3 July 2010

Sussex v Middlesex: Murtal Combat!

That was one of the most epic puns I've ever made tehehehe. Alright here is the match report. No IOB / Kevin Hand today as I was watching and not listening, sorry. Hence a lack of anecdotes, but the high number of heart attacks should make up for that.

Highlights at the bottom of the post

Sussex v Middlesex (FP T29)

Welcome to our funeral. I have prepared the black flags. Middlesex have had a losing streak even against the weaker teams, and Sussex are the bullies.

Sussex have won the toss, bat.

We shall ignore that happy pink gnome at the end of the front row. (c) Middlesex CCC

[1st innings]

1) Tim Murtagh on, joyful and bold. Hmm. Murts leaks two fours (Joyce)
2) Collins attacking Prior, Prior hits back, 18-0
3) Murtle to Joyce, DANG! Skipper at mid-on takes an extraordinary one-handed catch, blind, against the sun!!! 18-1. Next ball is almost an exact copy of the one before, just taken with two hands this time!!! Prior removed! Unbelievable. Murts on a hat-trick. And.... four as Pedro can't stop it. LBW appeal, but inside edge. Also the next ball is whipped for four by Smith. Boundary rider can't cut it off. And another wicket as Dwayne Smith gets caught by Owais at midwicket! This is crazy. 26-3!!! I can't believe it. Is Murts the man or the man? Arghhh! Chris Nash in.
4) Collins on. Takes pressure off, gets hit. Then bowls legsidishly and Ben Scott can't stop it, the field is offsidish. 36-3
5) Murts to Nash. After three dot-balls he shows us some football skills, looks better than Chris Gayle, honest! And Murts gets his first T20 maiden! Okay not quite flawless, the last ball went for a leg-bye, but still :D His first maiden after 206 overs.
6) Henderson on. Wide. Second ball huge appeal, LBW, Nash out. I am partying here, that's incredible. 37-4. 41-4 at the end of the over, end of PP.
7) Gareth Berg on! Hell! He is playing! Woooot! Just two runs from the over, my, this is fantastic. I am mesmerised, sort of. 43-4
8) Henderson continues. Expensive, 51-4
9) Berg on, suicidal run, run out! 51-5 Warner with a cannoning throw, Scott knocks the bails off quickly. Gatting was the only Sussex batsman with double figures. Yasir Arafat comes in, he is nice, but tonight he is the enemy. 56-5
10) Henderson returns. A bit too full from him, Arafat aims well and finds a gap. And... bowled! Yasir waddles off. Bit more punch in this delivery, Arafat out for 6. 60-6. Shout after the last ball but nothing. 61-6
11) Ice Lord on, has to accept a boundary. Nearly another run-out. And KILL! Malan takes a ripper at the boundary, looking into the sun, runs in and dives forward and takes it. That was Goodwin, the Sussex skipper. Ice gets a wicket.  67-7.
12) Dexter on. Some runs. 72-7
13) More Gareth Berg. He allows them to score two runs. That's how nice he is! ;) 4 overs for 14 runs, a wicket and a run-out, well bowled Ice Man. 74-7
14) Dexter. Wonderful, utterly pretty catch by Owais, falling forward and digging the ball out. Keegan out, 76-8.
15) Tom Smith on, yay. We are seeing the first six from Ollie Rayner, who is on 23 now. 88-8. A bit pricey, the good man.
16) The captain continues. Rayner and Beer battling. 95-8
17) Murtagh back on. Could do with another wicket. But gets struck down the ground for four. Pity. After another single Sussex reach the 100. 103-8
18) Collins on, and four. 111-8. I guess Tom Smith bowls the last one?
19) Tyron Henderson in for his fourth. Beer lifts him over the shoulder to the rope. Scoops another one and gets a single. Final ball is a skyer, Newman takes him, Will Beer goes for 22. 119-9 as the last over starts.
20) Nooo Collins bowls the final over. No ball. HELL. Run out chance but misses. Rayner back on strike though, SIX. Then Malan attempts to stop Kirtley at the boundary but forwards it to the rope, and Kirtley attempts another one but gets cut off this time. WIDE. Oh man. Why???? And a shovel to the boundary from the last ball!!! Career best figures from Kirtley here. 11 runs, double figures for the first time in his career. This last partnership took Sussex to 140!! Okay with a little help from Pedro. Rayner 41*.

