16 August 2010

Finals Day: Mission Impossible Accomplished.

Friends Provident T20 Finals Day

Hampshire v Essex
Nottinghamshire v Somerset
Hampshire v Somerset

This is my humble attempt to find appropriate words for my perception of the FP T20 Finals Day, a bubbly fountain of joy for all those that love romantic surprises, and bitter disappointment for everyone who likes to cheer for the favourites.

Somerset i.e. Kieswetter

Somerset really made me go schizo last night. First I lost it in a full-blown happyfit when they D/L-ed Notts out of the competition and, despite yet another Kiesfail and a severe middle order collapse, found an anchor in Jos Buttler, whose 55 not out combined with the brutal 60 off 28 Trescothick hammered at the start were enough for them to secure their spot in my personal dream final... only to annoy the good out of me when said Craig Kieswetter found his form back just in the final clash against Hamps, and knitted a patient and well-pondered 71 of 59, by which he paradoxically managed to make me go grrr at him while he was actually scoring! Of course now that Hants have won all grump has gone and I am happy about his good effort. Keep marching Kies! Yeah I may be a bit protective about him now but that's because all rats have left the sinking Kieswagon and somebody has to stick to him *g* Of course he was rather crap behind the stumps but I hope that Jos Buttler will not threaten him yet but it might happen pretty soon, so it would be particularly important that he starts to shine with the bat again. Go Kies!

Most versatile surname in cricket: Craig He'sbetter (but Keepcrapper)   (c) Getty Images


Broad (!)/ Swann (!)/ Sidebottom and Dussey / Nannes under one and the same blanket? Sorry, dudes and dudettes, but I hate anchovies on my apple tart! Means Nothinghamshire to me really.


Pitifully not Sussex. Therefore, I don't even have the faintest of memories of their appearance. Oh yeah there was an annoying guy called Pettini batting for them. And Alastair Cook, a man like a bar of yuckily mint-flavoured chocolate, made a scratchy 38, for which he is now being praised as the big come back kid... wth??? And Dwayne Bravo failed over the whole distance but couldn't get bothered to bother.


Hampshire are awesome. Apart from the players to who I dedicated the extra odes below I would like to praise the blond trinity in the shape of Jimmy Adams, Danny Briggs and the eternal Dominic Cork. Jimmy made 34 in both matches, how weird, but these were essential runs! His wicket is always the most agonising of moments, in which you think why oh why??? But even if he made 150 in each match you would still beg him to stay. Such is the Adams. Yes, after resisting the Adams cult for half an eternity I'm a nearly fully-fledged convert now.

Jimmy Adams - the most agonising of all Hampshire wickets, always  (c) Getty Images

Briggs and Cork on the other hand had blown me out of the socks right from the start. Their consistency is doing my bloody head in. While in the case of Cork you could argue that his penetrating power is based on a combination of experience, outstanding leadership qualities, skill and extraordinary fitness Briggs is only 19!!! But he delivers time and time again, a genuine wicket taker with an utterly reliable low economy. In the semi he took 3-29 and in the final 1-30 and Cork tends to bowl him out very early to get hold of the wickets. Cork himself, who I usually just call "Corker", is a phenomenon. You could put a concrete block in front of his nose and he would get his teeth right in (Kieron Pollard will confirm). Please Corky if you read this: Sign it. SIGN IT!

Last but not least: Abdul Razzaq!! Not bad brother, not bad! Stepped up utterly with bat and ball, my eyes fell out! We all know the great potential slumbering inside our favourite troglodytic allrounder, but on Finals Day he burst open like a flower on a beautiful morning! Let numbers speak: his 4 overs at 5.57 put Essex under enormous pressure, what a tidy spell that was! He went on to score 44 off 31 and thus gave Hants a super start into their innings. In the final he took 2-37, removed the extremely dangerous Trescothick before the Somerset boss could start to batter anyone, and later on he took Hildreth out and scored 33 off 19. What a lovely player!!

