12 July 2010

Why Mo Aamer will batter the Aussies

Snorkelling through the depths of the internet I came across this really informative Mohammad Aamer interview.

Now you will say:

"How can you know it's informative? You don't understand a word?!?"

Good point. But!

Apart from a couple of English words he also says Kaffee, and this I understand very well, because it is German and means coffee.

And I am telling you the guy must be bloody addicted o_O

"...Choci 'n' Kaffee, Kaffee sport, unfiltered (!), Kaffee bag, Kaffee training, Kaffee is cricket (@_@), Kaffee friendly, Kaffee Kaffee..." and so on.
The case is clear. Mo has found a way to circumvent the doping restrictions, and to fly high without getting banned from the UAE. What a clever little mischief.

15 espressos, 170 kph, 20 no balls, 10 for 35. Don't try this at home.



Mudassar @ CricketVibe said...

hahaha a stroke of genius Wes, I just hope there not enough Urdu reader around here hahahahaha

sunny said...

Well well, that's a very clever example of deliberate misunderstanding Wes. :)
I don't have got time at the moment, but I will hear this interview tomorrow and see what he's really talking about! (and yes, I can understand him).

Jonathan said...

As long as he doesn't take sleeping pills afterwards...

Sidthegnomenator said...

Ah, but you assume the Aussies don't also drink tonnes of coffee ... I hope they don't, though. Can you imagine Punter on coffee on top of his usual wierd self?