[2nd innings]

1) Warner and Newman. We need a good start from them, preferably both of them. Keegan concedes just 3.
2) Arafat. Warner gets a boundary. 9-0
3) Keegan. Impressive boundary riding by Arafat. And finally a four, Newman strikes it over the fielders. 15-0
4) Arafat, short, four. Huge shout, not given. Pitched only just outside leg. Warner responds with a four.  25-0
Chad Keegan. Bowling is war.
5) Kirtley on. Oh-oh! Newman gets a lucky one over the Sussex skipper, four! Misfield, Keegan fumbling the next one. Newman muscles another one to the rope. 37-0
6) Dwayne Smith. Newman unimpressed. SIX. End of the PP.
7) Oliver Rayner in. I smell blood. Warner is a cube. Not a Cosgrove sort of cube but a very compact appearance. Rayner very interesting, impressive stuff. 51-0.
8) Will Beer in. Warner has to adjust a slog sweep into a forward defence. The Silly Island is full of young blond legspinners, tourists included. Too short. Pitbull whacks it for six. 61-0
9) Rayner continues... to frustrate the batsmen. And Newman (30) goes, lbw! Owais Shah comes out, come on Owy, monster innings from you please! 63-1
10) Will Beer back on, unbelievable delivery, unplayable, Warner's offstump gets knocked over. Dawid Malan in. Off the mark. Just two runs, 65-2. Malan will win the match for Middlesex, I have full trust in him.
11) Rayner. Tidy. 70-2
12) God that Beer! Owais lifts it straight down the ground over the bowler, four! But Beer is cool, can't deny that. 75-2
13) Rayner in for his last one. A trickle of runs. 82-2
14) Nash coming on. He is going to bowl mystery offbreaks. 84-2
Will Beer, what a prospect.
15) Beer back. Ohhh Prior spills it and can't stump! Malan immediately reacts, SIX. Problem is, Malan has a blackout now. Kirtley fishes it out of the air. Just 14 for Malan. Losing my religion here. Henderson in. Beer's spell is over, can't deny my fascination. 94-3
16) Nash. Bloody hell. Henderson gone first ball, skies it, good catch by Beer, you can't keep the guy out of the game. Dexter in. Captain's knock from Dex here, yes? First Owais hits a fricker of a SIX over cow corner. Adds a powerful four to it. Needed. Run rate getting uncomfortable. 33 from 24 needed now, 8.25. 108-4
17) Keegan back on. Gah we need a big over. What an unpleasant bowler. Just three runs. Arghh. 111-4
18) Arafat in. Four. Keegan nearly killing himself at the boundary. Next one a skyer but Dwayne Smith drops a "very catchable" one. FOUR. Owais on 32 now. 123-4
19) I can't breathe or move. Frickn hell Keegan again! Arghhh. Owais chips it directly to Arafat at the boundary. Owais out for 34. I can't take it really. Ice Lord in. Speak to us, Messiah! SIX by the skipper. Saffa power! 11 from 9 needed. My stomach wants to leave my body through my ears. EDGED AND PRIOR DOESN'T REACH IT! FOUR! Ice Lord is preaching to his disciples! And whacks the next one for four! ICE POWER! What a sermon! 2 needed from the last over.
20) Arafat. FOUR! Dexter!

Wowowow what do we have here. Very good team work this, excellent bowling, lost the thread a bit towards the end and let the tailenders belt us, but a focused effort with the bat and of course the invincible Saffa combination at the end provided Middlesex with the oh so needed victory. Surrey won, too, their last reserve defeated Somerset aka Kieron Pollard [scorecard], which means we still haven't overtaken them in the table. Extra special mention: Ben Scott, the gift with gloves. Congrats also to Hampshire on their win over the Kent Spitfires, Danny Briggs the man here [scorecard], very good follow-up performance to their phenomenal triumph over Glamorgan. However, Sussex were utterly enjoyable to watch, thanks to both teams for the nice show!

Anyway, what a day. And the Dutchies have kicked Brazil out of the Cup. That's a "Good Friday" in the most literal sense of senses!



rahulbhagchandani said...

It's amazing to see how "huge" your match reports could be.

Too good!

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

Hello Rahul! It's actually not that huge, I just use a bigger font ;) I hate these emotionless blablas like "blabla went for 34 after two fours and two sixes". I mean who wants that read that dreary shit. It's T20 cricket, not some accountant sorting files in a dusty chamber. Cheers!