Abdul Razzaq: like a flower in the morning *g*  (c) Getty Images

Sean Ervine

Slug couldn't bowl because of his back injury but his job on that night was a completely different one! His quickie-sort-of cameo in the first semi final, in which he smashed a four and a six off Dwayne Bravo, provided Hamps with the kick in the arse they really needed at that time, it was like an injection of pure SlugPower into the innings and laid the foundation for Carberry's and McKenzie's muscular finishing moves. But his big time in the limelight was yet to come in the grand final!

SuperSlug pt 1: "Briggs to Trego, OUT, what a catch by Sean Ervine! Plucked out of the air one-handed at long-off, and Trego departs! Ervine had actually mis-judged the effort, charging in from the rope as Trego lofted an inside-out drive towards long-off. As the ball neared him he realised his error, checking his run and putting his hand up to grab onto the ball. Big wicket" (Cricinfo). He was laughing and smiling blissfully all over his face and it was so great to see him starring in such a crucial match situation.

SuperSlug pt 2: SM Ervine 44* (31b 7x4). It's been a while since he has played such an innings in the FP T20, but in the final he clicked and all was good! While at the other end Mac and Carberry went out he managed to survive and somehow steal the victory from Somerset in a bizarre but successful collaboration with his bud Dan Christian. Does he have nerves like ropes, or was it his dopiness which the Hamps fans love about him so much? I think both :D

Good Slug = Happy Slug = Good Slug.   (c) Getty Images

Dan Christian

DC finds it really hard to make his way into the hearts of the cricket fans but Hamps for some reason have always played him and showed faith in him and often he contributed just that one crucial boundary or wicket that Hants needed in the respective circumstances. Although I am certainly not one of his greatest admirers we have to be grateful to Hampshire for giving him such a lot of match practice ahead of the Champions League T20, it will surely boost his confidence and increase his value for the Redbacks. I will be really sad when DC departs from Hampshire, which might actually happen immediately because I think he won't play a lot of matches for them anymore before the start of the CLT20. I hope they'll book him again next year, would be cool to see him in the colours of the Hamps Pamps once more. It took a sacrifice of epic proportions to convince me of his worthiness but I think he might have become one of my favourite Redbacks with this continuous display of gutsiness and dedication.

Clumsy Bumps gave his life for Hampsy Pamps - well done DC!   (c) Getty Images

Back to the final, DC's face looked like a rotten potato, if you know what I mean; he might not be a cricketing genius but he really gave everything for Hampshire; his house, his sanity, his life; he got nastily smashed in the gob in the previous CC match and bled from several wounds (that was the snuff movie in which also Lumb's foot was broken and Cork and Ervine sustained back injures) and now he pulled a hamstring scampering through for the second run from the penultimate ball. That was the moment when I absolutely lost it. Not only came Jimmy Adams out as a runner... but also a guy with a paint bucket, who in all his sweet time started to paint the crease. WTF?????????????? I was standing in front of the screen, fretting, fuming, and armed to my teeth with chairs, fridges and trains. He only just buggered off in time to save his life! The last ball was bowled and DC had a complete blackout and ran!!! Luckily fortune favours the bold and Somerset appealed in vain for LBW instead of running him out!!!! Later on in the interview, in which his battered face was beaming like an atomic pile, he admitted he had completely forgotten about his injury and the runner and just dashed off instinctively. Oh man!!! The match was tied and Hampshire won by fewer wickets lost!!! Does the modus operandi matter? NO!

Hampshire!!! Hampshire!!!

(c) LMI Photography

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That's all from me for now, I hope you've enjoyed Finals Day as much as I did, I can't think of any better winner than Hants, and what sweetens the taste of this victory additionally is that Hampshire's much criticised decision not to select certain alleged star players and instead to reward those that had taken the team to the finals paid off so wonderfully, while other sides, who opted to put their fate in the hands of well-paid popular mercenaries, had to leave the Rose Bowl with empty hands.

Haters gonna hate...



Pinky Will said...

