5 July 2010

They've wiped the floor with us

Mo Aamer's new pyjamas made the Aussie batsmen run away in terror  (c) Getty Images
Both teams I've supported today sucked arse. Utter arse.

Middlesex v Bangladeshis (List A match)
(Scroll down for the highlights)

Pakistan v Australia (T20 I)

First the Deshis made mince pies of the Middleboys; one has to point out that B'desh weren't really great or anything, but they got to 301 against Middx' second string bowlers and then bowled Middlesex out for 160. Ah well. Thumbs up at Owais Shah, Dawid Malan and skipper Dexter though for insisting on playing. The Ice Lord aka Gareth St. Berg had put up his hand as well but his rest has priority.

Yeah, and then... Pakistan nailed Australia to the wall in the first T20.  

You would start to feel a bit off when Kamran Akmal looked like repeating his annoying WT20 innings, but he got out early. Which enraged his brother Umar so much that he had to clobber the fastest T20 fifty in the history of Pakistan cricket and basically took the game away from the Aussies with that. I have to say that since his promising, albeit inconsistent performances in the last year, in which his own nervousness got between him and the big scores all the time and he had to get called to order by his older partners, he has gained a truckload of confidence and seems to be a different person at the crease. A stumpy-legged, extremely cheeky and inventive chunk of muscles, a bit like Eoin Morgan in the body of David Warner, but with green lipstick.

Was there anything positive for the Australians in this match? Yeah Warner made 41 whoohoo  [/sarcasm] And Legsmith got da big man with da big stomach.

But even without Afridi's Boom Boom fireworks Pakistan were just the better team with the bat, and we needn't talk about the bowling (but we will). Everybody is rightfully wetting themselves over the return of Umar Gul (Gumar), but there is no Pak match without a special mention of Mohammad Aamer. You could smell, almost touch the fear he instils in the Australian batsmen, and three wickets speak a clear language. Especially Watto feels absolutely inconvenient facing him, these two guys have built up a remarkably long and entertaining tradition of hating each other, and we are looking forward to savouring many more displays of this open feud; I haven't counted but my gut feeling tells me that Mo has won the battle a couple more times than Watto.

Frog Boy leapt to new heights  (c) Getty Images

Anyway. Tomorrow is a new day. We shall see if Oz can wash that stain off of their shirts, or if they have to sneak off the field in shame once more.

Last but not least, here are the highlights of the beating Middlesex received from the Bangladeshis :



Anonymous said...

Well, I'm glad they won. They batted better and they have a better all-round attack now that Gul is back. I'm fed up with them losing.

Wonder how the Aussies will front?


Mudassar @ CricketVibe said...

I think our batting was not that as it should have been good except Umar Akmal and Malik, Salman Butt bad shot and once again bad running. Afridi well leave it. I was thinking 167 are may be 13 runs less than wht it should be on that pitch but bowling really did a great job specially Aamer , Gul and Ajmal. This is a deadly combination but it get a little wayward in tests which is a worry.

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

hello Lou, they have the potential to hit back today but once Pakistan have tasted blood they are usually unstoppable... even the fielding becomes sharp over night.

Maddy I think both of the teams have their key players, yours have been better :P I thought as well that the total was gettable but with such an attack it was child's play for Pakistan to defend.

sunny said...

Hi there Wes!
I'm actually quite glad for the Stanis, particularly their younger guys; Umar and Aamer.
And the Stanis pulled off another win against the Aussies today, woohoo! They just need all these wins so much at the moment. :)