18 July 2010

This is the end...


Tried to follow four FP T20 matches at once, had to go wrong, went wrong.

Essex v Middlesex  [scorecard] for the highlights please scroll down

Gloucestershire v Surrey  [scorecard]

Hampshire v Sussex  [scorecard]

Somerset v Kent  [scorecard]

Both Middlesex and Surrey, that has to be stated clearly, lost one or two matches too many in a stupid fashion, and thus Hants entered the next stage deservedly with a splendid display in all departments. What broke Middlesex' neck was the stuffed up match against Gloucs, should have won that, but the bowling experiment was a complete flop. Watch how David Warner calls Finn's rest stupid and ridiculous. In public. Quotable. With no regrets.

I had put up a couple of spy cams before the cricket and this is what they observed:

Kies Watch: If he goes on like this he will be playing club cricket in no time. I would like to say a few general things about him. There is the opinion going about that he has forgotten how to build an innings, something which he knew in Bangladesh, but started to forget gradually during his T20 campaign with the English team, simply because it wasn't needed there. As a result he decided in favour of the quick slog, because, stepping into the Afridi trap, he felt that this is what the audience finds great about him. Thus he sucked arse in the ODIs against Oz and now he even struggles in the FP T20, as the pressure gets to him quite massively. I just wish he'd show the finger to everybody who utters any expectations, and just started to do his thing, forget about the slogging and just try to get a natural flow back into his batting. It would be an absolute shame if he got dropped from the one-day side, he's a breath of fresh air and I like how KP backs him. It is really weird, he and I seem to be the only two people on the planet who have blind faith in the Kies. Is this the beginning of a wonderful fanship? 

Open wide thy gate... the Kiesbatter needs to reassess a couple of things   (c) Getty Images

Briggs Watch: I was angry with Cork for not sending Briggs on right again after Smith had departed. Briggs is a bloody miracle.

Schofield Cam: Grabbed two, as foreseen by me, and doubted by others.

Oddums Cam: Took an absolute ripper and rofled for a bit before returning the ball. These valuable 30 runs, which he made in the first innings, were really lame compared to that :P

Berg Watch: His Holiness made 41 off 24 and took a wicket. Most expensive bowler again. Oh man Bergy. Awesome knock though, wish I could have seen it.

King Cam: Udal bowled just one over for 2. Need to investigate why he wasn't brought on again.

Wood Watch: Hair was ok today, browner than usual and not that much curled up in little pig tail strands. Still a bit too kieswetteresque for my liking. Oh yeah, bowled like the man.

Beer Cam: Didn't play. What cheek!

DTC watch: Who'd have thought that Dan Christian is useful with the ball. I mean he is! Fabulous economy and a wicket. Doesn't change anything about the fact that Hants have a soft spot for boring people.

Cork Watch: Could still be anybody's uncle. And heck what a bowler he is.

Slug Watch: Needs a shave. Urgently. Needs to stay at the crease until I have a stream that doesn't cause seizures!! Oh dear, what a fantastic cameo. Took a wicket as well. Can't complain, overall performance .

McKenzie wasn't on the watch list *g*

One of the most retarded posts I have ever written comes to an end now. Congrats to Hants and good luck for the QF, Middlesex will hopefully not be too shattered and take a deep breath and return to their daily duty, and Surrey.... ah well :P Will see and put highlights in where possible. Tomorrow the last head-over-heels match takes place (Germany against Israel... I hope it's gonna be a cracker, looking forward a lot) and then, finally, calm. Quiet. Tranquillity. Peace. Test cricket!



greyblazer said...

Wait I also have faith in the young Kies as a batsman! He has great hands and is a powerful player square off the wicket but just needs to work on his defence and expand his game by playing more in the V. He has lots of natural talent to succeed as a batsman but as you said he should look to build an innings and for that he has to work hard to improve his defence.

Anyway I do hope you start liking KP lol.

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

Well KP said a couple of things in the last days that really made me go "huh?" Maybe there is more than a pie brain inside his head after all *ducks and covers* *g*
Well I should get used to him as he will most likely sign with Middlesex.