Thanks for the link! Mental certainly sums it up - that final over had absolutely everything! However judging by your new found levels of fanhood for Adams (and continued Slug, Cork and Briggs love) you may have been totally converted to being a Hampshire fan! Don't forget about Middlesex! I can only imagine your excitement if Berg, Slug, Cork, Adams, Briggs and Kieswetter all played in the same team!

Dean @ Cricket Betting Blog said...

Thought it was an entertaining nights cricket, the final had a bit of everything in it.

Got me going a bit on my blog about ECB/Counties handling of the tournament as a whole. Think they have a good product here, and are doing their best to ruin it in the group stages.

Jos Buttler looked an interesting prospect, can't remember seeing a young English batsman strike the ball in such a brutal fashion. He looks a product of the T20 era.

Danny Biggs also showed promise over the whole tournament. And Samit (F)atel showed why England once looked at him.

It's down to him how badly he wants it, as he looks to have the talent.

By the way, fair play to you for putting up a link up to the Pakistan Flood Relief, it's a good gesture from you.

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

Ha Pinky Will... you know me not! Or maybe you haven't been here in a while and not seen all the MS posts? ;)
But you are giving me ideas... in a combined team I would rely a lot on Middlesex players, and Kies would surely not be in it (Simpson FTW), but certainly Cosgrove!

Hello Dean there will definitely be changes next year, the number of group matches will be reduced but probably not by more than 25% or so.

half-tracker said...

The day was a real watershed for Slug in my view, and I think you could see it in him at various points in the day. In the side as a specialist batsman due to the back injury, Slug had the responsibility of getting quick runs but of also being a rock similar to McKenzie to marshall the chase in both matches. He's never really had massive celebrations on the field, but that day he looked particularly restrained, his amazing catch was celebrated with a cheeky grin, whilst the end of the final he had a dazed, faint grin on his face again. Almost like he knew he had to be responsible when on the field with so many youngsters. He's not particularly old himself but he's maturing very very quickly.

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

Hello Hants, the restraint didn't appear to me during the match but I shall study this further, apart from that I trust your word of course... but I thought he was particularly happy about the catch and in the end probably relieved that he did it. The underlying deadness surfaced in the interview at the BBC website I think, in which he sounded really fucked :/ Well he has no choice but to mature, all of the babblers didn't get tired of mentioning his senior role, and maybe Corker has made it clear to him, too. Happy that it looks as if Cork is going to sign the papers.

half-tracker said...

Just listened to the interview again, don't think he was fucked, just he was knackered! I sure hope Cork signs the new deal, it's completely up to him, but the way he has gone in the CC should convince him, shouldn't it?

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

Hmmm might be... you know him better ;)
Yeah I think, too, that Corker will and should sign, maybe he is just trying to increase his value (aka pay) a bit with his lady-like hesitation *g*

half-tracker said...

Nah, in one and a half seasons he has firmly become part of the furniture, he said himself he's not here for a pension boost, he wants to win things. So far he's already won two trophies. He has his eyes on the Championship, I can tell.

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

I've afforded myself a little jokelet!
If Hamps want to lift the CC trophy they'll have to put a log on the fire...

half-tracker said...

Ay, it's going to be a winter of thinking, especially if we *gulp* go down. If we do drop then we can plan our raping of all the div 2 teams. If we survive then negative Lancs will have to be afraid, very, very afraid.

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

BS! You won't go down. And if you do I know someone who will provide you a very warm welcome tehehe.

Suhas said...

Wow that's some comprehensive work on the T20 championship, Wes!

Amazing how quite a few guys who were underutilised by England are able to lord it over in the shorter formats towards the end of their careers. Jack russell's keeping for Gloucesteshire in 2003 was brilliant, and now Corky gives a fitting reply to England and all those counties he hd to leave behind.

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

Thank you Suhas. Yep and it's a delight to witness it. I think due to the increase in professionalism players enjoy quite some longevity... see also Tresco and stupid Ramps :D

Mudassar @ CricketVibe.com said...

I can't believe I missed the final even though I was watching the semis, than I though thats it for today they will play final some day later but how ill-informed I was. dammn it.

Anyway awesome post, it was like watching highlights :)

Anonymous said...

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