14 July 2010

Thumping Win For The German Cricket Team

ICC European Division 2 Championship 2010

Gibraltar v Germany [gallery]
Guernsey v Israel [gallery]
France v Norway [gallery]

Today Germany won their second match in a row [scorecard], this time against Gibraltar. One has to say here that I didn't expect anything else, as the Gibs got horribly belted in their first match against the hosts Guernsey. Nevertheless the scorecard got stuck when Germany had trundled to 85-0 within 15 overs, and then it wouldn't update until the match was over, so unfortunately I can't give any match description here. Gibraltar had won the toss and elected to field, I can't really say why though, just this much: fielding first on this ground they had suffered that horrible defeat against Guernsey. However, Germany made an impressive 271 runs in their 50 overs, Milan Fernando and Satya Srinivas both got half tons and André Leslie as well as chieftain Eggleston were in the runs, too. Freyone took 4-35 for the Gibraltarians. Germany had absolutely no problems defending the total, Gibraltar were bowled out for 154 runs within 42.2 overs, Farooq Ahmed again our most valuable bowler, he grabbed 5 for 33 today at 3.3, Shakeel Hassan took 3 for 22 at 3.5 and Rana Iqbal bowled 7 tidy overs at 2.3 including 3 maidens. [official match report]

Best little cricket team in the world. Even before Middlesex :P    (c) DCB

Interesting results came from the other two matches:

Israel, who had come so close to a victory over Norway yesterday, and who I considered a strong team, got completely, and I mean completely, humiliated by the hosts [scorecard]. Guernsey elected to field and the light blue team got bundled out for a jawdropping 86 (!!!!) runs within 35.2 overs. Guernsey danced to victory with ease, after 24 overs the cake was eaten. [official match report]

In the third match of the day France beat Norway by 2 wickets [scorecard]! This was a very interesting contest, the French played on the same ground as against Germany yesterday, but unlike us Norway accumulated a score of 196, they batted not a lot differently from Germany but some big hitting in the last overs took them close to 200, which made me a tiny bit jealous. France made a habit of losing early wickets and I didn't think they could chase it successfully but hear hear, they comfortably cruised home with 1.2 overs to spare! I pressed my thumbs for the Frenchies today because of course I didn't want Norway to win two in a row, ahem. [official match report]

So the table looks fantastic at the moment, Guernsey and Germany both leading with 4 points, Guernsey, thanks to their utter superiority over their two previous opponents, should have a mindboggling net run rate of course and we can only beat them by the number of victories I guess, but I can't see them lose against any of the remaining teams to be honest. They do not only know their grounds well but also seem to be a very strong side in general, maybe also whipped forward by a possible enthusiastic home crowd, we can only speculate. Norway and France follow on the ranks with 2 points each, while Israel and Gibraltar are still waiting for their first victory.

Friday is gonna be a bloody tough day as we will face Guernsey. That will be a huge task. I don't dare to hope we can win this but I know the team will fight nail and tooth and hopefully, hopefully we can inflict the first defeat on the rampaging hosts. Good luck boys, all my thumbs and big toes are pressed for you! I will probably not survive the scorecard hassle and hence might not live to see the match result, so please guys make sure I don't die in vain *g*



Lou said...

Good article. Is there any radio coverage of the tournament?

Mudassar @ CricketVibe.com said...

great congrats Wes!

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

Lou, I'm afraid, no...

Maddy it's a nice result but the real test awaits us on Friday!

Purna said...

Firstly, I know that is your flag but you guys seriously need to ease up on the red. Damn! Hire Adidas!

Secondly, did you go to the game?

greyblazer said...

Good summary!

Anonymous said...

Hi wes, just to let you know the scorecard (on the official site) didn't get stuck for me it regularly updated every 20-30 minutes as usual. Or did you find a scorecard that's refreshes more often, but got stuck yesterday?
@Purna don't you know athletes in red win statisticly more often than others? Well at least it's been proven for one on one sports like boxing. Football not so much. But who knows cricket has a lot of almost one on one between bowler and batsmen it might very well help.

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

Hey Purn, I wasn't there, hence the scorecard trouble :P It is taking place in the island of Guernsey. The red is fabulous. Zim are entirely crimson and I'm digging it! Canada too, for that matter *g*

Oh Greyblazer thank you so much, also for the votes! Very much appreciated!!!! :)

Schatzmeister I hammered the reload button like mad for the entire duration of the match but nothing would happen, strangely the Norway match a couple of lines above it, and also the Israel match, got updated. It was really weird. So my assumption was that the match had been interrupted by rain or so, and fear started to creep up about Duckworth Lewis or even a no result... I don't know what would have happened then but it sure would have robbed Germany of a certain win. Anyway. Friday!! Big match! Cheers!

Purna said...

I don't have a problem with the red, it's just too red! Yes, Canadian cricketers look horredndous! the Zim red is much more mellow.

Italy?! UGH! I hope Germany makes their way to Division 1 and beats the crap out of them.

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

This hope we share hahahaha.
Well yeah it's maybe a bit loud, combining two alarm colours... but I like it :P Maybe next time they could expand the yellow a bit more but I suppose it wouldn't quite emphasise how fit they are.... ummm...

Added the galleries of Day 2.

Shridhar Jaju said...

Congrats Wes! Now lets hope that Germans have a close nail-biting last over win over the hosts before moving into European Division I.

You have certainly created a nice little German Cricket Support Club here on your blog, Wes!

Anonymous said...

You know three of them play in our league?
So come to a game and check them out in real life.
Actually we're the only semi finalist from Berlin last year who don't have a player on the team. Unfair!

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

Shridhar we still have to beat Norway and Israel after that...

Schatzmeister I know that André Leslie and I think Ehsan Latif are from Berlin but not sure really... Yes it is a shame I agree. Is there a schedule somewhere?

Anonymous said...

Both opening bowlers and Andre Leslie are from Berlin.