to sub him entirely hasn't been considered yet. The fours keep coming. Big six over wide long-on. 100 comes up for Somerset after only 8.odd overs. 102-1
10) Owais Shah in! That's interesting. For Somerset. SIX. Big turn though, Tresco swings and misses. 113-1
11) Bergy back on. Ice 'em! Four. GRRRRRRRR. Slower ball but Scott doesn't gather it, four byes. Holy excrement!! Even Scott is standing next to himself today, what is going on! Next ball, bouncer, four. Hand suspects agreeably that Middlesex will chase an impossible score. Collins misfields AGAIN and gives away two runs. 128-1
12) Shah gets Tresco (83) Murtagh takes him!! Oh dear. Too late though unless Somerset totally collapse now. Oh god. Pollard in. Top edge!!!!!!! Long-on! BERG takes a brilliant catch. Arghh argh arghh!!! ON YOUR KNEES, INFIDELS!!!! Two wickets for Owais in the over. Shah 2 for 13!!! De Bruyn in. 130-3
13) Smith back in. Big lbw appeal against Hildreth, but not given. 134-3
14) Shah. Misfield by Tom Smith unfortunately, and followed by another four. Malan fields his arse off to save another boundary. 147-3
15) Smith. Come on Smithy!!! Yeahhhh! BOWLED! Zander de Bruyn walks back for just 5. Ohhh Jos Buttler in :) And WICKET! LBW! The end of Hildreth (48)!!! Oh my. Are Middlesex clawing their way back into this match?! Suppiah comes in. 151-5
16) Tyron Henderson. Ok. 156-5
17) Tommo continues. Tidy over gets messed up by a six :( 166-5
18) Henderson. He produces a no ball. Then Berg tries to take one on the boundary but couldn't get to it. SIX. 181-5
19) Murts returns! Murts and Suppiah racing to the WK's end to achieve resp. avoid the run-out. Buttler reverse sweeps the last ball for a boundary. 190-5
20) Collins bowls the last one. Jos hits a huge six off the first ball over midwicket. Low full toss outside the offstump, Scott again can't gather it, four byes. 204 at the end of the over. Jos Buttler is 22 not out.

Total: 204-5

[innings break]

Arghh. There is a very short boundary that has to be exploited, although the long one seemed not to pose a problem to the Somerset batsmen either. Tresco steamrolled the Middle remorselessly and the boys are facing an utterly stiff task now. Hand optimistic because of the short boundary, but I can't help being attacked by English feelings.

[2nd innings]

Alright the broadcast is dead, Newman and Thompson opening. 29-0 after 4 overs. Newman goes, 31-1, Owais comes out. Now I have the Somerset stream on the Middlesex channel. Better than nothing. 41-1
Scott Newman was caught and bowled by Turner, Phillips and Turner have bowled two each, Pollard one, Alfonso Thomas one. And the coverage is back.

7) Murali Kartik gets welcomed by Owais with six. Need more of that, Owy. Thompson reverse sweeps him for four, the 50 is up for Middlesex but we are still clearly behind the Somerset score. And Owais clubs another six! 59-1
8) Pollard back on. Four, runs past the keeper. Jackson Thompson with a nice start here. 67-1
9) Kartik continues. Four! And bowled him! Jackson Thompson gone for 32 from 17 deliveries. Ah well that's a pity. Malan comes in and heck, we need a big BIG innings from him. Yup he starts off with a four. 77-2 Nowhere near enough though. Go, Dawid!
10) My friend Alfonso Thomas back on. GRRR. Not looking like a good over. 82-2, Somerset were on 113 at that time. Holy cow.
11) Kartik. Wide. Owais four off an under edge. More needed. Stumped!! NOOOOOOOOOOO. Heaps mouthing off between the two. A lot of angry pointing, umpire comes in to calm Kartik down. Henderson in. Big score from the big boy please. 89-3
12) Mark Turner returns. Malan gets four off the first ball. Turner being bloody quick. 98-3
13) Kartik bowls Malan, leaks some verbal diarrhoea. My heart is breaking bit by bit. Dexter in. Captain's knock!!! Both batsmen trying to survive Kartik's last over. He took 3 for 37. 100-4, need over 100 from 7 overs. Haha.
14) Turner back on. BOWLED the skipper. Yorker. I am speechless :( The holiest of the holy ones comes striding in, a softly gleaming white aura of glory and utter holiness around him. 103-5
15) Phillips into the attack. SIX from Henderson, Hand thought that was going to get caught. Then Berg taken by a brilliant catch at long-on boundary. The light vanishes, the good has been defeated. Centuries of darkness, despair and evil lie ahead of us and mankind will suffer at least until Thursday. Ben Scott in. 114-6
16) De Bruyn in to bowl. Henderson gets a four. And holes out to midwicket. The git! We could have needed him for the net run rate. Silly goat. Tommo in. 120-7
17) Good old Alfonso in. Ben Scott nicks one to Jos Buttler. 123-8 The good Murtle enters.
18) Pollard has another go at the Middlebatters. Smith run out according to Hand, but umpire says no. Umpires have also chatted because of rain. Murtagh hits one straight back into Pollard's hand, who takes it sharply. Poor Murts :( Collins comes, he is the last man in. And nicks it through to the keeper.

125 all out, over, dead, Middlesex have been hammered by Trescothick and Kartik

Wow what a downer after the great victory on Friday. The next match, after the interlude against Bangladesh, is played against Surrey and will be the harder to master, as Surrey beat Middlesex in the previous encounter. The pressure is on the Middleboys now, all or nothing must be the motto on Thursday. The Surrey players are continuously haunted by injuries, but it would be a huge mistake to rely on the weaknesses, if existent, of their replacements. Ramps nearly wrestled Glamorgan down today [scorecard], it wasn't quite enough and the attentive watcher will have noticed that El Cosgrove bowled RHB :P

But that bears no significance for Thursday's match. My gut seriously considers putting Danny Evans or Josh Davey in for Pedro Collins. I mean you can hardly field any worse, or leak any more runs than him, and Josh can bat. Dunno what's wrong with Pedro, maybe he needs to clear his head out and let some fresh air in.

Hampshire unfortunately lost v Essex today, albeit only by a tiny margin [scorecard]. Pothas the powerhouse, with Jimmy coming second. Better luck next time!

Alright, enough of the nonsense.



PinkyWill said...

Word on the street is that IOB will be back for Thursday (and maybe...
just maybe for Bangladesh tomorrow) but that depends on how he does in a fitness test. Need him back - big time! And need more runs from everyone - only Gilly and Morgan have made big runs and both have gone away!

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

Hey Will nice to see you over here! Bangladesh will be a very interesting match, but it'd be really good to have IOB back (even though he will be badly missed in the commentary... well, he's a man of many talents). Oh come on Gilly and Morgan (and Strauss) can be compensated, I have full faith in the other batsmen :)