8 August 2010

Going Down In Flames

Gloucestershire v Middlesex (CB40)

For the highlights incl. an Owais Shah interview please scroll down

Dex won the toss in a match with hardly any meaning for Middlesex in this competition, and maybe that's the recipe for Middlesex batting so beautifully. What a heartwarming effort. A wonderful century from Owais Shah, 82 from John Simpson, Gareth Berg 43, and Shaun Udal muscled 33 to take Middlesex to 299. Malan's runout on 4 is open to interpretation, I am cultivating my conspiracy theories. 

Newman's fail will probably only cause a few sad sighs, he's a bit like North, you have no choice, eventually you'll have to get used to him not getting dropped. The Dex Duck is forgiven, he's a mighty fine lad.

Bowling not that bad either, Murtagh reliable as ever removing two early on, Toby got knocked around a bit but took another one, and Tom Smith (glad to see him back) put one on the count as well. After that Gloucs recovered  and different things were tried by the skipper, even St. Berg came on to bowl. Hope his back is okay so far. 

But it was absolutely cursed, the wickets wouldn't come and as the Gloucs batting became more confident the Middle fielding got more nervous, with Simpson missing a big fat runout chance, silly throwing and general antics. 

The bowlers still tried to find a way to get a breakthrough but to no avail. The Gloucs batters battered on until the powerplay started, Pedro Collins came back on and picked up Taylor (85), and Snell (95) in the same over! Pedro sure didn't have the best of times in the last matches but today he was back, with a goodish economy and invaluable wickets. The powerplay continued with absolutely frantic batting and fielding, but Murtagh took another one, and it was 22 from 12 to win for Gloucs and Middle couldn't bring them down! 

As it was 9 to win from 3 Jon Lewis hit Murts for  two consecutive sixes, over, out, Gloucs won against Middlesex once again, and I am out of this miserable place for today.

BUGGER. Here are the highlights for all you epicures of torment:



Will said...

Like the North / Newman comparison - but the difference is that Middlesex have nobody to replace Scotty! If there was a replacement around they'd be straight in!

Wes ~ PFCNFS ~ said...

Hi Will, Sam Robson and/or Adam London are in the discussion, I think they are worth a try... I mean they *have* to play... Msex are running out of batsmen given the rumoured departures of Morgan and Malan.